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Name Dragon & Elfs Dragon & Elfs is the most famous version in the Dragon & Elfs series of publisher More Chili Studio
Publisher More Chili Studio
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Version 4.1.36
Update November 28, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money
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Dragon & Elfs brings the magical world of mystical creatures to life in this expansive monster collection RPG. As a monster tamer, explore sprawling fantasy realms from misty forests to fiery volcanoes while hunting legendary beasts to add to your catalog. With hundreds of dragons, elves and other mythical monsters to discover and collect, it provides unlimited immersive fun for all monster catching fans.

The addictive gameplay has you constantly exploring new areas, unlocking magical items and challenging strong trainers to expand your roster of enchanted beasts. Tactical turn-based battles require understanding your monsters’ strengths and weaknesses to emerge victorious. The deeper you delve into this magical realm, the more rewarding it gets.

The Dragon & Elfs Mod APK makes the journey smoother by providing unlimited money so you can catch monsters and upgrade abilities faster. Let’s summon some magical monsters and start an unforgettable adventure!

Dragon Elfs

Vast Fantasy World to Explore

Right from the introductory cutscene, Dragon & Elfs impresses with its sprawling fantasy world brimming with personality. Lush green plains, mysterious dark forests, freezing mountain peaks, scorching volcanoes – each zone has a distinct feel amplified by ambient music.

Wandering monsters roam the landscapes just waiting to be challenged and captured. Dynamic weather from gentle rains to violent storms affects the environment and gameplay. The diverse biomes offer much to discover for intrepid explorers.

Some of the realms waiting to be traversed include:

Lucent Forest – Sun-kissed woods inhabited by pixies and sprites.

Vulcan Peaks – Fiery mountains with dragons guarding treasure.

Tundra Valley – Frigid, monster-infested winter lands.

Misty Wetlands – Overgrown swamps shrouded in fog.

Aerist Mountain – Floating islands among azure skies and clouds.

Ancient Dungeons -musty ruins hiding artifacts and bosses.

With so many realms to traverse, each harboring unique monsters, you’ll never run out of places to explore and secrets to uncover in Dragon & Elfs!

Dragon Elfs 1

Hundreds of Magical Monsters to Collect

The heart of any monster catching game lies in the strength of its creatures. Dragon & Elfs delivers wonderfully with over 600 magical beasts spanning dragons, elves, fairies, unicorns and more from mythological lore.

Every monster has beautifully designed 3D models and animations that bring them to life. More impressively, each creature has a fleshed out bio and backstory providing personality. You develop real connections with your monsters on adventures.

Here are some cool mythical monsters you can add to your squad:


Fire-breathing winged reptiles that can incinerate enemies. Different elemental breath attacks.

Examples: Infernus (fire dragon), Stormwing (air dragon), Quake (earth dragon)


Mystical forest humanoids skilled with bows, magic and nature powers.

Examples: Grandalf (wizard elf), Silverleaf (archer elf), Luna (priestess elf)


Tiny winged creatures in tune with the forces of magic. Specialize in spells.

Examples: Luminaria (light fairy), Petalia (nature fairy), Aquaris (water fairy)


Legendary fire birds that resurrect from their own ashes upon death.


Majestic horned horses possessing healing powers and magic.


Hybrids with head, wings and talons of an eagle and body of a lion. Skilled fliers.

With hundreds of unique looks and skills, assembling your dream team of mythical beasts in Dragon & Elfs becomes addictively fun. Let’s look at how we can recruit these monsters.

Dragon Elfs 2

Capturing and Taming Monsters

In your explorations, wandering monsters will randomly appear ready for battle. Engaging them triggers an turn-based battle where you can pit your monsters against the wild creatures.

Defeating monster opponents gives chance to capture them with magical snares. The lower their HP upon capture, the higher success chance. Potions can weaken monsters before throwing balls.

Newly snatched monsters can then be added to your catalog of beasts. Each monster has different stats like Attack, Defense, Speed etc that influence battles. Their Elemental types like Fire, Water, Air also matter for advantages.

