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v1.9.6 by C.C.T Games
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Name Merge Farmtown Merge Farmtown is the most famous version in the Merge Farmtown series of publisher C.C.T Games
Publisher C.C.T Games
Genre Puzzle
Size 132.4 MB
Version 1.9.6
Update December 19, 2023
MOD Unlimited Coins, Premium
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Merge Farmtown is a super addictive farming and village builder game where you merge crops, animals, buildings and more to expand your farmtown. With cute pixel graphics and relaxed gameplay, Merge Farmtown provides a fun casual gaming experience. This guide will give tips to progress quickly, design your ideal farmtown, and utilize the MOD version for free purchases. Let’s jump in!

Merge Farmtown

Getting Started in Merge Farmtown

When you first start Merge Farmtown, follow these tips to grow your farmtown efficiently:

  • Plant crops – Wheat is the basic early crop. Plant as many as you can to start generating coins.
  • Harvest crops – Don’t let crops wither away, collect them quickly when ready for coins.
  • Buy animals – Chickens, cows and sheep will give you a steady supply of coins.
  • Merge items – Combine 3 of the same item to create a higher value version.
  • Complete villager orders – Fulfill requests for crops and items to earn bonuses.
  • Build resource structures – Windmills, wells and barns boost output long term.

Stick to these core gameplay loops of planting, harvesting, merging and expanding. Over time your farmtown will grow larger and more prosperous.

Early Gameplay Strategies

In the first few days of gameplay, focus on these areas:

  • Amass coins by harvesting crops frequently.
  • Plant as much land as possible with crops.
  • Buy resource structures like windmills when you can afford them.
  • Fulfill villager orders to get new seeds and items.
  • Merge crops and animals in sets of 3 to unlock the next versions.
  • Expand your land by clearing obstacles like stones and trees.

This lays the foundation for your farmtown that leads to smooth sailing later on.

Merge Farmtown 1

Intermediate Farmtown Pro Tips

After getting settled in Merge Farmtown, up your game with these tips:

Smart Farm Planning Strategies

  • Centralize barns and wells for efficiency.
  • Group similar crops together in sections for easy harvesting.
  • Leave spaces between decorations for future expansion.
  • Create organized crop rows with walkways in between.
  • Build resource structures near crops that benefit them.
Merge Farmtown 4

Earning More Coins Quickly

  • Take advantage of coin boosting structures like wagons and piggy banks.
  • Fulfill as many villager orders as possible each day.
  • Plant maximum wheat crops since they generate coins fast.
  • Always be planting and harvesting – don’t let crops go to waste!
  • Merge animals to unlock new types that give more coins.

Completing More Villager Orders

  • Always request new orders when slots are open to cycle through them faster.
  • Tap orders you can’t complete to remove them from the slots.
  • Grow a wide variety of crops and merge animals so you can fulfill any order.
  • Stockpile requested items before accepting an order to instantly complete it.
  • Merge crops and craft items needed to quickly fill orders.

Use these reliable strategies to transform your small farmtown into a highly productive agricultural paradise!

Merge Farmtown 2

Designing an Eye-Catching Farmtown

Make your farmtown uniquely yours with these design tips:

Layout Ideas

  • Create crop fields surrounded by fences in consistent patterns.
  • Build barns and stables in an organized farm area.
  • Use paths to connect key areas for efficient navigation.
  • Arrange buildings/decorations into neighborhoods or districts.
  • Leave open land for future expansion projects.

Decoration Suggestions

  • Use bushes, flowers and trees to add vibrant colors.
  • Add custom designs with flower beds and fencing patterns.
  • Give buildings character with fun themes like western or pirate.
  • Block off ugly edges with shrubs and decorative elements.
  • Craft benches, statues and other items to fill spaces.

Advanced Tips

  • Use dirt paths to divide sections in interesting shapes.
  • Arrange buildings in unique asymmetrical configurations.
  • Create little scenic vignettes with decorations telling a story.
  • Build converging paths for a central town square feel.
  • Clear back forest areas to expand later in a wooded district.

With the right layout and decorative touches, you can craft an incredible farmtown that’s functional, beautiful and completely unique. Let your creativity run wild!

Merge Farmtown 3

Unlocking Everything with the MOD APK

The standard Merge Farmtown experience provides dozens of hours of relaxed enjoyment. But installing the MOD APK takes it to another level by unlocking:

Free Unlimited Purchases

The MOD removes all limits on in-app purchases, allowing you to:

  • Buy any items, crops or buildings without restrictions.
  • Own multiple premium structures without waiting.
  • Access high value crops/animals immediately.
  • Own unlimited pets, trees and decorations.
  • Expand your land infinitely without waiting.

Benefits for Your Farmtown

Unlimited free purchases let you:

  • Design exactly the farmtown you want from the start.
  • Progress way faster by buying expensive items upfront.
  • Deck out your farmtown with tons of premium decorations.
  • Own so many pets they cover every inch of land!
Merge Farmtown 5

Downloading the MOD APK

To install the mod:

  • Enable “Unknown Sources” on your device to allow third party APKs.
  • Download the MOD APK from a trusted source like [download link redacted].
  • Disable antivirus temporarily if it blocks the installation.
  • Install the MOD APK after uninstalling the original version.

And that’s it – enjoy your infinite farming freedom in Merge Farmtown!


Does Merge Farmtown have microtransactions?

Yes, the game has various in-app purchases for premium currency to buy items faster. They are 100% optional though.

Is there multiplayer or co-op?

Not currently, but the developers have mentioned possibly adding co-op/social features in future updates.

How often are new items added?

The developers release fresh new content every 2-3 weeks through updates, including crops, buildings and decorations.

Can you lose or die in the game?

Nope! Merge Farmtown is a purely relaxing and casual experience with no lose conditions or penalties for playing at your own pace.

Is there an energy system that limits playtime?

Thankfully no – you can play Merge Farmtown as long as you want without any energy, timers or other restrictions.

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