Sumikkogurashi Farm APK v5.3.0 (MOD, Free Rewards)
Sumikkogurashi Farm APK v5.3.0 (MOD, Free Rewards)

Sumikkogurashi Farm APK v5.3.0 (MOD, Free Rewards)

With Sumikkogurashi Farm Premium APK, you will enjoy the game to the fullest. Try this version for free rewards and more.

Name Sumikkogurashi Farm
Publisher Imagineer Co.
Genre Simulation
Size 93.5 MB
Version 5.3.0
MOD Free Rewards
Get it On Google Play
Sumikkogurashi Farm is the most famous version in the Sumikkogurashi Farm series of publisher Imagineer Co.
Mod Version 5.3.0
Total installs 1,000,000+

The beloved characters from the popular Sumikkogurashi franchise are ready to take farming by storm in this relaxing and engaging mobile simulation game. Come join Sun-chan the sun, Moon-chan the moon, Star-chan the star, and the rest of the crew as they tend to their fields, care for cute animals, and grow their little community in the countryside.

Sumikkogurashi Farm

Getting Started on Your Sumikkogurashi Farm

After downloading the free-to-play Sumikkogurashi Farm Game from the app store, players choose from one of three farm plots to start their agricultural journey. Each plot varies in size and starting resources to suit different playstyles. Novice farmers may want to choose the smallest plot to ease into the gameplay. Veteran farmers looking for more of a challenge can select one of the larger plots.

Regardless of plot size, every farm begins with the basic necessities – a coop for chickens, a barn for cows, and planting areas for crops. Additional buildings and expansions must be purchased with in-game coins as the farm earns profits. Players are then ready to tend to their crops, collect eggs and milk, and ship goods to market to earn more coins. It’s time to get those little paws dirty!

Sumikkogurashi Farm 4

Caring for Livestock with TLC

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Sumikkogurashi Farm Game is caring for the cute livestock. Chickens and cows can be found wandering the farm and players can tap to collect eggs or milk. Over time, the animals will grow fonder of the farmer as their friendship levels increase. Higher friendship levels yield more abundant resources.

Players can also decorate coops and barns with furniture and accessories purchased with coins or obtained through events. Customizing animal housing with toys, beds, and other comforts keeps the livestock happy! Happy animals are productive animals after all. It’s so rewarding to see the delighted reactions on the animals’ faces as they explore their personalized living spaces.

In addition to the starting chickens and cows, other livestock can be purchased later including pigs, sheep, and goats. Each animal type has its own characteristics and resource outputs for players to experiment with. Animal lovers will find great joy in expanding their farm’s menagerie!

Sumikkogurashi Farm 1

Cultivating Cash Crops with Care and Precision

A successful farm requires more than just livestock – crops are the bread and butter (or should we say wheat and butter?) of any agricultural operation. In the Sumikkogurashi Farm Game, players plant seeds in plots of tilled soil and nurture them through various growth stages. Different crops such as wheat, tomatoes, carrots, and more each have their own maturation times and values when shipped to market.

Players can speed crop growth with fertilizer purchased with in-game coins. Watering cans must also be refilled at no cost using on-farm wells before crops can be doused. Frequent watering and fertilizing helps maximize crop yields. For an extra challenge, larger specialized planters that accommodate multiple crop types at once can be unlocked.

Periodically harvesting fully grown crops and shipping them off for profits is key. The mini farming crew will even help transport goods to market on their toy tractor! Earning coins from crop and livestock sales allows expansion of farm buildings, purchase of additional land, animals, and improvements over time.

Sumikkogurashi Farm 2

Community Events and Special Visitors

Things are never dull on the Sumikkogurashi farm as seasonal events and visiting characters keep things interesting. Holiday-themed quests may task farmers with crafting special decorations or baking seasonal treats. Completing event tasks rewards players with unique furniture, clothing accessories, and other exclusive prizes.

Special character visitors also pop in occasionally. Sumikkogurashi friends like Kuma-san the bear and Penguin-kun bring their own requests like crafting picnic lunches or finding hidden items around the farm. Helping the visitors is a great way to strengthen community bonds and earn special reward items.

During events, limited-time shop bundles offer boosts like extra stamina, coins, or resources to help players progress faster. While not necessary, these microtransactions provide convenience for those looking to optimize their farm without as much waiting. F2P players can still fully enjoy all regular gameplay.

Sumikkogurashi Farm 3

Power-Ups, Achievements and Beyond

As farms earn stars (experience points), players unlock new power-ups, upgrades and achievements to enhance their farm experience. Power-ups provide temporary boosts to areas like crop growth, resource collection or building speeds. Upgrades are permanent improvements purchased with gathered materials, often improving output quantities.

A wide variety of achievements can be earned for accomplishments big and small like shipping a certain number of crops, crafting all furniture types, or raising friendship levels of animals. Completing achievements awards stars and special profile icons. Players can also decorate their farms and avatar outfits with a huge assortment of unlocked furniture, clothing and customization options.

For competitive farmers, leaderboards track stats like total farm value, most crops grown or highest friendship levels attained. Bragging rights are on the line! And for casual play, the low-stress and relaxing vibe makes it easy to spend hours immersed in farming simulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get more coins quickly?

Fully harvesting and shipping high value crops like pumpkins and melons is one of the best ways to earn coins fast. Completing character visits and seasonal events can also reward coins. Using power-ups that boost coin collection during resource gathering helps maximize profits.

What should I spend my first coins on?

New farm land, coops/barns, and crop planters are wise early investments to expand your operation. Make sure to always have seeds and fertilizer on hand as well. Decorations can wait – focus first on buildings that generate resources and income.

Is there an easy way to level up fast?

Consistently completing daily tasks, harvesting/shipping crops, collecting animal products and using power-ups earns a lot of experience over time. During events, special quests offer large XP boosts too. The community board also rewards stars for helping other farms.

How can I get more power-ups and upgrades?

Power-ups are found in gift boxes received from leveling up, completing certain milestones, or watching video ads for bonus boxes on the home screen. Upgrades require crafting with materials gathered from harvesting crops, chopping trees, gathering rocks and more using the farm’s tools.

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