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Name Melon Playground (Melon Sandbox) Melon Playground (Melon Sandbox) is the most famous version in the Melon Playground (Melon Sandbox) series of publisher modmenu
Publisher modmenu
Genre Simulation
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Version 19.0
Update November 28, 2023
MOD Mega Menu, No ADS
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Welcome to the wacky and unbounded world of Melon! This quirky mobile sandbox game lets you channel your inner creativity to build, explore and have fun in a totally open-ended environment. Grab some snacks and get ready to dive into the limitless possibilities of Melon.

Melon Sandbox

Creating Your Own Fun

The pure open-endedness of Melon is what makes it so special. There are no set goals or objectives here. You’re simply dropped into a blocky 3D world where you can let your imagination run wild.

Some of the zany things you can do in Melon include:

  • Building extraordinary structures block-by-block. Castles, space ships, abstract art – you dream it, you can build it!
  • Exploring the sprawling procedurally generated world via walking, flying, climbing, boating and more. See what surprises the algorithm has conjured up!
  • Interacting with quirky creatures like chickens, cows and sheep.
  • Changing the time of day and weather on a whim.
  • Planting and harvesting various crops.
  • Crafting tools, furniture, armor and other useful items.

The only real goal is to chill out, unwind and let your creative spirit soar!

Melon Sandbox 1

Pure Creation Power

The building capabilities are really where Melon shines. With thousands of blocks and items at your disposal, you can construct elaborate worlds limited only by your imagination.

Everything is fully interactive and editable. If you dream it up, you can build it. And the interface is designed to be simple and intuitive for touchscreens and controllers.

Some of the remarkable creations Melon players have crafted include:

  • Pixel art portraits and landscapes
  • Roller coasters and obstacle courses
  • Aquariums and zoos for wildlife
  • Cities with skyscrapers
  • Replicas of real world landmarks
  • Working calculators and games!

With skill and dedication, you too can let your wildest building dreams become a reality!

Melon Sandbox 2

Multiplayer Madness

Creating solo is tons of fun, but Melon really shines when you join up with friends in multiplayer mode. Online, you can collaborate on huge projects, create fun minigames, and just goof off together.

Some of the ways multiplayer enables you to take things to the next level include:

  • Creating a shared persistent world the group can always come back to.
  • Chatting in real-time and planning your next epic build.
  • Playing capture the flag or other games-within-a-game.
  • Having build competitions and contests with friends.
  • Exploring each other’s creations and collaborating.
  • Setting up servers online for tons of players.

The social aspects give Melon a whole new dimension. You can make new friends from around the world who share your passion for sandbox creation.

Melon Sandbox 5

Why Melon Rules in 2023

With new updates and features continuing to roll out in 2023, now is a great time to give Melon a try. Here’s a quick rundown of why it remains a top sandbox game:

Free Creative Play: No objectives, missions or limits – just unbounded creative potential.

Intuitive Building: Building mechanics designed from the ground up to be fast and fluid in 3D.

Multiplayer: Share your worlds and create with friends for amplified fun.

Cross-platform: Available on most devices – play anywhere!

Developer Support: The devs are very active and constantly improving things.

For unhindered creation and hanging out with friends in a blocky sandbox world, Melon delivers. Your imagination is the limit!

Melon Sandbox 3

Advanced Tips for Melon Mastery

Ready to take your Melon crafting skills to the next level? Here are some pro tips:

Master the Tools

  • Use the selection tool to copy and paste builds rapidly.
  • Change camera modes to suit the task like exploring vs precision building.
  • Utilize symmetry tools to easily create mirrored structures.

Take Flight

  • Unlock the elytra wings to take flight and soar around your world.
  • Pour lava then let it cool for slick glass highways in the sky to fly on.

Automate Actions

  • Set up autonomous villages and systems using animals, machines and redstone routing.
  • Have farms that automatically harvest crops and collect items.

Use Command Blocks

  • Command blocks allow triggering events through text commands.
  • Teleport around the map, change weather, spawn items etc with commands.

Backup Your Worlds

  • Don’t lose your work! Backup worlds to the cloud or external drives regularly.
  • Restore backups to revert unwanted changes or recover lost work.

By mastering Melon’s tools and mechanics, you can create freely, efficiently and on a massive scale. Let your imagination run wild!

Melon Sandbox 4

Frequently Asked Melon Questions

Is Melon completely free?

Yes! The base game is 100% free and does not require any purchases. There are optional cosmetic DLC packs.

What devices can I play Melon on?

It’s available on iOS, Android, Windows, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Cross-platform multiplayer works across most versions.

Is there a story mode or objectives?

Nope! The focus is purely on open-ended creativity and sandbox play rather than quests or a story.

Can I play offline?

You can play fully offline but will only have access to singleplayer worlds. Multiplayer requires an internet connection.

How big can my worlds be?

Worlds are near limitless in size – billions of blocks! World size is mostly constrained by your device’s resources.

Are there hazards like enemies or damage?

In the default mode you’re free to explore and build freely without hazards or dying. But there are optional modes that enable dangers!

How does multiplayer work across devices?

Joining friends’ worlds works across all versions. You can setup a permanent server for access anytime.

So now you’re equipped with the knowledge to unleash your wildest creative aspirations in Melon! Time to start playing, building, exploring and sharing. The only limit is your imagination.

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Update 18.5.2! Added: - Previous Vote winner: Vacuum Cleaner! - New Item: Contraption Spawner! - Added heavy objects interactions shakes! (can be disabled in options) Fixed: - Minor fixes for Ranger, Vacuum Cleaner and Pins - Stability and Performance improvements

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