Dungeon Squad APK v1.07.0 (MOD, Mega Menu, Unlocked)
Dungeon Squad APK v1.07.0 (MOD, Mega Menu, Unlocked)

Dungeon Squad APK v1.07.0 (MOD, Mega Menu, Unlocked)

If you're craving chaotic, flashy beat 'em up gameplay in a fantasy setting, it's time to dive into the madness of Dungeon Squad Premium Apk.

Name Dungeon Squad
Publisher GameCoaster
Genre Action
Size 191.54 MB
Version 1.07.0
MOD Mega Menu, Unlocked
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Dungeon Squad is the most famous version in the Dungeon Squad series of publisher GameCoaster
Mod Version 1.07.0
Total installs 100,000+

If you’re craving chaotic, flashy beat ’em up gameplay in a fantasy setting, it’s time to dive into the madness of Dungeon Squad.

This couch co-op brawler lets you smash through hordes of oddball enemies and dodge deadly traps across creative levels dripping with quirky personality. With customizable characters, unlockable abilities, and absurd magical items, Dungeon Squad delivers outrageous hack and slash fun.

Let’s suit up and explore why plowing through themed dungeons with up to 4 players offers a riotous multiplayer experience!

Dungeon Squad

Assembling Your Adventure Squad

Before delving into the depths, you’ll first pick from one of eight wacky adventurer classes to play as. Dungeon Squad provides a diverse and complementary mix of melee, ranged, magic, and support styles.

Melee Mayhem

Get up close and personal with heavy hitting choices like the Mohawk Berserker who dual wields axes, or the scholarly Librarian who pummels foes with a big book. I love smashing through crowds playing as the Berserker!

Ranged Rogues

Prefer attacking from afar? Try the mystical Fortune Teller who flings tarot cards, or the Creepy Archer with a semi-automatic crossbow. Kiting enemies while peppering them with shots is very satisfying.

Mystical Magic

Cast powerful spells with the necromantic Goth Sorceress raising the undead, or the hippy Forest Druid calling upon nature’s wrath. Laying waste with magical AOE attacks is a blast!

Supporting Allies

Round out your squad with assistive characters like the Gadgeteer Engineer placing turrets, or the Cleric Monk healing teammates. Their buffs and heals are crucial when the battlefield gets chaotic!

Customizing Your Fighter

As you level up, you’ll unlock points to customize stats and abilities to tailor your fighter’s playstyle. Do you double down on damage? Boost health? Specialize in certain weapons or skills? The choices are yours!

Dungeon Squad 1

Delving Into Zany Dungeon Worlds

Once you’ve assembled your party, it’s time to crack some skulls across a wide variety of themed levels. Dungeon Squad’s environments brim with personality, creative enemies, and hazards at every turn. Let’s explore some standout zones:

Undead Crypts

Fight through mausoleums and catacombs filled with skeleton warriors, mummified pharaohs, and creepy necromancers. Hide behind precarious pillars to avoid cannons blasting green goop!

Forest Fairyland

Venture into an enchanted forest where you’ll face mischievous fairies, giant toadstools packing a punch, and living trees with a vendetta. Dodge the giant stone mushrooms bouncing around!

Toxic Swamp

Trudge through irradiated bogs fighting ooze monsters, venus flytraps, and careless scientists who toss beakers your way. Don’t stand still too long or you may sink!

Clockwork Stronghold

Infiltrate a fortress full of mechanical menaces like gear-powered guards, turret drones, and a hulking robo-knight boss. Disable traps using mirrors to redirect laser beams.

Volcanic Caverns

Brave treacherous lava-filled tunnels while battling fire bats, tribal flame shamans, and exploding imps. Use platforms to avoid fiery geysers and pools of molten rock!

Dungeon Squad 2

Customizing Your Crawling Chaos

Beyond the diverse environments, Dungeon Squad gives you plenty of options to tailor the experience to your squad’s playstyle.

