Family Town APK v19.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Family Town APK v19.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Family Town APK v19.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

This Family Town Premium APK is free and easy to install, so anyone can enjoy all the benefits of having unlimited money in the game.

Name Family Town
Publisher PlayFlock
Genre Puzzle
Size 162.5 MB
Version 19.0
MOD Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Family Town is the most famous version in the Family Town series of publisher PlayFlock
Mod Version 19.0
Total installs 1,000,000+

If you love interior design, decorating, and customizing your own virtual spaces, then get ready for Family Town: Match-3 Makeover! This unique match-3 puzzler combines all the fun of blast-matching gameplay with the satisfaction of designing and upgrading your dream home.

Get drawn into a captivating story as you help renovate areas around the town by completing match-3 puzzle levels. Earn coins to redecorate and expand your house with thousands of fun decorative items and furniture pieces. Let’s take a look at why this puzzle adventure game is so addictive:

Family Town

Relaxing Match-3 Puzzle Levels

At its core, Family Town offers hundreds of fun match-3 puzzle levels where you switch and match at least 3 adjacent pieces to make them disappear. By combining pieces, you earn stars and coins that are used to progress the story and renovate areas.

The levels start out nice and easy, allowing you to quickly get the hang of switching and matching. As you advance, more complex puzzle elements get introduced like:

  • Obstacle cubes to work around
  • Special power-up pieces
  • Pieces with various goals to clear
  • Objectives like collecting ingredients
  • Timed levels

These additional match-3 elements provide a fresh, exciting challenge with every new area. The puzzles strike a perfect balance between laid-back relaxation and brain-stimulating engagement.

It’s incredibly easy to get sucked into the “just one more level” loop as you master the skills needed to earn 3 stars and complete area goals. And the vibrant, colorful puzzle grids are a feast for the eyes!

Design Your Dream Home

Now here’s where things get really fun – using your match-3 earnings to decorate and expand your own dream home! As you progress through puzzle areas, you’ll unlock new home renovation projects to work on like:

  • Adding rooms and floors
  • Placing furniture and decorations
  • Choosing wallpaper and flooring
  • Creating the yard and gardens
  • Customizing individual family members’ bedrooms
  • And more

With thousands of different furniture pieces, wallpapers, and items to choose from, you have total creative freedom when designing your perfect home. The house customization gameplay loop becomes almost more engaging than the match-3 levels themselves!

You’ll get invested in completing puzzle goals quickly so you can earn coins for that next awesome decoration item or new room blueprint. It becomes incredibly rewarding watching your house evolve from a drab starter home into your customized domestic paradise!

Family Town 1

Adorable Characters and Storyline

While the puzzles and design gameplay are superb in their own right, the narrative adventure tied to home renovations makes progression meaningful.

You play as a young woman who has returned to her childhood town to renovate her old family home after many years away. Along the way, you’ll meet the town’s quirky characters like:

  • Your helpful neighbor
  • The clumsy town clerk
  • The creepy gardener
  • The crazy cat lady
  • And more!

These funny characters will bring laugh-out-loud moments as you help them out with favors and learn their backstories. Special story events where you make key choices also influence your relationships in unexpected ways.

Instead of just a dull series of match-3 levels, you feel part of an immersive world as you restore the house and connect with the town. The charming setting and characters will draw you into this special adventure.

Multiple Game Modes

On top of the main renovation storyline, there are additional gameplay modes that provide a change of pace:

Relax Mode: Play unlimited random match-3 levels just for fun without timers or level goals. Great for practicing skills.

Challenge Mode: Test your skills in blitz match-3 challenges and trials to earn achievement badges.

Mini-Games: Short bonus activities around the town with different gameplay styles besides matching.

These extra modes add variety when you need a break from the main renovation levels, or just want to beat your high scores and win rewards.

Family Town 2

Real-Time Online Competitions

For an extra challenge, you can compete against other players worldwide in ongoing “Renovation Marathons”. These are timed competitions where you try to complete the most renovation levels and earn the highest score on live leaderboards.

Racing against others adds excitement on top of the laid-back match-3 puzzling. And winning events earns you unique decorations to show off!

Customize Your Avatar Too

It’s not just your dream house getting a head-to-toe makeover – you can fully customize your in-game avatar as well! As you progress, earn stylish clothing, hairstyles, facial features and accessories to craft your unique look.

From dazzling party outfits to laid-back casual, the possibilities are endless. This allows you to role-play as your ideal character during this home renovation adventure.

Mod Features – Enjoy Unlimited Money

Now that you’re hooked on the creative fun of customizing your home and avatar, the unlimited money MOD takes it to the next level by providing:

  • Unlimited coins – No need to grind matches for money! Unlock all the premium decors, furniture, and expansions right away.
  • Free shopping – All decorations and customizations normally requiring coins are now free! Go wild.
  • No level goals – Renovate at your own pace without having to earn stars on levels. Just enjoy designing.
  • Max boosters – Power-ups like rainbow balls are always available to help you breeze through tricky match-3 puzzles.

With unlimited cash to buy anything and max boosters to beat levels stress-free, you can focus entirely on being creative. The mod removes grind, letting you enjoy unlimited decorating and expanding your home exactly how you want!

Family Town 3

Design Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to create the most stylish home designs:

  • Follow the suggested building order early on to unlock all furniture types faster
  • Use the filters to preview furniture in different color schemes before buying
  • Match furniture sets together for nicely coordinated rooms
  • Add outdoor paths and gardens between buildings and yards for a polished look
  • Customize each family member’s bedroom to their hobbies and personality
  • Layer rugs, wall decor and plants to bring spaces to life
  • Mix and match wallpaper patterns or colors for visual interest
  • Check Daily Deals for special discounts on premium furniture sets

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Family Town free to play?

Yes! The core game is free to download and play, with optional in-app purchases for cosmetics.

How often do new levels and content get added?

The developers release new levels, furniture, decors and features every 2-3 weeks.

Can I play on multiple devices?

Yes, your renovation progress and home designs are synced across all your devices using your account!

Live Your Design Dreams

If you’re seeking whimsical escapism combined with engaging puzzles and decorating gameplay loops, Family Town: Match-3 Makeover reigns supreme. Download the mod to enjoy unlimited money and fully embrace your inner interior decorator! With an adorable cast of characters and a heartwarming story guiding your designs, you’ll find this renovation game hard to put down. Rediscover your creativity and design passion today!

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