1945 Air Forces APK v12.72 (MOD, Money, Fuel, VIP, One Hit)
1945 Air Forces APK v12.72 (MOD, Money, Fuel, VIP, One Hit)

1945 Air Forces APK v12.72 (MOD, Money, Fuel, VIP, One Hit)

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Name 1945 Air Forces
Publisher 1SOFT
Genre Arcade
Size 154 MB
Version 12.72
MOD Money, Fuel, VIP, One Hit
Get it On Google Play
1945 Air Forces is the most famous version in the 1945 Air Forces series of publisher 1SOFT
Mod Version 12.72
Total installs 100,000,000+

1945 Air Force throws you into the cockpit for epic aerial battles set in WWII. This classic airplane shooter game will have you blasting enemies out of the sky as you pilot iconic fighter planes like the P-38 Lightning and Supermarine Spitfire. With simple pick-up-and-play controls, non-stop action, and engaging gameplay, it offers an enjoyable dose of aviation action!

1945 Air Force Airplane Games

Taking Flight in 1945 Air Force

As soon as you boot up 1945 Air Force, you’ll feel the need for speed. This airplane game wastes no time throwing you into the heat of battle against swarms of enemy fighters and bombers.

The controls are gracefully simple – use the on-screen buttons or tilt controls to maneuver your plane, unleash guns and missiles with tap attacks, and activate power-ups like shields and health injectors. Between the intuitive controls and smooth graphics, it won’t take long before you’re executing barrel rolls and lining up enemies in your sights.

Facing the Fury of Aerial Combat

Once you take to the skies, 1945 Air Force bombards you with relentless waves of enemies. Japanese Zeros, German BF-109s, and other Axis planes constantly swarm the screen in numbers reaching dozens at a time. Fire comes at you from all directions in chaotic furballs. It’s an exhilarating test of flying and shooting skills!

“The sheer intensity of the air combat in this game takes my breath away!”

To survive these aerial onslaughts, you’ll need to put your flying abilities to work. Barrel rolls, loops, and other aerobatic moves are essential for dodging heavy fire. Upgrades like wingmen drones provide extra protection too. And when bullets start flying, fight back with guns, missiles, and smart bombs to blast enemies into smoking debris!

Unlocking Legendary WWII Warbirds

1945 Air Force starts you off piloting solid planes like the P-38 Lightning and F6F Hellcat. But as you rack up kills and complete missions, you’ll unlock new flyable WWII fighter planes. Each has its own strengths that add variety to the gameplay.

Some highlights include:

  • Supermarine Spitfire: Agile British interceptor effective for dogfighting
  • P-51 Mustang: Powerful long-range American fighter bomber
  • Fw 190: Rugged German heavy fighter that packs a knockout punch
  • P-47 Thunderbolt: Iconic American juggernaut with beastly firepower

Acquiring these new planes and upgrading their stats opens up new aerial combat tactics and strategies. Ultimately, you can assemble a squadron of legendary warbirds finely tuned to your playstyle!

1945 Air Force Airplane Games 2

Modes of Play Offer Aerial Action

1945 Air Force serves up its flight combat gameplay through different modes that provide engrossing challenges:

Campaign Mode Takes You Through Iconic Battles

Fight your way through over 30 campaign missions taking place at famous battle sites of WWII like Pearl Harbor, Midway, Stalingrad, and Britain. Objective-based scenarios like airfield raids, naval fleet strikes, and aircraft intercepts recreate these pivotal battles.

Campaign mode also drives progression as you earn XP to gain levels and unlock content. The missions scale up in difficulty – and the swarms of enemies thrown your way only intensify! But with grit and skill, you can complete them all and emerge victorious!

Survival Mode Puts Your Flying Abilities to the Ultimate Test

For sheer action, Survival mode is the way to go. Here your objective is simple: survive endless waves of incoming enemies for as long as possible to set a new high score. With each wave, the enemies grow more numerous, aggressive, and destructive. How long can you last against these overwhelming odds?

Survival battles quickly reach visually chaotic levels that will put your situational awareness and multitasking skills to the test! This white-knuckle mode offers adrenaline-fueled fun while also helping boost your abilities for campaign battles.

Customization & Progression Systems Add Depth

Beyond the core shooting action, 1945 Air Force incorporates underlying RPG elements that reward playtime and add depth:

  • Plane upgrades – Spend currency earned in battles to upgrade specs like armor, speed, critical hit chance
  • Pilot levels – Gain XP as you play to reach higher ranks, unlocking new planes, weapons, skills etc.
  • Achievements – Challenges and milestones award medals and bonuses to pursue
  • Squadmates – Collect wingmen with unique special abilities to assist you in combat

Completing all the upgrades, achievements, squadmate collections etc. offers engaging long-term goals that keep the gameplay feeling fresh. And reaching higher pilot ranks opens up new strategic possibilities!

Visuals & Sound Design Enhance the WWII Atmosphere

1945 Air Force does an excellent job capturing the sights and sounds of WWII aerial warfare:

  • Planes & combat effects: Iconic fighter planes rendered sharply down to details like rivets and nose art. Battle visuals like tracer rounds, missile smoke trails, drifting parachutes, and fiery explosions heighten the action.
  • Battleground backdrops: Combat zones encompass land, sea and sites like Pearl Harbor, Midway, Hiroshima, Britain, and Germany. Environments embellished with details like naval fleets, flak fire, searchlights etc.
  • Sound design: Engine hums, machine gun chatter, explosions, air raid sirens and other audio effectively evokes the WWII air combat vibe.

The polish evident in every aspect of the presentation further elevates the immersiveness of this aviation gaming classic!

1945 Air Force Airplane Games 1

Tips & Strategies To Dominate the Skies

Here are some key tips and strategies to help you take your skills to the next level in 1945 Air Force:

  • Master flight maneuvers – Barrel rolls, loops etc. are essential defensive moves. Bind them to on-screen buttons for quick use.
  • Upgrade offense first – Boost weapon efficiency to take down enemies faster. Firepower is life!
  • Equip wingmen drones – They draw enemy fire and provide extra protection. Keep them upgraded too!
  • Target bomber squadrons first – In campaign missions, focus fire to take out high-threat bomber groups ASAP.
  • Activate skills at opportune times – Skills like Radar Scrambler and Bullet Time offer huge advantages when used properly.
  • Fine-tune your warbird lineup – Assemble a squad that aligns with your playstyle for optimal performance.

FAQs About 1945 Air Force

Is 1945 Air Force free to play?

Yes! The base game is free to download and play.

What devices is the game available on?

1945 Air Force can be played on Android smartphones and tablets. Your device will need to meet minimum specs for smooth performance.

Is there multiplayer or online play?

No, 1945 Air Force is a single player game focused on offline campaign and survival modes. No internet connection is required.

Are there any pay-to-win elements?

No. While in-app purchases can shortcut progression, skill matters most. All content can be unlocked for free over time by playing well. No purchases are necessary to compete at the highest levels. Also, with the premium version here, the content will be unlocked.

So strap into the cockpit and take to the skies with 1945 Air Force! This classic arcade shooter delivers fast-paced aerial combat and nonstop WWII action at its finest. Clear for takeoff!

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