MMA Manager 2 APK v1.13.3 (MOD, Free Rewards, No ADS)
MMA Manager 2 APK v1.13.3 (MOD, Free Rewards, No ADS)

MMA Manager 2 APK v1.13.3 (MOD, Free Rewards, No ADS)

MMA Manager 2 Premium Apk offers a beneficial alternative for gamers who are passionate about managing their own ultimate fighting team.

Name MMA Manager 2
Publisher Prey Studios
Genre Sports
Size 162.6 MB
Version 1.13.3
MOD Free Rewards, No ADS
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MMA Manager 2 is the most famous version in the MMA Manager 2 series of publisher Prey Studios
Mod Version 1.13.3
Total installs 1,000,000+

Ever dreamed of leading MMA superstars to championship glory? Well strap on your coaching mitts, because MMA Manager 2 offers the most in-depth MMA management experience on mobile!

From signing rookies to scheduling fights to hyping shows, we’ll discuss what makes this management sim a knock-out!

Let’s dive in to the hard-hitting world of MMA promotion!

MMA Manager 2

Introduction to MMA Manager 2

MMA Manager 2 is the sequel to the hit MMA management sim by Reliance Big Entertainment. Here’s a quick primer on what it offers:

  • Sign and Scout Fighters – Recruit an entire roster of up-and-coming and established MMA talent.
  • Training Camps – Strategically train your fighters’ striking, grappling and cardio skills.
  • Fight Promotion – Hype up fights through trash talk, promotional videos and social media.
  • Fight Cards – Organize fight events and matchmake bouts with other rival gyms.
  • Rival Promoters – Take down other promoters in intense bidding wars and fight negotiations.
  • Progression – Gain fame and upgrade your gym from local obscurity to global stardom!

If you love the thrill of MMA and enjoy deep management, MMA Manager 2 is a knockout!

Now let’s examine the core mechanics that make running an MMA gym engaging and challenging.

MMA Manager 2 1

Fighter Recruitment – Build a Championship Roster

Your first priority is signing the top-tier talent who will become your gym’s champions and superstars. Here’s how you go about team recruitment:

  • Scouting Reports – Read inside scoops on prospects to identify potential recruits and their skills.
  • Contracts – Negotiate customized multi-fight contracts with perks like title shots and pay increases.
  • Free Agency – Win contract bids during free agency periods to snag stars from rival gyms.
  • Training Hunters – Send scouts globally to find raw prospects with potential and mold them.
  • Team Chemistry – Ensure you sign fighters who align with your gym’s culture.

Building a well-rounded but unified team is key to cultivating an environment for success. Sign fighters who complement each other and share your gym’s values.

Focus AreaSkillEquipment
Takedown TrainingTakedown TechniquesTakedown Dummy
Transition WorkTransition SpeedGrappling Mat
Submission DrillsSubmission StrengthSubmission Machine
MMA Manager 2 2

Custom Training Camps – Maximizing Fighter Potential

Once signed, tailoring high performance training camps is crucial for unlocking each fighter’s potential:

  • Attribute Training – Schedule striking, grappling and cardio sessions in a balanced weekly schedule.
  • Training Partners – Strategically pick training partners to sharpen specific skills.
  • Facilities – Construct facilities like cages and rings to provide stat bonuses during camps.
  • Items – Allocate stat-boosting items like weight benches to fighters who need them most.
  • Coaches – Hire standout coaches to improve training efficiency for faster gains.
  • Fitness Assessment – Monitor fighter fatigue and fitness to prevent overtraining injuries or under-training.

Successfully growing your prospects into elite contenders takes meticulous training optimization and customization for each fighter.

MMA Manager 2 3

Organizing Fight Events – The Pinnacle

All the training and planning culminates at the big fight events where your strategy is put to the test.

