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Angry Birds Dream Blast APK v1.58.0 (MOD, Unlimited Hearts/Coins)

v1.58.0 by Rovio Entertainment Corporation
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Name Angry Birds Dream Blast Angry Birds Dream Blast is the most famous version in the Angry Birds Dream Blast series of publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Genre Puzzle
Size 174.7 MB
Version 1.58.0
Update December 24, 2023
MOD Unlimited Hearts, Coins
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Jump into wacky dream worlds and join Red, Chuck, Bomb and the whole Angry Birds flock for magical mayhem in Angry Birds Dream Blast! This idle/auto-battler mashup lets players embark on an endless parade of surreal levels drawn from the birds’ oddest nighttime visions. But watch out – pigs, TNT and more lurk around every corner! 🐦

Angry Birds Dream Blast

Explore Zany Dream Levels

Each play session launches players into a new fantastical dreamland. Levels take inspiration from all over the birds’ subconscious – from a bird’s eye view of Piggy Island to Bomb’s explosions set to music. Tapping blasts birds at pigs and structures in match-3 style until all pigs are popped.

Clearing levels earns coins and crystals to power up. Later stages introduce special conditions like limited bird types or obstacles. Dreams get trippier the further players venture, like a level set inside Mathew’s stomach! Completing a dream awards bonus rewards before launching into the next. Dreams never end in this wacky auto-battler!

The dream worlds offer endless variety, from tropical beaches to futuristic cities in the clouds. One level might task players with protecting piglets from falling coconuts, while another transports birds to a magical fairy tale forest. Red often dreams of chasing the pigs with a giant slingshot launcher. The zany dreams provide constant laughs and surprises.

Angry Birds Dream Blast 1

Upgrade Birds with Power Crystals

Power Crystals earned from dreams can be used to upgrade birds with new abilities and stats. Boosting health and attack helps birds survive crazier dream challenges. Unique upgrades like Bomb’s multiball attack or Chuck’s shield make birds shine in different ways.

Higher star ratings on birds and upgrades unlock even more potent skills. With patience and diligence, dedicated dreamers can max out beloved birds to tackle endgame content. New birds occasionally join the dream too, like female Red and blue bird Bomb! