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PUBG MOBILE LITE APK v0.26.0 + OBB (MOD, Mega Menu)

v0.26.0 by Level Infinite
Download (727 MB)
Name PUBG MOBILE LITE PUBG MOBILE LITE is the most famous version in the PUBG MOBILE LITE series of publisher Level Infinite
Publisher Level Infinite
Genre Action
Size 727 MB
Version 0.26.0
Update November 27, 2023
MOD Mega Menu
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  • Fog color menu (7 type)
  • Button UI menu (6 type)
  • Bullet UI color (5 type)
  • Black sky
  • Black body
  • Camera position UP
  • Desert map
  • Wall hack
  • Remove shading
  • X kill effect
  • Movement ESP (2 type)
  • Remove recoil
  • Remove camera shake
  • Remove bullet spread
  • Damage 50% UP
  • Damage 1000% UP
  • Shoot trough wall
  • Instant weapon change
  • Show enemy on BR map
  • Aim bot
  • Aim Lock
  • Esp bot
  • Esp line
  • Esp box
  • Esp name
  • Esp health
  • Esp distance
  • Esp TEAM ID
  • Grenade warning And more...

Experience the thrilling world of Battle Royale combat on mobile with PUBG MOBILE LITE. This streamlined take on PUBG retains the iconic gameplay while optimizing for low-end devices. With the Mega Menu MOD APK, unlock unlimited money, free shopping, and more for the ultimate chicken dinner!

Let’s preview the fast-paced survival action that has captivated millions on PUBG MOBILE LITE. If you’re seeking a lighter BR alternative to PUBG MOBILE, this modded version is just what you need.

Pubg Mobile Lite 2

Overview of Gameplay

PUBG MOBILE LITE distills battle royale combat down to its essence. You parachute onto a hostile island with 99 other players, scavenge for weapons in abandoned buildings, and tactically take down enemies until you’re the last one standing.

Key gameplay elements include:

  • Fast-paced PvP shooter action
  • Massive maps with diverse terrain
  • Solo, duo or four-person squads
  • Realistic ballistics and weapon handling
  • Vehicles for land, air and sea travel
  • Play across multiple game modes
  • Tiered ranking system from Bronze to Conqueror

While keeping what made PUBG MOBILE so popular, LITE streamlines matches down to just 60 players for optimized performance on low-end hardware. Let’s see how the Mega Menu MOD enhances the experience even more!

Pubg Mobile Lite 6

Benefits of Mega Menu MOD

The Mega Menu PUBG MOBILE LITE MOD APK unlocks:

  • Unlimited UC money – Buy crates, skins and more without limits
  • Free shopping – Obtain anything for free from the shop
  • Mega VIP menu – Access special cheats like aimbot, no recoil, and more
  • 100% hit rate – Every bullet fired hits the target
  • Wall hack – See opponents through objects

With these powers, you gain complete domination over the competition. Purchase any item you desire thanks to unlimited UC, while cheats like aimbot and wall hack enable you to clinch every chicken dinner with ease.

Pubg Mobile Lite 1

Maps and Terrain

PUBG MOBILE LITE features two huge maps to master, each with very diverse landscapes and structures:


A lush jungle island with sprawling urban areas, military bases and more. Dense forests provide cover while open fields leave you vulnerable.

Golden Woods

A barren desert landscape with canyons, scattered shacks, and an urban center. Use ridges for sniping while dunes conceal deadly ambushes.

Learning the terrain is key – where to hide, areas providing tactical advantage, how best to traverse. Use cover wisely and move intelligently.

Pubg Mobile Lite 3

Game Modes

PUBG MOBILE LITE offers different styles of competitive and cooperative play:

Classic Battle Royale

The staple 100-player free-for-all until the final survivor. Avoid the deadly encroaching circle!


Team up with a friend and battle 50 other 2-person squads. Coordinate your tactics closely.


Team with 3 other players against 25 enemy squads of 4. Work together for the chicken dinner!

Sniper Training

Practice your long range sniping skills. All players have sniper rifles and no aim assist!

Kill the Boss

Coop mode with all players fighting a giant boss monster. Heal and revive teammates.

