Brawl King APK v0.30.19 (MOD, Unlimited All Resources)
Brawl King APK v0.30.19 (MOD, Unlimited All Resources)

Brawl King APK v0.30.19 (MOD, Unlimited All Resources)

Brawl King Premium APK allows you to have Unlimited All Resources. You can immediately make power-ups and upgrades.

Name Brawl King
Publisher HeroCraft Ltd.
Genre Action
Size 162.78 MB
Version 0.30.19
MOD Unlimited All Resources
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Brawl King is the most famous version in the Brawl King series of publisher HeroCraft Ltd.
Mod Version 0.30.19
  • Unlimited Gems | Gold
  • Unlimited Energy | Mithril
  • Unlimited Iron | Obsidian
  • Unlimited Orbs Upgrades

Brawl King is an exciting multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that has taken the mobile gaming world by storm. With its fast-paced 3v3 matches, unique and powerful heroes, and real-time PvP gameplay, it’s easy to see why Brawl King has become so incredibly popular.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at what makes Brawl King’s gameplay so addictive and fun. We’ll cover everything you need to know about battles, heroes, abilities, items, strategy, and more. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the ropes or a seasoned player seeking tips to up your game, this guide has you covered. Time to brawl!

Brawl King

An Overview of Battles

Brawl King matches take place in the arena – a symmetrical map divided into two halves. Each half belongs to a team, and features turrets that automatically attack enemies. The goal is to push into the enemy territory, destroy their turrets and base, while protecting your own.

Teams consist of three players who each control a powerful hero. Matches last around 5-7 minutes, and the first team to destroy the enemy’s base wins! Heroes respawn after death, so you get right back into the action.

Here are some key things to know about how matches play out:

  • Lanes: The arena has three lanes that heroes can use to advance. The top, middle, and bottom lanes each have their own turrets to destroy.
  • Jungle: The spaces between lanes are filled with a jungle area containing buffs and camps. Defeating jungle creeps grants gold, XP, and buffs for your team.
  • 5v5 Teamfights: The most intense and crucial moments happen when teams group up and battle 5v5 over objectives. Proper engagement and disengage can make or break a match!
  • Pushing & Farming: Good players find the balance between pushing lanes and farming jungle. You need minion waves to assault turrets, but jungle camps grant XP/gold gains.
  • Objectives: Special objectives like the Abyss Demon and Element Crystals provide major buffs for your team. Map control is vital for securing these objectives.

Now let’s take a closer look at the heroes themselves, and what makes them so unique!

Brawl King Techniques

Heroes & Abilities

The Heroes are at the heart of what makes Brawl King so fun to play. With a roster of over 50+ Champions and new additions with every update, you’ll find an incredibly diverse set of playstyles and abilities to master.

Heroes are broken down into broad categories that define their role:

  • Assassins: Flank enemies and quickly finish off vulnerable targets. Extreme burst damage.
  • Mages: Deal heavy damage from range, but are squishier. Crowd control and AoE abilities.
  • Marksmen: Continuous ranged damage dealers. High DPS and attack speed.
  • Tanks: Soak up damage and disrupt enemies. Initiate fights and peel for allies.
  • Supports: Heal, shield, and empower teammates. Play protectively and enable allies.

Let’s spotlight a few unique heroes and their abilities:


As a powerful Support hero, Estes excels at healing teammates and keeping them alive. His abilities include:

  • Moonlight Heal: Restore a large amount of HP to allies within range. Heal amount scales with magic power.
  • Sacred Light: Grant a shield to an ally and boost their movement speed. Great for disengaging fights.
  • Light of Retribution: Deal AoE magic damage to enemies within range. Also slows enemies.

With well-timed heals and shields, Estes enables his team to win drawn-out battles of attrition and sustain fights around objectives.


A high skill cap Assassin, Ling utilizes extreme mobility to tear apart unprepared enemies. His abilities include:

  • Tempest Dance: Dash up to 7 times while dealing AoE damage. Ling becomes untargetable while dashing.
  • Soul Link: Tether to an enemy Hero, dealing damage over time while boosting Ling’s own defenses.
  • ** Final Blow:** After dashing, Ling’s next basic attack becomes a powerful execute that deals bonus damage based on missing HP.

A skilled Ling is a terror who chases down kills with high burst damage after dashing around teamfights. But he is very vulnerable when his abilities are on cooldown.


As a Tank, Tigreal specializes in disrupting enemies and peeling for allies with crowd control. His abilities are:

  • Attack Wave: Launch a wave of energy that deals damage and slows enemies hit.
  • Fearless: Charge at an enemy, stunning and dragging them back. Displace enemies.
  • Ultimate: Knocks nearby enemies airborne for 1.5s seconds. Set up combos.

Tigreal dictates the flow of teamfights via heavy CC from his tanky frontline position. Enemies have to respect his potential to displace them out of position, zoning them away.

There are so many more unique and powerful heroes on the roster with diverse styles and abilities. Experiment to find your favorites!

Brawl King Upgrade
Brawl King 1

Items & Strategy

Now let’s discuss how you can leverage items, strategy, and teamwork to empower your hero and achieve victory.

A key dynamic of Brawl King is collecting gold from minions and jungle creeps, then shopping to purchase items that complement your hero’s playstyle. Here are some essential items to know:

  • Hunter’s Knife/ Healing Necklace: Starting jungle items that provide sustain.
  • Rapid Boots: Boost movement speed to roam faster.
  • Endless Battle: Grants cooldown reduction, damage, and true damage burn. Core damage item.
  • Athena’s Shield: Magic defense and shield against burst damage.
  • Immortality: Revive again after dying once per teamfight.

