Kick the Buddy: Second Kick APK v1.14.1501 (MOD, Unlocked, Unlimited Money)
Kick the Buddy: Second Kick APK v1.14.1501 (MOD, Unlocked, Unlimited Money)

Kick the Buddy: Second Kick APK v1.14.1501 (MOD, Unlocked, Unlimited Money)

Kick the Buddy: Second Kick Premium Apk builds on the satisfying stress-relief of the original with new weapons, environments, and fully destructible 3D physics.

Name Kick the Buddy: Second Kick
Publisher Playgendary Limited
Genre Action
Size 116.5 MB
Version 1.14.1501
MOD Unlocked, Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Kick the Buddy: Second Kick is the most famous version in the Kick the Buddy: Second Kick series of publisher Playgendary Limited
Mod Version 1.14.1501
Total installs 50,000,000+

Get ready to unleash your anger on the mischievous Buddy! Kick the Buddy: Second Kick builds on the satisfying stress-relief of the original with new weapons, environments, and fully destructible 3D physics.

This in-depth guide will teach you pro tips and tricks for mastering Kick the Buddy: Second Kick. Let’s get kicking!

Kick The Buddy Second Kick

Kick the Buddy: Second Kick Gameplay Basics

Kick the Buddy: Second Kick retains the core premise of venting your frustration on Buddy using a wide arsenal of weapons and items. Here’s an overview of how to play:


Inflict as much damage as possible on Buddy using an expanding arsenal of weapons and items. Cause maximum destruction!


  • Tap anywhere to punch Buddy.
  • Swipe to kick or slap Buddy around.
  • Touch and hold weapons/items then fling at Buddy to attack.
  • Pinch to zoom and rotate the camera angle.


  • Start with basics like baseball bat and boxing glove.
  • Earn coins to unlock awesome new weapons by playing.
  • Weapons get more extreme from pepper spray to nuclear bomb!


  • Standard home environments like Living Room, Backyard, etc.
  • Unlock wacky locales like Moon Base, Dinosaur Park, and more!
  • Interactive environmental hazards to utilize.

Now let’s get into optimizing your buddy beating strategies…

Kick The Buddy Second Kick 1

Maximizing Damage for High Scores

Inflicting maximum pain on poor Buddy is the name of the game. Here are tips for maximizing damage to achieve high scores:

Utilize Weapon Combos

Inflict quick successive hits by combing weaker weapons like throwing knives then whacking with a bat.

Activate Environmental Hazards

Knock Buddy into hazards like exposed wires, toxic ooze, or cacti for big bonuses.

Target Weak Points

Aim for Buddy’s head or other vulnerable areas for critical hit multipliers.

Time Powerful Weapons

Use slower, deadlier weapons like wrecking balls at key moments to crush Buddy entirely.

Unlock Ultimate Weapons

Save up to unlock weapons like the nuke for absolutely obliterating Buddy in one blow.

With good timing and combos, you can keep the pain train going while running up that score!

Earning Coins Quickly

You’ll need loads of coins to unlock awesome new weapons for brutalizing Buddy. Here are tips for fast coin earnings:

Combo Bonuses

Stringing together quick attacks boosts combo meters, earning big coin bonuses. Don’t let combos break.

Target Tokens

Look for coin tokens that appear after big hits. Aim Buddy towards them to collect quickly.

Luck Wheel Spins

Use video bonuses or real money to spin the luck wheel for jackpot coin prizes.

Daily Weapon Orders

Completing daily weapon orders earns you a healthy coin payout per order fulfilled.

Achievement Awards

Completing varied achievements will earn you lump sums of coins and gems.

With enough coin, you’ll be unlocking new weapons in no time to unleash on poor Buddy!

Kick The Buddy Second Kick 5

Unlocking New Environments

While the standard house is fun for beating up Buddy, exploring new environments opens up creative new torture possibilities. Here’s how to unlock more:

Complete Level Goals

Finishing standard environments unlocks the next in sequence, from Backyard -> Garage -> Gas Station etc.

Special Environments

Purchase special environments like Haunted House or Deserted Island with coins/gems.

Events and Updates

Limited-time special events will unlock environments like Carnival or Circus temporarily.

Creative Destruction

Find weird secret areas or hidden environmental hazards you can demolish for surprises!

With diverse environments, you’ll never run out of creative ways to dish out destruction. Now let’s cover maximizing damage opportunities in different environments…

Environments Tips and Strategies

Each wacky environment provides interactive objects and hazards you can use to unleash chaos on Buddy. Here are tips for different environments:


Knock Buddy onto the grill or into the beehive for painful bonuses! Pelt him with soccer balls for rapid-fire kicking.


Spear Buddy with tools hanging from the walls or flatten him under the hydraulic car lifter.

Gas Station

Ignite pools of gasoline for burn damage. Run Buddy over repetitively with the fuel trucks.


