Legend of Ace APK v1.67.3 (MOD, ADD MONEY/Show Enemy)
Legend of Ace APK v1.67.3 (MOD, ADD MONEY/Show Enemy)

Legend of Ace APK v1.67.3 (MOD, ADD MONEY/Show Enemy)

The latest version of Legend of Ace Premium apk is now available to download. This new version includes Show Enemy, unlimited Money features.

Name Legend of Ace
Publisher Still Gaming
Genre Action
Size 944.45 MB
Version 1.67.3
MOD Add Unlimited Money/Radar Cheat
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Legend of Ace is the most famous version in the Legend of Ace series of publisher Still Gaming
Mod Version 1.67.3
Total installs n/a

Legend of Ace offers a thrilling air combat experience on mobile with its cutting edge graphics and variety of modern fighter jets. As the elite pilot Ace, you take to the skies to take down enemies in intense dogfights. With the mod APK, you get unlimited money and the ability to see enemies for an enhanced combat experience.

In this article, we’ll explore the gameplay, features and mod benefits of Legend of Ace to see why its one of the most immersive mobile air combat games available. Take your need for speed to the skies!

Legend Of Ace


Legend of Ace puts you right in the pilot seat of advanced fighter jets for exhilarating aerial combat. The objective is to completely destroy enemy forces across Campaign, PvP and Challenge missions while mastering controls and mechanics.

You start by selecting a modern multi-role fighter jet from licensed manufacturers like Boeing, Lockheed Martin and more. Each jet has distinct specs like agility, armor, weapons loadout and handling.

Using on-screen buttons or tilt controls, you maneuver your jet and engage enemies. Locking on and dodging missiles with evasive actions while getting in position to attack is key. Landing hits on weak points and using your jet’s abilities like airstrikes demolishes foes quickly.

With each mission, you’ll face smarter enemies and larger squadrons. Surviving the escalating warfare will require expert piloting skills and quick reflexes. Fortunately, you can upgrade your jets and skills with collected currency and XP.

Legend of Ace offers heart-pounding aerial action that feels like a AAA console game. If you love adrenaline-fueled flight combat, it doesn’t get much better than this on mobile!

Legend Of Ace 2


Let’s take a look at the many features that make Legend of Ace an elite air combat simulator:

Licensed Modern Jets

  • Accurate models from Boeing, Lockheed and more
  • Realistic cockpit and exterior visuals
  • Each jet has unique stats and abilities

Controls Options

  • Onscreen touch buttons
  • Tilt controls for immersive maneuvering
  • Fully customizable HUD and bindings

Dynamic Campaigns

  • 100+ combat missions with deep gameplay
  • Challenge varies from easy reconnaissance to hard battles
  • New enemy types and events keep you engaged
Legend Of Ace 5

PvP Game Modes

  • Test skills against real opponents
  • Climb ranked tiers for status
  • Weekly competitions for bonus rewards

Cinematic Visuals

  • Cutting edge 3D graphics and visual effects
  • Picturesque landscapes and environments
  • Cockpits feature intricate details and animations

Upgrade Progression

  • Use currency to upgrade jets’ systems
  • Increase damage, speed, energy capacity and more
  • Level up Ace’s abilities and skills over time

Legend of Ace delivers stunningly realistic graphics and adrenaline-charged air combat that provides an elite flight experience. Strap into the cockpit and take to the skies now!

Legend Of Ace 3

Legend of Ace Mod Benefits

The Legend of Ace mod APK provides key benefits like unlimited money and the ability to see enemies that enhance the intense combat experience.

Let’s look at the advantages the Legend of Ace mod provides:

Unlimited Money

  • Max out upgrades for all jets quickly
  • Buy any jet models and weapons immediately
  • Focus on action without grinding for currency

See All Enemies

  • Constantly see opponent positions
  • Greatly improves combat awareness
  • Execute tactics and avoid ambushes

Customize Fully

  • Tailor controls and HUD as desired
  • Experiment with different jet loadouts
  • Make Ace pilot into your perfect profile

Faster Progression

  • Progress faster through campaigns
  • Quickly access new missions and modes
  • Dominate PvP matches from the start

No Grinding Needed

  • Skip tiresome grinding for upgrades
  • Enjoy nonstop action packed jet combat
  • Experience all content without waiting

With unlimited money and visible enemies, you can make the most of Legend of Ace’s thrilling flight combat without any hindrances. Take your skills to new heights!

Legend Of Ace 4

How To Download Legend of Ace Mod APK

Ready to take to the skies and experience cutting edge air combat? Follow these quick steps:

  1. Click the “Download” button on this page to begin downloading the Legend of Ace mod APK.
  2. Once finished, open your File Manager and navigate to your downloads folder.
  3. Tap on the Legend of Ace mod APK file and select “Install” when prompted.
  4. Grant installation permission if your device requests it. Be patient, installation may take a minute.
  5. Open Legend of Ace from your device’s app drawer and enjoy!

With these simple steps, you’ll be soaring through the skies dominating enemies in no time. Fasten your seatbelt and see why Legend of Ace is considered one of the most impressive mobile flight combat games available!

FAQs About Legend of Ace Mod APK

Does the mod work on both Android and iOS?

Currently, it is only available for Android devices. iOS is not supported.

Will my progress be saved?

Yes, your online game progress is linked to your account and will not be lost.

Is online multiplayer still available?

Yes, you can still compete in online PvP modes as normal.

Are there unlimited skills too?

No, only money is unlimited. Ace’s skills still need to be leveled up over time by playing.


With its cutting edge graphics, licensed modern jets and thrilling aerial combat, Legend of Ace provides a premier air combat experience on mobile. The mod APK makes this even better by providing unlimited money to max out your fleet and the ability to see enemies at all times for enhanced dogfighting. Immerse yourself in adrenaline-fueled flight action now with the Legend of Ace mod!

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