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Join the struggle to survive and rebuild in the post-apocalypse with Survival Point, an addictive zombie survival game for mobile. Scavenge supplies, build shelters, craft weapons and form communities while fighting off relentless undead. This deep dive will cover the key gameplay elements that make surviving the zombie hordes so engaging. We’ll also showcase must-have mods like mega menu and unlimited money that enhance the experience.

Zombie Games Survival Point

Introduction to Survival Point

Survival Point drops you into a devastated open world overrun with zombies after a viral outbreak. As one of the few immune survivors, you must carefully scavenge gear to fight off undead while establishing safe settlements.

Key Game Features:

  • Huge open world maps to explore
  • Base building to create settlements
  • Variety of realistic firearms
  • Crafting system to make weapons, medicine and tools
  • Stealth and action gameplay
  • NPC community management
  • Day/night cycle impacts difficulty
  • Progression from survivor to community leader
  • Constant updates with new content

Let’s examine what makes surviving the zombie apocalypse in Survival Point so thrilling yet challenging.

In-Depth Crafting and Building Gameplay

Like most survival games, crafting and building up a home base are core gameplay loops. At first, you’re dependent on finding weapons and supplies from abandoned buildings. But through expanding crafting, you can create your own gear to thrive:

Weapons: Guns, grenades, pipe bombs, molotovs, bows, melee tools like bats and machetes

Medicine: Bandages, medkits, pills, first aid kits

Tools: Lockpicks, shovels, grappling hooks, car jacks

Base Items: Walls, fences, traps, furniture, sleeping bags

Specialized crafting stations allow you to craft higher tier items once added to a base. Thecrafting combined with looting towns gives a great risk vs reward loop of gathering materials while avoiding zombies.

Exciting Action-Stealth Zombie Combat

Battling the zombie hordes is frantic and tactical. With limited ammo and durability, you must carefully pick engagements. You have options like:

  • Stealth kills from behind to conserve ammo and avoid noise
  • Hit and run attacks to kite zombies and minimize damage
  • Sniping from rooftops or towers
  • Traps and explosives as crowd control devices
  • All out assault once you have armor and heavy firepower

Watching your back while looting as zombies could approach from anywhere keeps you on edge. Overall the combat balances action with cautious strategy.

Special zombie types like heavily-armored riot gear zombies also mix things up, requiring new tactics. The undead are a constant threat that make venturing out risky.

Zombie Games Survival Point 3

Community Management and Base Building

Once you establish a secure base, you can begin rescuing survivors and building communities. You must keep members content by:

  • Providing food, water, medicine and amenities
  • Constructing lodging facilities and defenses
  • Recruiting specialists like doctors and soldiers
  • Managing resources and rationing supplies
  • Going on missions to aid members

As communities grow in population, you expand into larger settlements with new structures and facilities. Unlocking advanced farms, laboratories, solar arrays and more requires lots of resources to find. The community mechanics add deeper long-term progression.

Vast Open World to Explore

Survival Point sets you down in a massive 12×12 km open world map comprising forests, small towns, industrial zones and cities. Whether on foot or in vehicles, traversing the post-apocalyptic landscape scavenging supplies is engrossing.

There are countless buildings and structures to comb through, but also dangerous zombies and environmental hazards like radioactive zones. Endless secrets and resources await discovery in the nooks and crannies of the vast map, giving tons of incentive to explore.

Zombie Games Survival Point 1

Mega Menu & Money MODs

Let’s look at how the mega menu and unlimited money mods can enhance the Survival Point experience:

๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ Complete Map Visibility

The mega menu fully reveals the entire map, including areas meant to be unlocked later. Freely plan where to scavenge and build next.

๐Ÿ˜๏ธ Spawn Structures

Instantly spawn any base structure like walls, traps and production buildings with the mega menu. Skip the resource grind.

๐Ÿ’ธ Unlimited Money

Money allows you to trade resources, recruit survivors and improve facilities. Enjoy unlimited wealth instead of careful rationing.

๐ŸงŸโ€โ™‚๏ธ Adjust Zombie Spawns

Use the menu to tweak zombie population size and respawn rates. Make it easier or crank up the challenge.

๐Ÿš Vehicle Spawns

Spawn vehicles like helicopters and armored trucks to expedite travel and looting trips.

With these enhancements, Survival Point becomes far more customizable and sandboxy. Build the ultimate zombie survival utopia!

Zombie Games Survival Point 2

Beginner Tips and Tricks

Here are some key tips for new players getting started in Survival Point:

5 Essential Beginner Tips

  1. Sneak and use distractions to avoid zombie hordes at first.
  2. Only fire guns as a last resort since noise attracts more.
  3. Have bandages, food and water before venturing far.
  4. Focus on vital tools like lockpicks and backpacks early.
  5. Slowly clear and secure a building to serve as your first base.

Best Early Game Weapons

  • Crowbar for stealth kills
  • Bow and arrow for silent ranged attacks
  • Pipe bombs to clear groups
  • Molotovs for area denial

Top Priority Crafting Recipes

  • First aid kits
  • Lockpicks
  • Cooking pot
  • Water collector
  • Spiked walls
Zombie Games Survival Point 4

Surviving the Apocalypse in Style

Survival Point offers a frighteningly deep zombie survival simulator for mobile with many ways to scratch your apocalyptic itch. Securing basic needs, exploring abandoned cities, managing communities and battling undead combine for tense yet rewarding gameplay. With mega menu and money mods, tailor the experience and build your zombie-proof utopia. If you crave living through a zombie outbreak, Survival Point has you covered better than most. Stay safe out there survivor!

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