Medieval Merge APK v1.55.0 (MOD, Unlimited Energy, Free Shopping)
Medieval Merge APK v1.55.0 (MOD, Unlimited Energy, Free Shopping)

Medieval Merge APK v1.55.0 (MOD, Unlimited Energy, Free Shopping)

Get all the advantages of the game with Medieval Merge Premium apk! Thanks to free shopping and unlimited energy, the management of the game is in your hands.

Name Medieval Merge
Publisher Pixodust Games
Genre Puzzle
Size 223.3 MB
Version 1.55.0
MOD Unlimited Energy, Free Shopping
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Medieval Merge is the most famous version in the Medieval Merge series of publisher Pixodust Games
Mod Version 1.55.0
Total installs 1,000,000+

Medieval Merge takes the addictive fun of matching games and combines it with expansive RPG gameplay to create a one-of-a-kind medieval adventure. Build shops, craft weapons, besiege castles and more while assembling party members to conquer this sprawling fantasy world!

Medieval Merge Epic Adventure

The Wide World of Terraloch

Medieval Merge invites you to explore the rich fantasy land of Terraloch, home to unique civilizations ready to be discovered.

Vibrant Regions

Explore verdant forests filled with secrets, arid deserts hiding oasis cities, icy mountain peaks and more. Terraloch is brimming with vibrant regions to uncover on your quest.

Mythical Beasts

As you travel you may encounter curious creatures like playful pixies, wise centaurs, or frightening beasties like chimera or manticores guarding treasure. You never know what fantastical life forms inhabit each new biome!

Historic Cultures

Meet the Hippie Elves peacefully living in tree villages, the Dwarves mining the mountains, Nomadic Humans traversing seas of grass with caravans of goods, and other cultures with rich backstories. Every group has traditions and architectures that bring their civilizations to life.

The Merge Battle System

Navigating Terraloch’s map and making strategic mergers are key to success in this game.

RPG Map Navigation

Zoom out to view the world map with different landmarks like villages, castles, and monster lairs identified. Tap checkpoints to zoom into more detailed local maps to quest through.

Match Pieces for Power

Use classic match-3 mechanics to combine pieces and unlock game-changing boosts. Match gingerbread cookies to feed your party, swords to attack enemies, supply wagons to collect resources and more in this unique merge format.

Eureka Mode Bursts

Trigger special eureka modes when multiple merges cause explosive chain reactions. Eureka dragon boosts rain down dazzling power-ups while eureka jewel mode bestows precious gems. Time these supercharged bursts wisely!

Medieval Merge Epic Adventure 2

Defeat Dungeons & Monsters

Fight enemies and take down tricky boss battles using smart battle tactics.

Assemble Your Party

Recruit warriors, wizards, healers and helpers by unlocking their shards from the merge board. Collect full shard sets to add heroes like Sir Garrad the Brave or Wise Ravenwood the Druid to your party.

Plan Your Strategy

Think carefully before battling swarms of vengeful ghosts, fiery phoenixes, evil goblin tribes and corrupted nature spirits. Manage health levels, use special attacks wisely and summon reinforcements at the right moments to win these challenging boss fights.

Master Classes & Traits

Promote your party members when they reach milestone levels to unlock new classes like paladin, sorcerer, priest and more. Each class has ultra strong special attacks. Heroes also gain traits over time like immunity to certain damage types, healing auras to nearby characters and improved resistance against magic, weapons or elements. Put their evolving traits to work in custom attack strategies!

Build an Empire

Expand your domain by constructing buildings, amassing resources, crafting powerful equipment and researching.

Develop Unique Buildings

Clear monster lairs to free up space to build specialty sites like archery ranges, wizard towers, and healing tents. Building perks increase health, supplement battle resources, unlock secret hidden routes and more.

Harvest Resources

Chop down enchanted forests full of mana crystals, mine gemstone mountains for jewels, grow crops in fertile valley farms and collect other precious resources to fuel your kingdom.

Craft & Enchant Gear

Forge sturdy armor and mighty weapons then enchant them with magic. Equip your battle party with this special gear to increase attack damage, buff defense and give other in-game boosts.

Gear TypeCrafting Resources NeededEnchantment Resources Needed
HelmetsIron Ingots, Leather StrapsMana Crystals
BreastplatesSilver Ingots, Phoenix FeatherMystical Essences
GreavesGold Ingots, Coffee BeansDragon Scales
SwordsSteel Ingots, Sturdy TimberFairy Dust
Bows & ArrowsRefined Wood, Spider SilkGemstone Shards

Research New Discoveries

Invest time having scholar heroes study ancient texts and experiment with new potions. Their research unlocks advanced technologies to aid battles, improvements in crop growth speed, faster building construction times and other boons.

Medieval Merge Epic Adventure 1

Restore Peace to the Kingdom

Bring prosperity back to Terraloch’s lands by toppling the evil powers threatening the peace.

Dethrone the Twisted Monarch

A corrupt king has allowed wicked forces to gain power across the realms, enabling monsters to run amok. Lead your party on an epic quest battling from border to border until you’re strong enough to storm the tyrant monarch’s heavily guarded castle and restore righteous rule.

Quest for Powerful Artifacts

Keep alert on your travels for whisperings of mighty mythic weapons and long lost magical artifacts hidden throughout the realms. If united, these tools have the might needed to defeat the most sinister evils of Terraloch.

Save Civilizations from Doom

Many societies across Terraloch’s realms stand on the brink of collapse as hordes of ghouls, zombies and wraiths overrun villages. Rescue these civilizations by defeating infestations of the undead so their cultures can rise once again!


With robust merge-style gameplay, expansive RPG strategy elements and layers of adventure set in a medieval fantasy world, Medieval Merge offers a fresh new mobile gaming experience. Rally your party, build an empire and rescue Terraloch from the forces of evil!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Medieval Merge cost to play?

Medieval Merge can be played for free with optional in-app purchases. The basic gameplay is 100% free, but you will already have all the content with this version.

Is Medieval Merge appropriate for kids?

While cartoonish, the game has some fantasy violence. Recommended for ages 12+ but parental discretion advised.

Is there a player-vs-player mode?

Not currently but the developer has hinted at future plans to allow players to attack rival fortresses in multiplayer once the kingdom is restored!

Can I play Medieval Merge offline?

No, you must have an internet connect for initial downloads and for progress syncing across devices via cloud save data.

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