City Island 5 APK v4.7.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Gold)
City Island 5 APK v4.7.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Gold)

City Island 5 APK v4.7.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Gold)

You can get Unlimited Money, Gold with City Island 5 Premium APK. so you can do all the upgrades immediately and level up your city instantly.

Name City Island 5 - Building Sim
Publisher Sparkling Society - Build Town City Building Games
Genre Simulation
Size 111.55 MB
Version 4.7.0
MOD Unlimited Money
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City Island 5 - Building Sim is the most famous version in the City Island 5 - Building Sim series of publisher Sparkling Society - Build Town City Building Games
Mod Version 4.7.0
Total installs n/a

  1. Unlimited Cash
  2. Unlimited Gold

Note: increase when spent!

Tired of the hustle and bustle of urban life? Escape to a tropical paradise and build your own City Island! City Island 5 is the latest entry in Sparkling Society’s popular city-building simulation franchise for mobile. This relaxing game lets you construct an island utopia filled with houses, shops, and decorations.

With bright and cartoony graphics, chill gameplay, and plenty of buildings to unlock, City Island 5 makes urban development fun and easy. Let’s dive into the key gameplay elements that make this a great casual game to unwind with on Android or iOS. Plus, we’ll cover some must-have MODs to really enhance the experience!

City Island 5 1

An Introduction to City Island 5

City Island 5 is a free-to-play mobile city builder game for Android and iOS devices.

The gameplay involves developing an island from a small campsite into a sprawling city filled with residential zones, shops, decorations and more. Players assume the role of mayor placing buildings, collecting taxes, keeping citizens happy, and expanding to neighboring islands.

With its relaxed pace and tropical setting, City Island 5 is perfect for casual gamers to enjoy short play sessions while gradually growing an island paradise. The vibrant art and sound effects create a soothing atmosphere.

Key Gameplay Features

Some main features that define the City Island experience include:

  • Building residential, commercial, and special buildings
  • Collecting supplies like wood, sand, and stone
  • Earning coins from taxes to build more
  • Placement and management mechanics
  • Unlocking new buildings and islands
  • Relaxing tropical music and scenery
  • Family-friendly theme and content

The inviting gameplay makes City Island 5 a great way to exercise your inner urban planner and destress! Now let’s jump into building up these islands.

City Island 5 Apk

Starting Your City Island

When first launching City Island 5, you’ll watch a short intro video explaining the premise – you’ve been appointed mayor and granted funds to start developing an island!

After naming your island, you’ll find yourself looking at a small clearing with a few starting buildings like housing and a dock. By tapping the screen, you can zoom and pan around the island.

Starting Buildings and Resources

To start, you have:

  • Houses – Basic residential buildings to house new citizens who will pay taxes.
  • Woodcutters – Chop down trees for wood building resources.
  • Quarry – Mine stone material from quarries.
  • Warehouse – Storage for collected resources like wood, stone, saplings, tools, and food.


As you place more houses, new randomly generated citizens will move to your island. They’ll have profile pictures and names. Keep them happy by providing jobs and entertainment!

Goals and Tasks

On the side, your city goals are tracked. These give objectives like build X number of houses or earn Y coins in taxes. Completing goals unlocks rewards!

Daily tasks additionally give things like collecting resources or constructing specific building types. Finishing these grants bonus resources.

With the basics in place, you’re ready to start developing!

City Island 5 Customize

Core Gameplay Loop and Progression

City Island 5 settles into a satisfying loop of collecting resources, building new structures, earning money, unlocking items, and expanding to new islands.

Collecting Resources

Resources like wood, stone, saplings, and tools are needed to construct buildings. Tap warehouse stockpiles, resource buildings, or production buildings to collect materials every few minutes.

Building Construction

Browse the build menu to see available residential, commercial, and special buildings you can place. Each has a cost in specific resources. Tap and drag to place them on the island.

Earning Money

Residential buildings will periodically generate tax money depending on their population and upgrades. Collect this from each house as it accumulates.

Unlocking New Items

Use money to unlock new decorative items, buildings, and island expansions from the build menu. Progression gives you cooler stuff to populate your islands with!

Expanding and Beautifying

Purchase new adjacent islands as they become available. Each island has more space to support a growing population. Tailor each with different buildings, themes, and decor.

As you earn more resources and money, you can build faster and embellish your islands with decorations, plants, landmarks, and more. There’s always something new around the corner to discover and use for your islands.

It’s a rewarding loop that lets you flex your creative muscles to design your ideal island paradise!

City Island 5 Play

Residential, Commercial, and Special Buildings

The core gameplay revolves around placing three main types of buildings on your islands and keeping them prosperous. Let’s take a closer look at each category.

Residential Buildings

Houses provide housing for citizens who will pay taxes. There are various house sizes and styles from suburban family homes to beachfront condos and more. Upgrade homes to increase tax income.

Commercial Buildings

These buildings like restaurants, shops, and hotels don’t directly generate taxes, but provide jobs and entertainment to boost nearby residential buildings’ income.

