Hungry Shark World APK v5.5.6 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Hungry Shark World APK v5.5.6 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Hungry Shark World APK v5.5.6 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

You will enjoy the game to the fullest with Hungry Shark World premium apk. This version allows you to have unlimited money.

Name Hungry Shark World
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Genre Arcade
Size 139 MB
Version 5.5.6
MOD Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Hungry Shark World is the most famous version in the Hungry Shark World series of publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Mod Version 5.5.6
Total installs 100,000,000+

Forget tiny goldfish – in Hungry Shark World, you control razor-toothed leviathans with bottomless bellies. This over-the-top mobile game lets you torpedo through the ocean devouring everything in your path across a diverse aquatic world. With its simple one-touch controls combined with deep progression systems, it’s addictively easy to get hooked on the gameplay loop of endless eating and evolution.

Hungry Shark World

The Core Gameplay Loop – Eat, Survive, Grow

The goal in Hungry Shark World is straightforward enough even a Great White could understand it – eat as much as possible without dying. This creates an intoxicating risk vs reward gameplay flow. The bigger the meal, the more rewarding…but also more dangerous.

Eat Everything In Sight

As an apex predator, virtually no sea creature is safe from your jaws. Wolffish? Tasty snack. Penguins? Crunchy fingertips. Old tires? Hey, sharks have an iron stomach.

Some of the more daring gastric challenges:

  • Entire schools of fish
  • Other sharks
  • Motile jellyfish
  • Clams and crabs

You can pull off ambush attacks by charging your boost then torpedoing into target zones. Bash enough hapless creatures this way and you’ll trigger Gold Rush mode granting bonus coins and point multipliers.

Surviving Isn’t So Simple

Alas, the oceans are full of threats ready to make you their next meal. Larger sharks, underwater mines, giant squids, toothy whales, and more all spell trouble.

You’ll need to balance risk vs reward, knowing when to attack schools of fish versus fleeing deadly foes. Dodge too slow or bite off more than you can chew and…boom! One shark blown to chum.

Evolving Into An Alpha

Each play session earns you coins and gems to unlock new shark species and evolutions. Before long, you can evolve from a small Reef Shark to truly massive titans like the Megalodon or Big Daddy toppling skyscrapers in vibrant cities!

More evolution examples:

  • Bio-electric Sharks that zap enemies
  • Ice Sharks that freeze the waters
  • Pyro Sharks that blast fire

Upgrades expand your capabilities while larger sizes make you an even more formidable predator. But they also inflate costs making progression satisfyingly challenging!

Hungry Shark World 1

Exploring Diverse Environments

Starting as a new shark, you’re limited to a single starter area. But as your evolution unlocks more robust species, you can access additional regions on the world map with unique hazards and feeding opportunities.

Tropical Paradise

Salt water, powder sand beaches, refreshing coconuts drinks…and schools of barracuda! This island environment strikes the perfect balance between tranquility and danger for rookie sharks.

Arctic Floes

Navigating icy tunnels inside frozen glaciers offers both claustrophobic tension and hidden alcoves full of seals. Just watch for shuddering cracks warning of collapsing walls!

Sunken City

These long lost cities swallowed by the sea create haunting graveyards to explore while offering ample ambush potential. Just beware of gargantuan boss squids that spawn in crumbling high rises!

Volcanic Zones

Boiling geysers and bubbling lava flows populate this harsh environment, damaging your health. But risks bring rewards in the form of rare golden fish only found thriving around thermal vent cracks.

Revive this long-extinct dinosaur as a cyborg killing machine and access dangerous time travel portals! Nothing is off the menu plowing through history.

Hungry Shark World 2

Satisfying Moment-to-Moment Gameplay

Simple one-touch controls belie surprising depth thanks to physics systems bringing weight to moment-to-moment actions. Gliding through the seas, breaching waves, and hip-checking obstacles all feel viscerally satisfying.

Streamlined Touch Controls

Tapping the screen simply propels your shark in that direction. No complex virtual joysticks or buttons to fiddle with. This allows focusing on split-second maneuvering and targeting.

Crash Physics Creates Chaos

Slamming through objects like ships, stone columns, and tunnels feels appropriately devastating thanks to dynamic physics. Debris goes flying with screenshake and sound effects amping up the excitement.

Camera Work Heightens Drama

A smartly directed camera knows when to frame the dorsal fin homing in on a doomed creature or pull back revealing just how mammoth your shark has become. Dangerous boss battles get zoomed out views emphasizing scale.

Hungry Shark World 3

Master Missions For Rewards

While aimlessly eating everything provides simple enjoyment, completing Daily Missions and longer-term Hunts brings nice rewards bonuses. These story-like challenges give gameplay more purpose, often with humorous premises.

Some example mission scenarios:

  • Blobfish wants you to destroy a nearby castle to avenge his goldfish cousins killed for eating (how oddly specific…)
  • Scrappy the Seal Pup needs help roughing up local bullies for teasing him
  • The Ghost of Sparticus tasks you with destroying Roman shipwrecks as symbolic revenge
  • A sushi chef is hunting you! Teach him to respect sharks before he turns you into a Bento Box.

Story and upgrade progression unlocks at brisk pace encouraging marathon playing sessions as you continually evolve seeking deadlier seas.

Just when it seems like you’ve conquered every challenge, the game surprises with new boss enemies, environments, and customization gear to discover on your quest to become the ultimate apex predator across all oceans and eras!

Hungry Shark World 4


What are Gems used for?

Gems are premium currency allowing instant unlocks of new sharks, power-ups, customization items and more without grinding as much. But gems are optional – everything can be unlocked normally through gameplay over time. With this version, you will already have unlimited money.

Are there sworn enemies I should avoid?

Yes, beware advanced enemies like the Mega Mine and the Abyssal Lord early on. Flee until you evolve enough to challenge them!

Should I focus on completing missions?

Absolutely! Missions provide useful rewards and structure while teaching you combat nuances you might overlook otherwise.

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