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Name Gangstar Vegas Gangstar Vegas is the most famous version in the Gangstar Vegas series of publisher Gameloft SE
Publisher Gameloft SE
Genre Action
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Version 6.7.0g
Update January 24, 2024
MOD Unlimited Money, VIP 10  
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The city of sin beckons in Gangstar Vegas – a sprawling open-world crime saga letting you live out the opulent criminal lifestyle. As an ambitious fighter working your way up the ranks of Vegas’ underworld, you’ll steal cars, take out rivals, rob casinos, and build a ruthless criminal empire. This is the high life – Gangstar style!

With its mix of action, driving, lifestyle simulation and sandbox gameplay, Gangstar Vegas offers up a premier mobster fantasy. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this mobile crime epic so wildly entertaining.

Gangstar Vegas

The Allure of Sin City

It’s hard to imagine a better setting for Gangstar’s tale of action and ascension than Las Vegas. The lush neon-lit Strip, vibrant nightlife, iconic casino resorts, and air of hedonism make exploring the city highly immersive.

The developers did a stellar job mapping out Vegas’ distinct districts and notable landmarks like the Stratosphere, Bellagio fountains, Freemont Street, and of course – the infamous Strip. As you drive around discovering hidden spots, taking on missions, and expanding your territory, Vegas truly comes alive.

And what better place to build a criminal empire than a city where dangerous secrets, shady deals, and temptations lurk around every corner. Becoming a high roller VIP by any means necessary feels right at home in sin city.

Gangstar Vegas 1

Thrilling Story Campaign

Gangstar delivers a meaty 20+ hour story campaign letting you climb the ranks as a skilled fighter named Jason Malone. After a botched MMA fight, you swear revenge against the mobsters who sabotaged you.

Starting with small errands, you gradually take on bigger heists, assassination contracts, street racing challenges, and all manner of unsavory jobs. The writing has a darkly humorous edge to it that keeps things fun.

The missions are varied, taking you across the city to infiltrate casinos, hijack transports in audacious raids, participate in illegal fight clubs and more. Unlocking new safehouses and assets as you become more notorious adds a great sense of progression.

The ambitious story is complemented by high-energy cutscenes and voice acting that capture the Las Vegas ambience. Becoming the top dog in this lawless town is thrilling.

Gangstar Vegas 2

Sandbox Freedoms

Beyond the campaign, players are free to explore Vegas however they see fit. Want to go on a destructive rampage? Knock yourself out! Feel like taking a luxury sports car for a joyride? Go for it! Rob stores and citizens for quick cash? Sure!

The open urban sandbox lets you play out any criminal fantasy. Some of the activities you’re free to engage in include:

  • Jacking nice cars off the street to build a collection of pimped out rides
  • Buying various properties around town as criminal strongholds
  • Mugging pedestrians and holding up liquor stores for cash
  • Accepting mob errands from shady characters
  • Shooting down police helicopters in epic rampages
  • Gambling at blackjack, slots and other casino games
  • Grabbing a drink at nightclubs and bars

The freedom to be a disruptive criminal menace really adds to the escapist fantasy. It’s your city – wreak havoc however you desire.

Gangstar Vegas 3

Roleplaying a Gangster

On your quest from zero to kingpin, Gangstar Vegas gives you plenty of options to customize your mobster. You’re free to:

  • Outfit your character in various stylish suits, jackets, shoes and accessories. Look sharp!
  • Get inked at tattoo parlors with tons of badass designs.
  • Style your hair with different cuts, colors and facial hair options.
  • Pimp your ride at tuning garages for maximum street cred.
  • Buy a wardrobe to store all your favorite gangster looks.

Dressing for success as you roleplay a fashionable mob boss feels highly immersive. Who says you can’t look good while being bad?

High Octane Action

Gangstar wouldn’t have earned its name without some heart-pumping action. As you progress and gain access to new weapons, the gunfights, shootouts and action set pieces get increasingly intense.

Some of the tools you’ll employ in epic battles include:

  • Pistols, shotguns, rifles, machine guns and explosive weapons
  • RPG and grenade launchers for major chaos
  • Melee weapons like baseball bats and swords for up close damage
  • Flying drones, robots and AI wingsmen to assist in fights
  • Armored cars and tanks packing major firepower

Mixing gunplay, crazy explosions, ramming cars and more during frenzied combat never gets old. The game even lets you slow down time briefly to pull off amazing cinematic shots. Making a name for yourself has never been so action-packed!

Gangstar Vegas 4

Still Making Waves in 2023

Years after release, Gangstar Vegas remains one of the best examples of the open-world crime simulator genre on mobile. Let’s look at why it continues dominating in 2023.

Polished Package

The base game has been refined over several years into a cohesive, rich experience. The polish and depth outmatches many newer titles.

Strong Core Gameplay

The combat, driving, lifestyle simulation and mission structures hold up incredibly well and are still highly enjoyable.

Memorable Story

The tale of revenge and entering the criminal elite stands out for its gritty writing and memorable characters.

Las Vegas Setting

The Vegas backdrop remains one of the all-time great open worlds thanks to strong art direction and density.

Active Developers

The developers continue supporting the game with updates, limited events and new content.

Modding Potential

The Android version allows game file access enabling mods and customization options.

For an immersive high roller trip through the criminal underworld, Gangstar Vegas still checks all the boxes in 2023. Few games let you live out the mobster fantasy so completely.

Gangstar Vegas 5

Tips for Criminal Kingpin Success

Want to make a name for yourself in Vegas’ underworld? Here are some essential tips for rising up the ranks fast in Gangstar Vegas:

  • Mix up your methods – Don’t stick to just one approach. Combine stealth, all out action, sniping, melee, and driving missions to keep things fresh.
  • Invest wisely – Purchase businesses and properties that generate income over time and unlock rewards. They provide useful perks.
  • Keep gear updated – Buy the best weapons and cars you can afford and keep them upgraded for an edge.
  • Learn the map – Pinpoint shortcuts, getaway routes, hiding spots and vantage points throughout Vegas.
  • Crew up – Hire crew members with special skills to assist you on jobs. A good crew is invaluable.
  • Master driving – Being able to evade cops during car chases and perfect heist getaways requires great driving abilities.
  • Manage heat – Try not to rack up too much police heat. It makes missions much harder. Use disguises and bribes to lower it.
  • Appreciate the ambience – Don’t just blast through. Soak in the sights and sounds. Stop to gamble, customize cars, watch cabaret shows. Enjoy Vegas!
  • Experiment with mods (for Android) – Mods can unlock new possibilities depending on your preferences.

Cracking the code to criminal success in Vegas requires skill, strategy and a touch of chaos. But the rewards of infamy and living large are well worth it!

Gangstar Vegas 6

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gangstar Vegas online multiplayer?

No, currently it is a single player open world experience without online multiplayer functionality.

Does it require an internet connection to play?

Yes, an internet connection is required as many features use online services.

Is it realistic or more “arcadey”?

It leans more towards arcade-style driving and combat for accessibility and fun rather than ultra realism.

How much storage space does it require?

Around 2GB is required for installing the game initially. More space needed for additional content.

Now you’ve got the know-how to raise some hell in Vegas and come out on top! Just mind the heat and watch out for backstabbers aiming for a slice of your empire. For exciting open-world crime action on mobile, Gangstar Vegas is a classic for good reason. Start rolling the dice!

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