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Name Home Design Makeover Home Design Makeover is the most famous version in the Home Design Makeover series of publisher Storm8 Studios
Publisher Storm8 Studios
Genre Simulation
Size 141.60 MB
Version 5.4.7g
Update November 28, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money
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Home Design Makeover is a popular casual game for iOS and Android devices. In this relaxing game, players can redesign and redecorate houses to help improve the lives of the homeowners. With unlimited money through the mod version, you can truly unleash your interior design skills and creativity!

Home Design Makeover

Overview of Home Design Makeover Gameplay

The main goal in Home Design Makeover is to remodel houses room-by-room and help create dream homes for families in need. As a designer, you will take on design projects and makeover challenges to improve the living spaces. Each room can be customized with new flooring, wall colors, decor items, and furniture sourced from an in-game catalog. You will need to make design choices based on the client’s style preferences and lifestyle needs within a limited budget.

The core gameplay loop involves:

  • Browsing the in-game furniture catalog and selecting items to purchase
  • Placing and arranging furniture and decor in the room
  • Choosing paint colors, flooring, and wall treatments
  • Adding final touches and accessories to complete the room

Completing design projects will earn you experience points (XP) and in-game cash. As you gain XP and level up, more furniture and decor options will unlock. Cash can be used to purchase premium catalog items without waiting.

Home Design Makeover 1

Key Features of Home Design Makeover

Relaxing and Engaging Gameplay

  • Satisfying decoration and design experience as you transform households one room at a time
  • Appeal to your inner interior designer through home makeovers and redesigns
  • Get creative and express your unique design style through custom rooms
  • Hundreds of design combinations possible with over 4000 furniture and decor items

Variety of Design Projects

  • Work on homes across the country featuring different architectural styles
  • Makeover bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, kids’ rooms, offices, and more
  • Design projects range from budget-friendly family homes to luxurious celebrity mansions

Customization & Decorating Options

  • Furnish rooms from various catalogs containing stylish furniture and trendy decor
  • Customize flooring, wall colors and patterns, windows, doors, and other architectural elements
  • Place furniture freely instead of just preset slots to design unique room layouts
  • Decorate with plants, artwork, rugs, pillows, and accessories to add personality

Social Features

  • Get inspired and borrow room designs from the in-game community rooms
  • Share your designed rooms and homes through social media
  • Provide design help to friends who are stuck on difficult projects
Home Design Makeover 2

Tips for Success in Home Design Makeover

Here are some tips to help you get started with excelling at Home Design Makeover:

  • Take advantage of the unlimited money mod – Having unlimited cash will allow you to fully deck out each room with premium furniture and items. No need to grind or ration your purchases!
  • Understand client preferences – Pay attention to the client’s style likes, color preferences, and functional needs for the room. This will guide your design choices.
  • Mix and match catalogs – Don’t limit yourself to a single furniture catalog. Blend items from various in-game brands and collections for eclectic designs.
  • Use accessories liberally – Decorative objects like plants, artwork, rugs and lighting help add personality and visual interest to rooms.
  • Save room inspiration – Browse the community rooms and save photos of designs you like. This provides inspiration you can refer back to.
  • Make bold choices – Don’t be afraid to use bold colors, patterns, textures and unique furniture silhouettes to stand out.
  • Upgrade over time – As you level up, replace cheaper furniture with higher quality pieces and specialty items.
Home Design Makeover 3

MOD Features – What Does the Home Design Makeover Mod Provide?

The Home Design Makeover mod APK unlocks unlimited money and all premium catalog items for free. This removes the grinding and wait times associated with earning in-game cash.

Here are the benefits the mod provides:

Unlimited Money

  • Maxed out coins and unlimited cash provided
  • Removes limits on how much you can spend on a room
  • No more worrying about budget constraints during design
  • Buy the most expensive, premium furniture pieces

All Items Unlocked

  • Full access to all furniture and decor items
  • Premium catalog items unlocked without reaching certain levels
  • High-end brand names and luxury pieces available
  • Unlocks seasonal and limited edition collections
Home Design Makeover 5

No More Waiting

  • Instantly purchase market items without wait times
  • Quickly fill up rooms without waiting days to afford items
  • Accelerate your design career by taking on more projects

More Design Freedom

  • Express creativity without cost restrictions
  • Go wild and redesign rooms as often as you want
  • Purchase every piece that inspires you instead of picking favorites

Progression Faster

  • Earn XP and level up faster by completing more rooms
  • Unlock advanced design features quicker
  • Max out your abilities and skills early in the game

So if you want a smoother and more creative Home Design Makeover experience, the mod APK is highly recommended!

Home Design Makeover 4

Step-By-Step Gameplay Walkthrough

Here is a walkthrough of typical Home Design Makeover gameplay from start to finish:

1. Browse Available Design Projects

  • Open the game and check the map for available projects
  • Swipe left/right to browse different houses and rooms in need of makeovers
  • Tap on a room that looks interesting to preview the client’s requests

2. Inspect Room and Client Needs

  • Study the room’s current layout, architectural style and dimensions
  • Read the client’s project brief explaining their desired design style
  • Note any specific functional needs or requests noted

3. Select a Furniture Catalog

  • Browse the various in-game furniture brands and their available items
  • Choose a catalog based on styles that would work for the room
  • More premium brands offer higher quality furniture and decor

4. Shop for Furniture and Decor

  • Tap through the catalog pages and select desired furniture pieces
  • Choose items that fit the client’s style preferences for the room
  • Mix and match across catalogs for unique combinations
  • Add decorative objects, wall decor and textiles to accessorize

5. Arrange and Position Items in the Room

  • Drag and drop furniture pieces freely around the room to lay out positions
  • Angle, rotate and move items to fit arrangements together
  • Leave enough space for traffic flow and walking paths
  • Make sure lighting, outlets and windows aren’t blocked

6. Finish Decorating the Room

  • Apply a wall color or paper from the options that suit the design
  • Choose a flooring material and other architectural finishes
  • Add final decorative touches and artwork on the walls
  • Fine-tune furniture arrangements and fix overlapping issues

7. Submit Room Design for Review

  • When finished, tap the checkmark button to submit
  • The client will review the design and provide feedback
  • Earn XP, cash and level up based on client satisfaction

And that’s it! Repeating this process of designing and makeover of each room is the core Home Design Makeover gameplay. With the mod, you can skip straight to the fun decorating part without worrying about costs or waits. Enjoy unleashing your inner interior designer!

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Design Makeover

How much does Home Design Makeover cost to download?

Home Design Makeover is free to download on iOS and Android devices. There are optional in-app purchases for coins and premium catalog items.

Does Home Design Makeover require an internet connection to play?

Yes, an internet connection is required as Home Design Makeover is an online game. You need to be connected to access in-game content and features.

Is there a way to get unlimited money in Home Design Makeover?

Yes, using the Home Design Makeover mod apk will give you unlimited coins and cash to spend on furniture and decor. This removes the need to grind or wait to earn money.

How many different room types are available to design?

There are over a dozen distinct room types you can redecorate including kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kids rooms, offices, and more.

Can I design my own house in Home Design Makeover?

Unfortunately you cannot design your own house from scratch. The game provides pre-set houses for you to remodel room-by-room.

Does Home Design Makeover require a lot of time commitment daily?

No, it can be played casually at your own pace. You can dedicate as little or much time designing each day based on your schedule.

And that covers the most frequently asked questions about this popular interior design game! With the unlimited money mod, you can take your Home Design Makeover experience to the next level.

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