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Manok Na Pula v7.2 APK (MOD, Add Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

v7.2 by TATAY
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Name Manok Na Pula - Multiplayer Manok Na Pula - Multiplayer is the most famous version in the Manok Na Pula - Multiplayer series of publisher TATAY
Publisher TATAY
Genre Action
Size 78.3 MB
Version 7.2
Update December 19, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked
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  • Add Coins
  • Unlimited Dragons Eyes
  • Unlimited Magic Powder

Manok Na Pula is an exciting online multiplayer cockfighting game for Android. Breed and train gamefowl, enter them into fierce derbies and betting matches, and become the top rooster tycoon. This article provides an overview of Manok Na Pula’s gameplay, features, and the benefits of using the mod APK.

Manok Na Pula
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Introduction to Manok Na Pula

In Manok Na Pula, you breed, train and enter roosters into online derby competitions and betting matches. Carefully breed roosters to produce stronger offspring. Train your roosters in mini-games to improve their attributes like strength, agility, stamina and HP. Enter matches against other players and use skill and strategy to defeat their roosters in fierce duels.

Key aspects of the game:

  • In-depth rooster breeding mechanics
  • Fun training mini-games
  • Beautiful anime-inspired art style
  • Online PvP cockfighting derbies
  • Betting system with in-game earnings
  • Upgrades like vitamins to boost rooster stats
  • Real-time player rankings and leaderboards
  • Regular events and tournaments

For a refreshingly unique multiplayer experience, Manok Na Pula and its strategic cockfighting gameplay hits the right spot. Let’s look at the game features next.

Overview of Gameplay Modes

Manok Na Pula has several fun modes allowing you to breed, train, fight roosters and bet on matches.

Breeding Roosters

Collect male and female roosters, then breed them together. Inherit strengths like high HP from parent roosters.

Training Mini-games

Play training games regularly like juggling coconuts to improve attributes like speed and stamina.

Cockfighting Matches

The main event – enter your rooster in brutal 1v1 online derbies. Use pecks, kicks and strategies to defeat opponents.

Betting System

Spectate on fights and place bets to win earnings. Better roosters have higher odds and potential winnings.


Climb the leaderboards indicating top players in different modes like victories, win ratio, earnings etc.

Events and Tournaments

Limited-time events feature special rewards and tournaments with prizes for top performers.

With several activities revolving around breeding and fighting roosters, Manok Na Pula caters to casual and competitive players alike.

Key Features of the Game

Let’s look at some of the core features that make Manok Na Pula fun and addictive:

Online Multiplayer

Fight and chat with real opponents from around the world. Weekly rankings add competitiveness.

In-depth Breeding

Breed roosters to pass down strength. Upgrade breeding farm for higher chance of rarer offspring.

Cockfighting Controls

Intuitive derby controls to peck, kick, block, and dodge. Use combos and strategies to overwhelm foes.

Rooster Customization

Purchase skins like samurai outfits. Equip swords and shields for increased attack or defense capabilities.


Fun training mini-games improve specific rooster stats which ties into the main cockfights.

Upgrades and Boosts

Buy vitamins, powerups and upgrades to boost your rooster’s performance during battles.

Betting and Earnings

Profit by betting on matches using in-game currency. Higher win streaks provide greater earnings.

With its online multiplayer focus, progression mechanics and in-depth gameplay, Manok Na Pula offers a full-fledged rooster tycoon experience.

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Manok Na Pula 4
Manok Na Pula 5

Benefits of Manok Na Pula MOD APK

Players can gain some nice advantages by using the modded version of the game:

Unlimited Money

Have unlimited in-game money to spend on rooster purchases, upgrades, vitamins and more.

All Roosters Unlocked

Get access to all special ultra rare roosters with high stats upfront saving tonnes of breeding time.

Max Level Roosters

Breeding and training is faster since roosters come pre-upgraded to max level ready for fights.

High Damage Hits

Your rooster inflicts much higher damage during battles and derbies, giving you the edge.

No Ads

Enjoy seamless, uninterrupted gameplay without annoying ads popping up between fights.

Unlimited Vitamins

Vitamins which boost rooster stats before matches are always unlimited. Keep roosters juiced up!

With these useful unlock and boosts, the Manok Na Pula mod APK provides a big advantage allowing you to save breeding time and win more derbies.

How to Download and Install Manok Na Pula MOD APK

Here are the simple steps to install the mod on your Android device:

  1. Click the download button below to get the latest Manok Na Pula mod APK file.
  2. Enable Install from Unknown Sources option on your device if not already enabled.
  3. Locate and install the downloaded APK file. Accept any prompts asking for permission.
  4. Open the Manok Na Pula app and enjoy unlimited money, unlocked roosters, and other mod benefits!

It takes just a couple of minutes to install the modded APK and get ready to enter the world of cockfighting!

Gameplay Tips and Strategies

Here are some tips to master Manok Na Pula faster:

  • Breed roosters with complementary strengths like high HP and high attack power.
  • Train roosters thoroughly in all mini-games to build well-rounded attributes.
  • Use swords and shields to cover your rooster’s weakness like low defense.
  • Analyze opponents in derbies to quickly identify weaknesses to exploit.
  • Peck and kick rapidly at the start of matches to deal early damage.
  • Learn your rooster’s attack range so you can dodge and counter effectively.
  • Bet conservatively on matches unless you have inside info on rooster stats.
  • Upgrade vitality skills to increase rooster HP. Higher HP equals longer survival.

Using these tips will help you earn more wins, money, and climb the leaderboards faster!

Final Thoughts on Manok Na Pula MOD APK

Manok Na Pula offers a unique multiplayer cockfighting experience. The in-depth breeding and training mechanics combined with intense derby action makes for engaging gameplay. The mod APK provides a big boost allowing you to max out your roosters faster for greater domination. Overall, Manok Na Pula is a must-try title for anyone looking for a fun and competitive multiplayer experience with a unique concept.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Mod APK

Is the mod APK safe to download?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use and cannot harm your device in any way.

Can I play online against normal users?

Unfortunately not. The mod only works offline against AI opponents.

How do I install the Manok Na Pula mod APK?

Simply download the APK file below and enable install from unknown sources to install it.

And that covers everything you need to know about dominating the cockfighting ranks using the Manok Na Pula mod! Get ready for unlimited money, max level roosters and non-stop action!

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