Hit the red button to send Buddy flying through the MRI machine. Skewer him with surgical tools.

Military Base

Activate turrets and missiles to auto-target Buddy. Drop bombs from planes or impale him on tank treads.

Get creative with interactive objects! Now let’s get into some more advanced combat strategies…

Kick The Buddy Second Kick 4

Advanced Combat Strategies and Techniques

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to learn some advanced combat techniques for maximizing Buddy brutality:

Precision Aiming

Flick weapons accurately to hit small or rapid moving targets like Buddy’s head or drones.

Bounce Shots

Bounce explosives off walls or use angle shots to hit Buddy indirectly for surprise attacks.

Combat Sequences

Think ahead and plan sequences like freeze then shatter or stun then heavy smash.

Weapon Juggling

Rapidly switch and use weapons in mid-air for inventive hybrid attacks.

Environmental Skill Shots

Perform feats like banking pool balls off multiple surfaces or juggling throwing knives.

Camera Angles

Utilize camera rotation and zoom strategically to expand your attack capabilities from all angles.

With skill and creativity, you can invent awesome new ways to pummel Buddy from any angle using your environment and skills.

Kick The Buddy Second Kick 3

Maximizing Damage with Weapon Types

Mastering the use of each weapon type is key for maximizing damage potential. Here are tips for using different weapons effectively:

Melee Weapons

Get up close and personal with repeated whacks. Focus on timing and accuracy.

Ranged Weapons

Practice leading shots and ricochets to hit the moving target.


Plan explosions to catch Buddy at the optimum blast radius for huge area damage.

Elemental Weapons

Burn, freeze, electrocute Buddy over time by hitting him with multiple elemental attacks.

Heavy Weapons

Time powerful charged up smashes from heavy weapons to flatten Buddy entirely.

Futuristic Weapons

Vaporize Buddy completely with high-tech armaments like the laser cannon or antimatter rifle.

By tailoring your attacks using the right weapons for the situation, you’ll be an unstoppable Buddy-destroying machine!

Boss Battles Tips and Strategies

On occasion, you’ll face off against overpowered boss versions of Buddy that can take insane amounts of punishment. Here are tips for these epic battles:

Identify Weak Points

Bosses may have exposed cores, cracked armor, or other vulnerabilities to target your attacks on.

Match Weapons to Boss

Use corrosive bombs on robotic bosses or water weapons on flame types. Elemental counters help quickly.

Avoid Attacks

Learn boss attack patterns and safe zones so you can safely prep your next attack in openings.

Environment Interactions

Maybe you can knock over a pylon to electrify a water-based boss or puncture a gas tank to ignite a vulnerabilities.


Conserve your most powerful weapons until boss health gets low to finish them off. Don’t waste the nuke too early!

With persistence and the right weaponry, you’ll be dismantling these brutal Buddy versions in no time.

Kick The Buddy Second Kick 6

Kick the Buddy: Second Kick Tips and Tricks

Here are some final tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Kick the Buddy: Second Kick:

Get Combo Happy

String together rapid attacks and environmental skill shots to build huge combo multipliers.

Abuse Ragdoll Physics

Juggle, ricochet, and manipulate Buddy’s rag doll physics for amusing and painful results.

Change Camera Angles

Vary your camera rotation and zoom to experience the action from all angles and unlock new attack possibilities.

Try Out Weapon Variants

Unlocking weapon variant skins provides tweaked versions of weapons with altered attributes.

Compete on Leaderboards

Compare scores with friends or the world by logging in to Google Play or Game Center.

Enjoy Regular Updates

The game frequently expands with new weapons, environments, physics, and features so keep playing!

Now get out there and unleash gaming’s most satisfying virtual anger on that whiny punk Buddy! With the tips and tricks from this guide, you’ll be a master of destruction, unlocking all the weapons and vehicles needed to creatively brutalize your mischievous pal in so many amusing ways across stunning 3D environments. Smash and blast away!

Kick the Buddy: Second Kick FAQs

How can I earn more coins quickly?

String together combos, collect coin tokens, spin the luck wheel, complete daily weapon orders, and earn achievement awards.

What’s the best way to inflict maximum damage on Buddy?

Use weapon combos, target weak points like the head, activate environmental hazards, and unlock devastating ultimate weapons.

How do I unlock new environments?

Complete environment goals, purchase premium environments, and participate in limited-time events as they unlock.

What are some effective strategies for boss battles?

Identify and target weak points, match weapon elements, avoid attacks, utilize environments, and conserve your most powerful weapons.

What are some expert combat techniques?

Precision aim, bounce shots, planned sequences, weapon juggling, skill shots, and strategic camera angle manipulation.

Should I spend real money on in-game purchases?

You can earn almost everything by playing over time, but spending a little accelerates unlocks if you’re impatient.

That covers the key tips for mastering Kick the Buddy: Second Kick! Now get out there, unleash your fury, and achieve the ultimate buddy beatdown.

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