Special Buildings

Unique structures like decorations, community buildings, resource production, and waste services. Examples include parks, landmarks, quarries, recycling, fire/police, farms, sawmills etc. Some provide practical benefits while others are just for aesthetics!

Mixing these three types together to form a balanced productive island is engaging. Keep residents housed, employed, entertained, and resources stocked to thrive. The right combinations generate the most tax revenue. Experiment to find a fun balance!

City Island 5 Upgrade

Customization and Design Elements

Aside from standard construction, City Island 5 provides fun cosmetic ways to make your islands picture perfect. Let your inner interior designer run wild with these design options.

Landscaping and Scenery

Customize the look of your islands by placing pavement styles, dirt paths, bushes, trees, flowers, gardens, statues, benches, and other decorative scenery. Tailor the vibe.

Roads and Transportation

Design road networks connecting your buildings using various straight, curved, and angled road pieces. Add parking lots, garages, bridges, bus stops, and other transit infrastructure.

Theming and Stylizing

Apply optional visual themes that reskin buildings to match aesthetics like Western, Medieval, Winter Holiday, Lunar New Year, and more for customized looks.

Photo Mode

Use the camera tool to take photos of your islands from perfect customizable angles to share on social media or just admire as loading screens.

Take pride making not just functionally prosperous islands but also visually stunning showpieces with these customizations. Mix and match to create your ideal island paradise!

City Island 5

Tips for Thriving Islands

Follow these tips as general guidelines to build efficiently structured islands in City Island 5:

  • Start with houses and resource buildings as foundations.
  • Group similar buildings together in zones.
  • Interconnect buildings with roads for easy access.
  • Provide parks, gardens, and decor to raise surrounding house values.
  • Build entertainment near houses to keep citizens happy.
  • Upgrade structures like warehouses for greater capacity.
  • Larger, dense residential buildings generate more taxes.
  • Leverage special buildings to boost productivity like recycling centers.
  • Beautify with trees, ponds, rocks, paths, and decorations.

Keep adjusting and enhancing your islands. As long as citizens are housed, entertained, and resources stay stocked for building, your city will continue growing!

City Island 5 Achievement

MOD Features (Unlimited Money, Gold)

While the core City Island gameplay is relaxing as is, MODs help speed up the experience and remove waiting if desired. Let’s look at how they can enhance the fun.

Unlimited Money MOD

Money mods provide unlimited coins from the start, removing the need to grind taxes from residential buildings. You can build freely without waiting to save up cash.

Unlimited Gold MOD

Similarly, unlimited gold MODs give endless premium currency for purchasing special premium buildings whenever you want without grinding by completing tasks.

Unlimited Resources

Never worry about running out of wood, stone, tools, or other supplies again. Build nonstop with infinite resources!

Free Shopping

All decorations, buildings, and islands become free to unlock in the build shopping menu, allowing you to use them from the start.

No Waiting Time

Optionally remove all construction timers and resource collection cooldowns for instant building and harvesting. Unlock items immediately too.

MODs make City Island 5 a total sandbox for creatively developing whatever you imagine at your own pace. Or play vanilla for a more balanced experience. The choice is yours!

City Island 5 Tips

Designing Your Ideal Island Paradise in City Island 5

City Island 5 makes it joyfully easy to develop your personalized island utopia brimming with possibilities. With its inviting gameplay, cheery presentation, and unlimited creative potential, this mobile title delivers the perfect casual gaming getaway.

Start small then continually enhance each zone, build up resource production, plop down fun buildings, and expand across islands. Before you know it, you’ll have a thriving tropical metropolis. Become the mayor you want to be!

Just don’t forget to occasionally put down the hammer and smell the roses. Admire those sunsets, collect taxes on the beach, and relish the island life. City Island 5 offers the best of both worlds – engaging construction and relaxing tropical vibes.

So kick back and unwind away the hours developing your ideal island paradise however you see fit! Just don’t blame us if you start hearing steel drums and seagulls after overdoing it. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some volcanic hot tub lounging to get to!

Frequently Asked Questions about City Island 5

How much does City Island 5 cost to play?

City Island 5 is completely free to download and play, with optional in-app purchases for premium buildings, speed-ups, and resources. There are no forced ads or paywalls restricting gameplay.

Does it require internet to play?

No, City Island 5 can be fully played offline after the initial install. No internet connection is needed unless you want to utilize cloud saving.

Is there multiplayer or social features?

Not currently. City Island 5 is primarily a single player experience, though you can visit friends’ islands to exchange resources daily. More social gameplay may come later.

How many islands can you build?

There is no limit! New procedurally generated islands become available to purchase continually as your city grows allowing seemingly endless expansion.

Can you play City Island 5 on PC?

Officially no, but it can be played on PC using Android emulators for Windows and Mac like Bluestacks. There is no native PC version.

Hopefully this overview helps you get started designing the islands of your dreams in City Island 5! Time to get building! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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