Army Men Strike APK v3.216.0 (MOD, Morale Points)
Army Men Strike APK v3.216.0 (MOD, Morale Points)

Army Men Strike APK v3.216.0 (MOD, Morale Points)

Start the game one step ahead with Army Men Strike premium apk! Increase your morale points and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Name Army Men Strike
Publisher Volcano Force
Genre Strategy
Size 583.3 MB
Version 3.216.0
MOD Morale Points
Get it On Google Play
Army Men Strike is the most famous version in the Army Men Strike series of publisher Volcano Force
Mod Version 3.216.0
Total installs 10,000,000+

Who didn’t spend hours as a kid setting up epic battles with little green Army men? Commanding a plastic platoon that stormed the tan trenches to assault the enemy’s fortified position (aka the couch cushions). As we grew up, those beloved toy soldiers got packed away. But now the classic Army Men strike back in the hit mobile game Army Men Strike. This free-to-play third-person shooter brings all the fun of childhood battlefield action to your phone or tablet!

Army Men Strike Toy Wars

A Nostalgic Call to Arms

Just like we remembered from the toy box, Army Men Strike features two warring factions – the Green and Tan armies. You command squadrons of infantry, snipers, bazooka troops, flamethrowers, mortars, tanks, helicopters, and machine gunners. Toppling enemy toys in combative chess matches to control more territory on the bedroom carpet map.

The visuals instantly capture the plastic aesthetic with deliberately jagged graphics. Making it seem like you’re peering down at a tabletop diorama come to life! Zooming in even shows the little molded details on the figures. From helmet sculpts to backpack radios and tiny toy decals. These aren’t CGI marvels, but the charm comes from seeing childhood miniatures battle-damaged and weathered from their campaigns.

Army Men Strike Toy Wars 1

Boot Camp Training

Army Men Strike eases you into the basics with thorough tutorial missions. You’ll learn how to maneuver units, unleash abilities and call in air strikes. Key strategic concepts like taking and holding checkpoints, capturing resource nodes, getting high ground advantages and exploiting cover are core skills.

The controls are intuitive tap and drag gestures to position forces. Using special weaponry at critical moments can turn the tide. Like having a sniper squad reveal stealthily hidden enemies. Or hitting entrenched hostiles with a damage-over-time poison grenade barrage.

Once familiar with basic training, there’s real time and turn-based multiplayer modes to test your command chops!

Key Training Takeaways:

  • Move and place troops tactically
  • Activate special abilities for advantage
  • Capture and hold vital positions
  • Use helicopters, tanks and air strikes
  • Leverage terrain and status effects
Army Men Strike Toy Wars 2

Customize Your Company

As you win battles, you’ll earn currency and experience points. These can be used to upgrade your existing units or unlock new ones! You can create uniquely specialized companies tailored to your personal strategy.

Some notable elite units include:

  • Bazookas – Blast vehicles and bunkers with high explosive fire
  • Flamethrowers – Clear out garrisoned buildings with area denial attacks
  • Anti-aircraft – Shred flying enemies like helicopters
  • Engineers – Repair friendly vehicles to keep the assault going
  • Artillery – Rain down missile barrages on concentrations of foes

Balancing ranged damage dealers, melee flankers, armored assaults and healing support allows for creative force combinations. Will you field an all-out aggressive strike team? Or hunker down with defensive area denial abilities? The choices are yours!

Army Men Strike Toy Wars 3

Advance Across Game Modes

Once you’ve honed your unit composition, it’s time to battle! Army Men Strike has several testing grounds for your strategies:


  • Ranked 1v1 – Head to head skirmishes between rival players. Climb the competitive tiers for bragging rights!
  • 2v2 – Coordinate with an ally against others in intense team fights.
  • Units – Draft custom squads and duel with unique restrictions.


  • Campaign – Lead the charge across parlors and patios in episodic combat.
  • Challenges – Take on specific objectives like holding out in last stand defenses.
  • Operations – Team up in co-op adaptive missions with other commanders.

Across all modes, performance leads to progression. New battlefields and bonus challenges unlock, along with narrative chapters revealing the escalating Green vs. Tan war. Can your tactics conquer the basement?

Army Men Strike Toy Wars 4

Expanding Theater of War

Army Men Strike continually adds new content and game elements with updates. Some highlights of recent additions include:

  • Elite skins – Unique cosmetic versions of units with bonus properties. Like the “Target” Bazooka trooper dealing extra damage to vehicles.
  • Collectible statues – Find these hidden monuments in missions for big rewards.
  • Daily events – Special 24 hour activities with rare prizes.
  • League seasons – Rank up across competitive cycles to earn exclusive officers.

Developers constantly tweak balance, squash bugs and polish. Leading to a refined experience that respects the Army Men legacy.

Marching Orders to Download

If you loved amassing legions of plastic soldiers for backyard campaigns, Army Men Strike lets you relive those glory days. The strategic gameplay has plenty of depth with an immediately accessible style full of nostalgia. Deploy your forces today and relive historic toy box battles!

Army Men Strike FAQs

What type of game is Army Men Strike?

Army Men Strike is a free-to-play mobile strategy game for iOS and Android devices. It features classic toy soldiers in third-person shooter combat.

Does Army Men Strike have multiplayer?

Yes! The game offers real-time 1v1 ranked competitions, 2v2 team battles, and draft mode “units” matchups. Singleplayer campaign and co-op missions are also available.

How do you unlock new units?

By winning battles, you’ll earn currency and experience points. Spend these resources to upgrade abilities or recruit entire new unit types to diversify your army.

Is there a story campaign?

The singleplayer campaign features episodic narrative chapters revealing the escalating Green vs Tan battlefield. Complete missions to advance across bedrooms, kitchens and backyards.

What special abilities can units use?

Unique skills range from area denial fire attacks to revealing stealth enemies or calling in artillery strikes. Different units have their own powerful effects, often with synergies between them.

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