Build paths vary based on hero role, enemies faced, and personal preference. Building the right items enhances your strengths and counters enemies.

In terms of strategy, here are some tips to win more matches:

  • Map Awareness: Constantly glance at mini-map to spot missing enemies and avoid ganks.
  • Focus Objectives: Track monster spawn timers. Set up vision and control around major objectives like the Abyss Demon before fights break out.
  • Play Your Role: Understand your hero’s role on the team. Tanks initiate, Mages deal damage, Supports enable allies.
  • Counter Build: If enemies buy magic defense, shift your damage build to more physical items. Adapt on the fly.
  • Press Advantages: After winning a teamfight, quickly push turrets, take jungle camps, or secure objectives before enemies respawn.

Proper teamwork is also required to fully utilize hero compositions and dominate teamfights. Here are some teamwork fundamentals:

  • Communication: Use pings and chat to call targets, request help, warn allies, and shotcall objectives.
  • Combos: Chain your team’s abilities together, like Tigreal’s ult into a Mage’s AoE damage. Follow up on engage and crowd control.
  • Peeling: Protect your damage dealers if enemies dive them. Use stuns, slows, shields, and body blocks to allow carries to deal damage safely.

Mastering team strategy and coordination leads to fluid teamfights and success.

Game Modes

Beyond the main 5v5 matches, Brawl King features other fun game modes that provide variety and enjoyment:

Brawl Ball

This 3v3 mode features a central goal in mid lane. Score points against the enemy team by shooting the ball into their goal! Games are faster paced with a coin toss for first ball possession.

Boss Hunt

A PvE mode focused on defeating as many waves of monsters as possible with your team. Defeat various bosses that require strategy and coordination to take down. Survive for high scores!

Bounty Hunt

A battle royale style mode where up to 10 players compete to collect stars around the map and become the last hero standing. Earn stars from kills and explore for power-ups.

Mirror Battle

Draft the same set of heroes as your opponent and battle using mirrored comps! Unique picks and outplays determine the winner. Mind games during draft are clutch.

The variety of Brawl King’s modes ensures endless exciting matchups and ways to compete.

MOD Overview

Now that we’ve covered the core gameplay, it’s time to discuss the incredible MOD version that takes the experience to another level.

Brawl King MOD unlocks unlimited diamonds, battle points, skins, and more with just a simple install. Here are all the amazing benefits:

  • Unlimited Diamonds & Battle Points: Endless premium currencies let you unlock all heroes, skins, and upgrades without grinding or paying.
  • All Heroes Unlocked: Gain immediate access to the entire hero roster and their abilities. Great for testing options.
  • All Skins Available: Customize your mains with all their coolest cosmetics. Stand out in style.
  • Fast Leveling: Quickly reach max account level to unlock ranked play and other features.
  • Ad-Free: No annoying intrusive ads during matches or menus. Pure uninterrupted gameplay.
  • Free Shop Refreshes: Refresh item shop as much as you want to reroll for the gear you need.

For any lover of Brawl King, the MOD takes the experience to the next level. All the best heroes and skins at your fingertips plus unlimited resources to learn and dominate matches!

Brawl King Boss

Is the MOD Version Safe to Use?

A common concern surrounding many game mods is whether or not they are safe to install and use. We completely understand this apprehension.

Rest assured, the Brawl King MOD is 100% safe thanks to these security measures:

  • Encrypted Connection: All downloads are secured via HTTPS encryption to protect user data.
  • No APK Modification: The core game files are untouched. Only memory interactions are modified for currency changes.
  • Virus-Free: Every mod file is scanned thoroughly for potential malware or viruses before release to ensure complete safety.
  • Private Servers: The mod utilizes a custom redirect to private servers so your account remains protected.
  • Regular Scanning: Developers constantly monitor for any new potential threats and quickly patch if any issue arises.

You can install and enjoy the Brawl King MOD without worries. We take every precaution to verify safe practices for our users. Play with total peace of mind!

How To Download and Install the MOD

Ready to unlock unlimited diamonds and battle points? Let’s look at how to easily download and install the MOD file on both Android and iOS devices:

Android Installation

  1. Use the link below to download the latest Brawl King MOD APK file.
  2. Enable “Install from unknown source” in your Android settings if prompted. This allows installation of apps outside the Google Play Store.
  3. Open the downloaded MOD APK file and tap Install. Accept any permission pop-ups.
  4. After the installation completes, open Brawl King MOD! Enjoy unlimited resources and full unlocked heroes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this mod available on Android & iOS?

Yes! The mod works flawlessly on both Android and iOS devices. We provide download links and installation instructions for both platforms.

Do I need to root my device?

Rooting or jailbreaking your device is not necessary at all. The mod works smoothly without any root required.

How soon after release is the MOD updated?

We make it a top priority to promptly update the MOD as soon as any new Brawl King update is released. You get immediate access to latest features.

Do I lose my existing account progress?

Not at all! The mod is integrated with your current profile so you keep all your unlocked heroes, skins, upgrades and progress intact!

Wrapping Up

That sums up our deep dive into everything that makes Brawl King such an addictively fun MOBA. We covered heroes, abilities, strategy, teamwork, modes, and the insanely powerful MOD version with unlimited diamonds and battle points.

Now you have all the knowledge needed to start dominating matches! Hop into the arena, assemble an unstoppable team comp, and climb the tiers with enhanced skills and unlocked potential. Just remember to have fun while brawling it out! Good luck, and see you in Brawl King!

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