With a finite carry capacity, you must choose which monsters to keep active for adventure battles. Swap out your roster as needed to maintain a balanced squad. Hunt stronger rare monsters to breed even more potent hybrid offspring!

Dragon Elfs 3

Thrilling Turn-Based Battles

The turn-based battles are where your monster training abilities and strategy are tested. Key mechanics include:

  • Elements – Fire, Water, Air etc. Create advantages against certain types.
  • Stats – Attack, Defense etc. Influence damage dealt and received.
  • Skills – Unique abilities that deal bonus damage. Have cooldowns.
  • Status Effects – Poison, Frozen, Burn etc hamper opponents.
  • Items – Healing potions, status cures etc. to gain an edge.

Savvy players assemble teams with monsters having complementary strengths and skills. Battles are about using the right attacks and monsters at key moments to win.

The stakes escalate against Intense monster trainers protecting castles. Their tough teams will require your very best roster and tactics to beat for big rewards. Strategic monster team building rewarded.

Role Playing Progression Systems

To fuel constant progression, Dragon & Elfs incorporates some RPG mechanics as you explore further:

  • Quests – Complete story and optional quests for cash and loot.
  • Levels – Your trainer levels up unlocking perks and boosts.
  • Skills – Monsters learn new skills as they gain levels through battle.
  • Currencies – Earn currencies to buy potions, balls, revives etc.
  • Evolution – Fuse monsters to evolve them into more powerful forms.
  • Boss Raids – Coordinate with other real players to defeat epic bosses.
  • PVP Arena – Prove your monster team’s superiority versus others.
  • Alliances – Band together with friends for added benefits and gifts.
  • Limited Events – Special holiday events with themed monsters and rewards.

These features will keep you engaged long term as you push deeper into the mystical realms filled with secrets waiting to be uncovered in Dragon & Elfs!

Dragon Elfs 4

Dragon & Elfs Mod Benefits

While the core gameplay is fun and extensive, monster collecting RPGs rely heavily on grinding and patience. Especially for acquiring rare monsters. This is where the Dragon & Elfs Mod APK comes into play to make your life easier!

It provides the following awesome advantages:

  • Unlimited Money – Buy any items, monsters, supplies you want freely.
  • Max Level Trainer – Unlocks stat-boosting perks and capabilities early.
  • One Hit KOs – Instantly defeat monsters to speed up capturing and battles.
  • High Capture Rates – Easily catch any monsters you encounter or want.
  • Skill Points Boost – Fully train your monsters’ skills faster.
  • Unlimited Energy – Explore maps and dungeons without getting tired.
  • Max Friendliness – Make any monster instantly love you and loyal.

With these boosts, you’ll be able to assemble your dream team of elite mythical monsters effortlessly. Enjoy god mode power benefits!

Dragon Elfs 5

Final Verdict

Dragon & Elfs delivers an immensely expansive world brimming with magical beasts to catch and train as a monster tamer. Hundreds of imaginative creatures with detailed designs and backstories will appeal to fans of monster catching RPGs.

The strategic turn-based battles provide engaging depth that pushes you to build synergistic teams and evolve top-tier monsters. Various progression systems like questing, PvP events and asynchronous raids provide varied content.

The Dragon & Elfs mod takes away the grind inherent in these games, allowing you to cut to the fun part of easily catching and training monsters exactly how you desire with unlimited money and one hit catches. Live your monster taming dreams!

So if a deep Pokemon-like collecting adventure in a fresh fantasy setting appeals, Dragon & Elfs is a must-play. The mod makes it even more irresistible. Capture that dragon today!

Dragon & Elfs Mod APK – FAQs

Is the Dragon & Elfs Mod APK safe to use?

Yes, the mod APK is 100% safe as it is developed by trusted creators and contains no malware.

Will I get banned for using the Dragon & Elfs Mod?

No, you will face no bans as it is designed for single player use only.

How do I install the Dragon & Elfs Mod APK after downloading?

Enable “Unknown Sources”, install the downloaded APK file and you are good to go.

Is antivirus required to use the mod APK?

No antivirus is needed as the mod is completely safe.

Does the mod APK require rooted device?

No, root access is not required. It will work on any standard Android device.

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