Solar Smash APK v2.3.2 (MOD, Unlimited Missile, ADS Removed)
Solar Smash APK v2.3.2 (MOD, Unlimited Missile, ADS Removed)

Solar Smash APK v2.3.2 (MOD, Unlimited Missile, ADS Removed)

You will enjoy the game to the fullest with Solar Smash premium apk. This version allows you to play with unlimited missiles and no ads.

Name Solar Smash
Publisher Paradyme Games
Genre Simulation
Size 129.7 MB
Version 2.3.2
MOD Unlimited Missile, ADS Removed
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Solar Smash is the most famous version in the Solar Smash series of publisher Paradyme Games
Mod Version 2.3.2
Total installs 100,000,000+

Solar Smash is an addictively explosive browser game that lets you wreak havoc on our solar system! As an unidentified flying object (UFO), your goal is simple – smash planets and rack up points! With its destructible environments and chaotic physics, Solar Smash delivers endless, explosive entertainment.

Solar Smash

Learning the Ropes

Controlling your UFO in Solar Smash is a cinch! Use your mouse or trackpad to move around and left click to utilize your tractor beam. Once you’ve locked onto a planet or object, your beam will automatically start dragging it through space. Release your click when ready to let that sucker fly! But be warned – the bigger the object, the tougher it’ll be to control.

You’ll also want to keep an eye on your speed gauge in the upper left. Going too fast will cause your UFO to overheat and explode! Try doing a loop-de-loop maneuver to shed some velocity. Just don’t crash into anything…unless you’re going for points!

Solar Smash 4

Power-Ups for Maximum Mayhem

As you cause catastrophic collisions, you’ll collect tokens that give you access to different power-ups. These can really up the chaos! Some favorites include:

  • Freeze Ray: Temporarily immobilize planets in place. Great for setting up tricky trick shots!
  • Gravity Well: Drastically increase or reverse a planet’s gravity. Enjoy the physics fun!
  • Enlarger Ray: Beef up the size of planets for even bigger booms!
  • Clone Ray: Duplicate planets and asteroids for more targets.

So blast away and experiment with all the wacky power-ups at your disposal!

Pro Tip: Try chaining power-ups together
for epic destruction!

Solar Smash 1

Smashing Through the Solar System

As you rack up points smashing planets, you’ll unlock new systems to wreak havoc on. Each has their own unique environments and challenges:

The Original Planets

This intergalactic playground features all your familiar favorites like Mars, Earth, and Jupiter. With so many planets and moons concentrated together, it’s easy to chain huge collisions. Watch out for asteroid fields though!

Solar Smash 3


This distant galaxy provides more open space for lining up trick shots. Use the alien planets’ strong gravitational pulls to fling objects into each other from across the universe!

Black Hole

A supermassive black hole dominates the center in this treacherous system! Its extreme gravitational vortex will drag all planets towards its inescapable event horizon if you’re not careful. Use it to your advantage to create crushing gravitational slingshots.


In this bizarre realm, all planets orbit a unique central sun in perfect unison. You’ll have to meticulously unwind and disrupt their synchronized paths to cause mayhem. Time your shots just right!

No matter which bizarre system you choose, the explosive possibilities are endless! Explore them all and discover your own smash-tastic strategies.

Expert Tip: Each system has unique environmental
objects to launch planets into as well!

Solar Smash 2

Pushing Your High Score to the Limit

As you get more comfortable with Solar Smash, you can start focusing on driving up your high score. Here are some pro-strats to maximize your points:

  • Prioritize Planets: Smashing planets nets far more points than pequ planets or asteroids. Work on lining up planet-to-planet collisions first!
  • Use Power-Ups: Chaining together power-ups can geometrically multiply your score as they interact. Freeze a planet, enlarge it, then clone it for a big bang!
  • Go For Speed: Flinging objects at high velocities yields more points. Use gravity wells and black holes to accelerate things exponentially.
  • Focus Your Blasts: Consolidating destruction to one area sets up a chain reaction of collisions in the debris. Just beware of overheating!

With everything exploding around you, it can be tempting to just go wild. But thinking strategically with these scoring tactics will help you climb those leaderboards!


Why does my UFO keep overheating and exploding?

Try doing a loop-de-loop to shed speed when your gauge goes too high. Brake with short clicks instead of holding down clicks for better control.

How do I unlock new solar systems?

Progress by scoring as many points as possible in the starting system. Once you hit point milestones, new systems will become available.

What causes my game to lag or crash?

Creating tons of fragmented debris can bog down some browsers after a while. Try refreshing your tab to reset.

Where can I view the leaderboards?

You can access global leaderboards by clicking on your score counter in the upper right. See how your wanton destruction stacks up!

What’s the best way to rack up high scores?

Make sure to use power-ups together for big bonuses! Also, aiming for fast moving planet-to-planet collisions yields way more points than pequ planets.

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