Difficulty Settings

Crank up the challenge with higher difficulties that boost enemy health and damage! Or lower it to relax and plow through baddies with ease. The choice is yours – don’t be ashamed to drop down a notch if things get too hairy.

Wacky Magical Items

Part of the chaotic fun comes from all the absurd magical items you’ll discover in chests or as boss loot. Equip items like the Hat of Bees to attack with swarms, or the Boots of Blinding Speed for lightning movement at the cost of vision. Mix and match for silly synergies!

Room Modifiers

Special conditions can be added to rooms like decreased gravity that sends you bouncing wildly, reversed controls to confuse your brain, or super speed for everything. Keeping you on your toes!

Character Customization

Between choosing your initial class, allocating stat points when leveling up, and equipping gear – you have tons of ways to make your fighter unique. Will you be a glass cannon mage? A tough as nails cleric? A debuffing gadgeteer? Tailor your build!

Progression Unlocks

By completing certain challenges like finishing levels under a time limit or defeating 100 enemies using fire damage, you’ll unlock cool new hero skins, emotes, and ability upgrades. Plenty to strive for!

Dungeon Squad 3

Multiplayer Mayhem with Friends

While plowing through Dungeon Squad solo can be great fun, the experience really shines when playing couch co-op with friends. The coordinated chaos and camaraderie takes things to the next level!

Complementary Team Comps

With four players, you can really build a dream team like having a Berserker up front wreaking havoc, a Sorceress blasting AOE spells, a Monk buffing and healing, and a Gadgeteer placing turrets from afar. Experiment to find your perfect squad balance!

Friendly Fire Hijinks

Since friendly fire is always on, you’ll need to be careful not to hit your buddies in the heat of battle! This leads to lots of hilarious moments and playful yelling at each other. “Hey, watch where you’re casting!”

Shared Unlocks

Leveling up, collecting loot, and completing challenges as a team means you’ll all benefit from unlocks and upgrades. Much more rewarding than playing solo!

Multiplayer Mayhem

The craziness gets dialed up to 11 when you have four players smashing enemies, dodging hazards, activating magic relics and more at the same time. It’s a beautiful coordinated chaos!

While single player Dungeon Squad is solid fun, it’s really meant to be enjoyed as a social couch co-op experience full of camaraderie, laughter, and over-the-top action. Crack some sodas, gather your friends, and dive into the dungeon brawling madness!

Dungeon Squad 4

Dungeon Squad – Smashing Success

For anyone craving some hack and slash hijinks set in creative fantasy locales, Dungeon Squad is a must-play. Getting to pound skeletons and orcs with wacky melee weapons never gets old, and the diverse environments keep you on your toes.

Throw in tons of character customization, magical items, and multiplayer mayhem, and Dungeon Squad becomes an absolute riot – perfect for your next game night with friends. Just be ready for some friendly fire mishaps, triumphant high fives after epic boss battles, and laughing until your sides ache!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does multiplayer work – is it local or online?

Dungeon Squad is local/couch co-op only, no online play. Gather up to 4 friends in the same room for dungeon crawling hijinks!

What platforms is the game available on?

Dungeon Squad is currently available on Windows PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. No mobile version exists.

Is there much replayability or does it get repetitive?

Tons of replay value! Difficulty settings, modifiers, unlockables and multiplayer provide near endless chaos.

How important is character building vs just smashing stuff?

Smashing is the focus, but you can customize your class for more nuanced playstyles. Up to you!

Is the game kid friendly? Any adult content?

It’s cartoon violence, nothing graphic. Perfectly appropriate for kids to play along!

Does it support single player or require multiple people?

You can play solo just fine, but the game is really designed for local co-op with friends for maximum chaos.

How many classes/fighters are there to choose from?

You can pick from eight very different character classes: barbarian, archer, sorcerer, etc. Each feels unique.

Is there an end or can you play forever?

There’s an end after defeating the final boss, but you can replay indefinitely with higher difficulties and challenges.

How many environments/levels are there?

The game launched with 30+ dungeon environments, and the devs add more regularly through free updates.

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