Idle Dungeon Tycoon APK v2.1.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Keys, Tickets)
Idle Dungeon Tycoon APK v2.1.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Keys, Tickets)

Idle Dungeon Tycoon APK v2.1.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Keys, Tickets)

With Idle Dungeon Tycoon Premium Apk unlimited money, keys, and tickets - you can customize your dungeons as much as you'd like.

Name Idle Dungeon Tycoon
Publisher K & K Games GmbH
Genre Simulation
Size 80.24 MB
Version 2.1.0
MOD Unlimited Money, Keys, Tickets
Get it On Google Play
Idle Dungeon Tycoon is the most famous version in the Idle Dungeon Tycoon series of publisher K & K Games GmbH
Mod Version 2.1.0
Total installs 10,000+

Embrace the dark side by constructing an evil dungeon lair and amassing an army of fantasy monsters in Idle Dungeon Tycoon! This casual idle clicker lets you manage resources, expand underground, conduct raids, and become the ultimate evil overlord. With the MOD’s unlimited money, keys, and tickets, building your dungeon kingdom is quick and easy.

This guide will provide an overview of Idle Dungeon Tycoon’s incremental mechanics, tips for structural expansion, strategies to manage minions, and how the MOD revolutionizes play. Let’s begin our descent into pixelated villainy!

Idle Dungeon Tycoon

Gameplay Overview – Clicking to Conquer

Idle Dungeon Tycoon distills idle/clicker mechanics to their essence. Here are the key gameplay elements:

Tap to Collect Resources

Manually tap structures to gain basic resources like gold, stone, mushrooms and spider eggs. More tapping = faster collection.

Spend Resources to Upgrade and Expand

Use collected resources to purchase new structures, minion habitats, special rooms, traps and more. Unlocks better incomes.

Manage Creature Minions

House dark creatures like goblins, orcs, zombies, wraiths and more. They provide unique bonuses and skills.

Send Minions on Raids

Dispatch teams of minions on timed raids to attack human villages, gather loot and capture prisoners.

Prestige and Reset

Ascend your dungeon for meta bonuses and medals. Spend medals to boost incomes permanently. then reset.

Despite simple mechanics, the compulsion to continuously upgrade and expand your underground lair is highly addicting. And the MOD removes all waiting!

Idle Dungeon Tycoon 1

Dungeon Construction – Underground Engineering

Expanding your dungeon’s size and scope is key to progression. Focus construction in these key areas:

Resource Structures

Build more mana fountains, spider nests, goblin workshops, etc to increase your income of basic resources. More = faster growth.

Minion Habitats

Construct habitats like vampire crypts, golem barracks and zombie pits to expand your minion population and unlock new troops.

Crafting Rooms

Erect blacksmiths, enchanters, and alchemy labs to forge gear for minions, imbue weapons, and brew potions. Strengthens raids.

Prestige Structures

Special structures like the Soul Extractor provide massive bonuses upon ascending the dungeon. Well worth the investment!

Defensive Traps

Install traps like fire cannons, spike walls, and Arcane towers to defend your dungeon from hero attacks. Security is a must!

With unlimited resources from the MOD, you can build the ultimate subterranean dungeon complex packed with ever facility and upgrade you desire!

Idle Dungeon Tycoon 2

Creature Minions – Recruit a Monster Army

Managing your monster minions is another key to unlocking their full potential. Here are some essential creature types:

Goblins – Resource Production

Common goblins generate basic resources like gold and stone. Having many boosts income substantially thanks to their “mob mentality” bonus.

Orcs – Combat Squads

Ferocious orc warriors form deadly raiding parties to pillage surface villages and bring back valuable loot and prisoners to torture for mana.

Skeletons – Rapid Raiders

Skeletal troops have quick raid completion times, meaning you can send them more frequently. Great for farming resources.

Banshees – Magic Powers

These spectral beings increase your mana collection rate – essential for fueling crafting and casting evil spells of mass destruction!

Dark Elves – Construction Speed

Evil elves drastically reduce build timers for new dungeon rooms and structures. Lets you expand much faster.

Recruit a well-rounded monstrous workforce to maximize your dungeon’s efficiency and profitability. The MOD provides infinite gems to summon them all instantly!

Raiding Gameplay

Dispatched raids are the primary way to gather gold, items, and other resources. Here are tips to optimize raiding:

Upgrade Raiding Gear

Enhance minion weapons, armor, and accessories to improve raid success rates and rewards. Magic relics provide big boosts.

Target Weak Enemies

Initially only raid isolated human hamlets. As you grow stronger, ramp up to fortified cities and noble castles for greater riches.

Manage Risk vs Reward

Longer raids on more difficult enemies provide better rewards but lower success chance. Balance risk and reward.

Equip Magic Items

Give minions enchanted gear or potions before raids to tilt odds in their favor. Curses also debuff enemies.

Have Backup Teams

Assign secondary teams in case the first falls in battle. Rescues can turn failure into success and avoid wasted time.

Prestige at Peaks

Before ascending, send all teams on the most lucrative raids available to maximize run gains.

Shrewd raiding tactics will stuff your dungeon coffers with endless gold and items to upgrade your evil empire faster! The MOD removes all waiting time so you can continuously raid.

Prestige and Meta Progression

Like all good idle games, prestige mechanics and meta progression keeps gameplay fresh across multiple resets.


When progression stalls, use the Soul Extractor to reset back to level 1 in exchange for meta medals based on your peak dungeon value.

Meta Upgrades

Spend earned meta medals on permanent upgrades like:

  • Auto creature skills
  • Improved resource production
  • Global damage bonuses
  • Starting resources

More Content

Ascending also unlocks new structures, minion types, crafting recipes, and raid locations for greater depth.

Compounding Gains

Each reincarnation accumulates larger medal rewards to buy more impactful upgrades. Exponential growth!

Resetting your dungeon to apply massive permanent bonuses creates an addictive gameplay loop chasing bigger numbers and gains. Then taking those boons back into the next run compounds them even further. The MOD removes the waiting time between runs!

Idle Dungeon Tycoon 3

Tips and Strategies For All Evil Overlords

Here are some pro tips and strategies to employ on the road to supreme villainy:

  • Having at least one tank minion like a golem helps raiding teams survive longer against tough enemies. Don’t neglect defenses.
  • Craft the Treasurer Table first for increased gold income. This investment will pay for itself quickly.
  • Turn on “Auto Skill” for minions to maximize their passive effects without constant micromanagement.
  • Manual taps are worth 5X as much as idle income, so tap furiously during active play for faster resource gains.
  • Only Level Up resource structures as needed to unlock new expansions rather than over-leveling existing ones.
  • Reset raid locations often if your teams are stronger than current enemies to land easy wins for fast loot gains.
  • Assign yourravager Minotaur as raid team captain for his powerful Cleave ability and damage buffs.

Internalize these tips of the evil trade and you’ll reach the pinnacle of despotic power in no time! Why merely rule a kingdom when you can dominate the entire world?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the game online or offline?

It works offline, but requires occasional online syncs to maintain progress between devices.

Do I lose all progress when I ascend?

No, you keep meta medals and permanent upgrades between runs. Only in-run dungeon progress resets.

Is there a best time to ascend?

It’s most efficient to ascend as soon as your growth stalls in endgame rather than pushing further with slow gains.

What provides most medals upon ascending?

Maxing out your Soul Extractor building level before resetting gives BY FAR the most prestige medals.

Is it better to broadly level everything or specialize?

Specializing in certain minion types and resource structures tends to be more effective than spreading yourself thin.

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