No matter your playstyle, you’ll find a mode suited to your tastes. Now let’s look at critical survival elements.

Pubg Mobile Lite

Survival Gameplay

During matches, you have to effectively scavenge, explore, and adapt to inherent dangers:


Search buildings for weapons, gear, health items, and other equipment to get an edge. Loot quickly yet cautiously.

Circle Convergence

The deadly electric field circles in, forcing remaining players closer. Position intelligently.


Grab valuable loot from random airdrop crates at the risk of drawing attention.


COMMANDEER cars, trucks, helicopters and boats for swift traversal, but make noise.


Engage enemies using cover and flanking. Land headshots for quick kills.

Careful looting, tactical positioning, and combat precision will carry you far. But you’ll also need to…

Master Gunplay Mechanics

Winning firefights hinges on your shooter skills and weapon proficiency:


Aim down sights for greater accuracy at range. Crouching reduces recoil.


Constantly strafe and utilize cover to make yourself harder to hit.

Recoil Control

Manage recoil patterns of guns during full auto sprays. Burst firing can help.

Bullet Drop

Account for gravity over range. Lead targets and aim high.

Gun Types

Shotguns excel up close while snipers kill at range. SMGs spray rápido.


Modify guns with grips, scopes, extend mags, suppressors, and more for enhancements.

Outsmarting and outshooting your foes ensures you’re the last survivor standing. Now let’s review how the MEGA MOD tips the scales.

Pubg Mobile Lite 3 1


The MEGA MOD Menu provides access to some wild cheats including:

Infinite Ammo

Never reload or run out of bullets! Greatly reduces a key handicap.

Rapid Fire

Any gun you wield shoots full-auto at insane speeds. Overwhelm enemies.

No Recoil

Weapons stay perfectly still even during rapid sprays for pinpoint accuracy.

High Jump

Leap 50 feet into the air to reach rooftops and avoid hazards.

Speed Boost

Get a burst of extreme speed to outrun blue zone, enemies or vehicles.


Your crosshairs auto-lock onto weak points for guaranteed hits.

These cheats let you decimate opponents with ease and romp freely across the battlefield. Use judiciously unless you NEVER want a challenge again!

Pubg Mobile Lite 5

Key Survival Tips

Here are some pro tips for lasting longer and getting chicken dinner:

  • Land on outer buildings or camps first to gear up safely.
  • Constantly scan and listen for approaching enemies. Don’t get ambushed!
  • Move unpredictably – use trees, rocks, vehicles and grass for cover.
  • Travel early when possible. Don’t get pinned down by the deadly circle.
  • Flank enemies and attack from side/behind when able. Use smoke for cover.
  • Equip attachments ASAP for improved weapon performance.
  • Cook frag grenades before throwing for guaranteed impact damage.
  • Playereco gnize airdrop plane sounds and move in aggressively for sweet loot.

With prudence, keen aim and tactical positioning, you’ll find yourself the last warrior standing. Now victory awaits!

Pubg Mobile Lite 4

Final Verdict

For fast-paced battle royale action on budget devices, PUBG MOBILE LITE serves up a lean and mean experience with:

  • Streamlined PUBG gameplay tailored for low-end hardware
  • Huge maps with diverse terrain to master
  • Solo, duo & squad modes for different playstyles
  • Loot, shoot, and survive against up to 99 other players
  • Strong ballistics and weapon handling
  • MEGA MOD Menu for unlimited money, free shopping & cheats

The Mega MOD APK gives you unlimited UC money and OP hacks to decimate the competition freely. If you crave accessible PUBG action on the go, LITE’s got you covered. Now gear up and battle your way to victory!


Does LITE have fewer maps than normal PUBG?

Yes, currently only 2 maps compared to the 5+ maps in the full version. But the core gameplay remains very similar.

Can I play LITE using a controller?

Absolutely, Bluetooth controllers like Xbox and PS4 gamepads are fully supported.

Is LITE compatible with lower-end devices?

Yes, it’s optimized to run smoothly on budget and mid-range smartphones. Just ensure you have at least 1GB RAM.

Do LITE and normal PUBG share servers?

No, LITE has its own dedicated servers. You play only against other LITE players.

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