Putting together exciting fight cards is an art:

  • Matchmaking – Strategically match fighters to move them up ranks or build hype.
  • Headliners – Book major superfights as main events for added publicity.
  • Title Fights – Schedule title bouts at the peak of divisional rivalries.
  • Venues – Manage venues around the world and upgrade facilities to increase prestige.
  • Hype Building – Maximize pre-fight hype through social media callouts and viral videos.
  • Media Deals – Negotiate TV broadcast and video game licensing deals for bigger event reach.

The most viewed events bring in the fans, sponsors and awards taking your promotion to new heights!

Rival Promoters – Competitive Showdowns

You’re not the only promoter vying for MMA dominance. Beating rival gyms is key:

  • Bidding Wars – Engage in intense contract bidding wars during free agency periods.
  • Superfights – Book inter-promotional champion vs. champion blockbuster fights.
  • Gym Warfare – Initiate gym callouts and public feuds for added hype.
  • Talent Raiding – Lure top talent away from rivals by offering better deals.
  • Player vs Player – Battle other player gyms in weekly PvP fight cards for fame.
  • Leaderboards – The global leaderboards track promoter fame – aim for the very top spot!

The ongoing struggle for superiority over rival gyms keeps the competition fierce and engaging.

MMA Manager 2 4

Progression Systems – Championship Glory Awaits

As your reputation grows, you gain access to more features and possibilities:

  • Gym Upgrades – Upgrade your facilities, coaches and training equipment.
  • Sponsorships – Attract big brand sponsorships for increased operating budget.
  • Achievements – Complete challenges and milestones for rewards and bragging rights.
  • Division Expansion – Venture into new women’s divisions as your roster diversifies.
  • Hall of Fame – Cement your legacy as your fighters and gym enter the MMA Hall of Fame.
  • Champion Factory – Ultimately establish your gym as THE premier MMA talent factory in the world!

The journey from local obscurity to major fame is incredibly rewarding as your dynasty rises to prominence.

MOD Features – Unlimited Rewards and No Ads!

The MMA Manager 2 MOD unlocks everything for free and removes ads:

  • Free Cash and Gold – Unlimited gold and cash to instantly buy top fighters, items etc.
  • No Ads – No disruptive video ads during gameplay. Enjoy an ad-free experience.
  • Free Rewards – Instantly claim free daily/weekly rewards without watching videos.
  • Max Gyms – Own the maximum of 6 gyms right from the start.

With the MOD, you can fast-track building a legendary MMA empire! No frustrating waiting or grinding needed.

While the standard game is balanced as a free-to-play title, the MOD lets you purely focus on the management and competitive aspects you enjoy.

MMA Manager 2 5

Time Management Tips

Juggling various responsibilities in MMA Manager 2 can get hectic. Here are some time management tips:

  • Set a structured weekly schedule for training camps so you develop a routine.
  • Schedule fights far in advance so you have sufficient lead time to promote events.
  • Automate repetitive tasks like social media posts so you focus on more important duties.
  • Prioritize critical short-term goals like upcoming fights rather than longer-term goals initially.
  • Monitor fighter condition and morale levels often so they don’t become urgent issues suddenly.

Planning ahead and establishing work routines will help you feel in control rather than overwhelmed.

Final Thoughts

MMA Manager 2 offers unparalleled depth in simulating the nuances of running an MMA promotion from scouting talent to training strategically to putting on mega events.

The sheer satisfaction of seeing fighters you’ve groomed win titles and superfights is second to none for MMA fans. Add the intense rivalries with other player-run gyms, and you have a package primed for many hours of managerial fun.

So strap on your promoter hat, assemble your championship team and step into the virtual octagon to lead your fighters to glory!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the game online-only?

No, you can fully play offline but will miss out on PvP events and leaderboards.

Can I customize fighters’ looks and bios?

Unfortunately no, you cannot edit their physical appearance or bios. Those are preset.

Can I play as an existing MMA organization?

No at the moment. You begin as an unknown local promoter and build your own brand.

Does the game have live 3D fights?

No the fights play out via 2D simulation without direct control. The focus is purely management.

Is MMA Manager 2 free to play friendly?

Yes, it is tuned to be enjoyable without excessive grinding or pay walls for free players.

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