Hexapolis APK v1.06.02 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Battle Pass)
Hexapolis APK v1.06.02 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Battle Pass)

Hexapolis APK v1.06.02 (MOD, Unlimited Money, Battle Pass)

Hexapolis Premium APK comes with incredible features. You get content such as unlimited money and Battle Pass.

Name Hexapolis
Publisher NOXGAMES
Genre Strategy
Size 101.9 MB
Version 1.06.02
MOD Unlimited Money, Battle Pass
Get it On Google Play
Hexapolis is the most famous version in the Hexapolis series of publisher NOXGAMES
Mod Version 1.06.02
Total installs 1,000,000+

Build, battle, and conquer your way to victory in Hexapolis: Civilization Wars! This addictive strategy game combines city building, resource management, and war gameplay into one epic civilization simulator. With its mix of real-time strategy and turned-based tactics, Hexapolis offers deep strategic gameplay full of tough choices and exciting battles.


Building a Mighty City

As leader of your civilization, you must build up a capital city that will stand the test of time. Manage resources like food, lumber, metal, and gold to support your growing population. Construct homes, farms, mines, walls, training grounds, and more to expand and strengthen your city. Upgrade buildings to increase productivity and unlock advanced units. The layout of your city is crucial – surround your castle with layers of protective walls and towers. Position barracks, archery ranges, and stables strategically for defense. Building a defensible, efficient city is key to domination.

Hexapolis 3

Recruiting an Unstoppable Army

The success of your civilization depends on recruiting and commanding a powerful army. Train peasant, spearman, swordsman, archer, cavalry, and siege units, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Manage your army by arranging them into balanced formations – protect archers with infantry in the front line while cavalry flank the enemy. Upgrade troops at your training grounds to make them even more formidable on the battlefield. Use special hero units to provide damage bonuses to your forces. Build an army tailored to your military strategy and lead them to victory.

Hexapolis 2

Real-Time Battle Tactics

When armies meet on the battlefield, warfare comes down to tactics. Hexapolis features real-time and turn-based battle modes. In real-time, you control troops directly – flank, charge, and outmaneuver the enemy. Give orders on the fly and react to changing conditions. In turn-based mode, plot out movements and attacks round-by-round like a chess match. Both modes require smart positioning, focus firing, knowing when to retreat, and other expert battle techniques. Use the terrain, manage cooldowns, and outthink your opponent.

Hexapolis 4

Expanding Your Empire

Once your city is thriving, it’s time to expand your territory. Send pioneer units into the world to found new cities and increase your empire’s borders. Connect your cities together by building trade routes to share resources. Balance growing wide with building tall – more cities mean more to manage. Upgrade expansions into mighty fortresses to project power. Build wonders that provide empire-wide bonuses like faster training or better walls. Will you build a sprawling but fragile empire, or a small but mighty kingdom?

Hexapolis 1

Diplomacy and Espionage

You are not alone in this world. Other civilizations also seek to expand and conquer. Use diplomacy to negotiate, cooperate, and make key alliances. Trade resources, agree to military access, or provide gold tributes to avert wars. Or use your spies to steal technologies and maps that give you an upper hand. Influence relations between AI opponents to your benefit. But betrayals and surprise attacks are always a risk…

With so many strategic factors to balance, Hexapolis engages your inner city planner, general, and diplomat all at once. Can you build an unstoppable civilization that will stand against all threats and emerge victorious? Raise your banner and march to glory!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the game have a single player campaign?

Yes, there is an in-depth single player campaign with a variety of scenarios to complete.

How does multiplayer work?

The game supports online 1v1 and 2v2 matched multiplayer battles with Elo rankings. There is no campaign co-op mode.

Are there options for playing against the AI?

In single player, you can play custom games against AI opponents of different difficulty levels. AI opponents are also present in the campaign.

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