Scary Teacher 3D APK v7.1 + OBB (MOD, Free Purchase, Unlimited All)
Scary Teacher 3D APK v7.1 + OBB (MOD, Free Purchase, Unlimited All)

Scary Teacher 3D APK v7.1 + OBB (MOD, Free Purchase, Unlimited All)

Scary Teacher 3D Premium Apk delivers a spooky and surprisingly addictive mobile gaming experience that's perfect for pranksters young and old alike.

Name Scary Teacher 3D
Publisher Z & K Games
Genre Simulation
Size 1.16 GB
Version 7.1
MOD Free Purchase, Unlimited All
Get it On Google Play
Scary Teacher 3D is the most famous version in the Scary Teacher 3D series of publisher Z & K Games
Mod Version 7.1
Total installs 100,000,000+

Scary Teacher 3D is a super spooky and fun 3D game that has taken the mobile gaming world by storm! As a student trying to get revenge on their Scary Teacher, players get to unleash pranks and solve puzzles in this exciting game. With impressive 3D graphics, fun gameplay, and scary characters, it’s no wonder Scary Teacher 3D has become so popular.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Scary Teacher 3D including gameplay, features, tips, and much more! Let’s get started.

Scary Teacher 3D


The main objective in Scary Teacher 3D is to play pranks on the Scary Teacher in each level. To do this, players will need to explore the creepy school and Scary Teacher’s house to find items and clues to pull off epic pranks.

Here are some key details about the gameplay:

  • Each level has a unique scary theme and different pranks to unleash on the teacher
  • Players need to find and collect items by searching everywhere – in desks, cabinets, fridges, closets, etc.
  • Certain items can be combined together to create prank gadgets like stink bombs, spiders in a can, hot sauce, and more
  • Puzzles need to be solved to find secret passageways and hidden rooms
  • The Scary Teacher patrols the area so players must avoid getting caught
  • A prank meter shows how much mayhem you’ve caused in each level
  • Sudden events like acid rain or ruptured pipes can happen, making the pranks even more chaotic!

The gameplay is super fun and addictive as you explore environments and cause mischief. And the 3D visuals and creepy characters really help bring the pranking adventure to life!

Scary Teacher 3D 1


Scary Teacher 3D has some great features that make the gameplay experience even better:

3D Graphics and Environments

  • The game utilizes impressive 3D visuals and graphics
  • Detailed school and house environments are fully explorable in 3D
  • Smooth character animations and movements add to the immersive experience
  • Visual effects like shadows, lighting, textures make the world feel real

Customizable Character

  • Players can customize their student character that pranks the teacher
  • Tons of outfit and accessory options to choose from to personalize your look
  • New customization unlocks are earned by progressing through the levels
Scary Teacher 3D 3

Range of Explosive Pranks

  • Each level features different prank options from stink bombs to firecrackers
  • Pranks get more elaborate and thrilling as you advance in the game
  • Combining items together lets you devise creative combos for maximum pranking chaos!

Challenging Puzzles

  • Each level features mini-games and puzzles to solve
  • This includes finding hidden objects, cracking codes, completing mazes, pattern-matching, and more
  • Puzzles unlock secret areas and items needed to prank the Scary Teacher

Constant Updates

  • The game is frequently updated with new levels, pranks, customization, events, and content
  • Keeps the gameplay feeling fresh with exciting additions
  • Special holiday-themed updates add a fun seasonal flair

With all these cool features, it’s easy to understand why Scary Teacher 3D is so popular and fun to play for kids and adults alike. The pranking adventures never get old!

Scary Teacher 3D 2

Tips and Strategies

Here are some useful tips and strategies to dominate Scary Teacher 3D:

  • Search everywhere – Make sure to thoroughly search every desk, closet, room etc. Items are often cleverly hidden. Leave no stone unturned!
  • Avoid the Scary Teacher’s line of sight – Stay out of sight as much as possible to avoid getting caught. Hide in closets or use objects as cover.
  • Use distractions – Place items to distract the Scary Teacher and lure her away from your pranking locations.
  • Take your time – Don’t rush. Carefully explore and look for useful pranking items. Slow and steady pranks the Scary Teacher best!
  • Combine items – See which items can be mixed together to create a super prank. Like spiders and a bucket or stink bombs and a fan!
  • Solve puzzles – Crack all the codes and puzzles you find to uncover secret areas with important items.
  • Upgrade your character – Collect all the customization items to make your character stronger and better at pranking.
  • Enable turbo mode – Turn on turbo mode in settings to move and prank faster if you want more of a challenge!

Using these tips will help you prank the Scary Teacher with maximum efficiency and become the ultimate pranking master!

Scary Teacher 3D 4

Final Thoughts

Scary Teacher 3D delivers a spooky and surprisingly addictive mobile gaming experience that’s perfect for pranksters young and old alike. With dynamic 3D environments, thrilling pranks to unleash, challenging puzzles, and customizable characters – there’s something for everyone in this hit game.

Plus, with constant content updates and additions, the mischief never ends! So if you’re looking for a fun casual game to play during breaks or pass the time, you can’t go wrong with Scary Teacher 3D. Just be ready for jump scares and laughs as you prank your way to victory against the creepy Scary Teacher.

So grab some spiders in a can and stink bombs, and let the pranking begin! But keep an eye out for the Scary Teacher, or you might just get detention!

Have you played Scary Teacher 3D? What are your favorite pranks and features? Let us know in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scary Teacher 3D available on iOS and Android?

Yes, Scary Teacher 3D is available as a free download on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store. The game is compatible with most modern smartphones and tablets.

Does it require an internet connection to play?

No, Scary Teacher 3D can be played completely offline once downloaded. No internet connection required.

Is the game safe for kids to play?

Scary Teacher 3D is rated 9+ on the app stores, so it’s generally suitable for ages 9 and up. Of course, parental discretion is still advised. There are no explicit images or content.

How many levels are there?

Currently there are over 144 levels and counting! New levels are added regularly in game updates bringing new environments, pranks, puzzles, and challenges.

Is there a way to recover progress if I switch devices?

Yes, the game can sync your progress to the cloud. So logging into the same account will load your saves on a new device.

Can I play Scary Teacher 3D on a PC?

Officially the game is only available on mobile iOS and Android platforms. But it is possible to play on a PC using an Android emulator app like BlueStacks.

So that covers the most frequently asked questions! Now you know everything you need about the scary-good fun of Scary Teacher 3D.

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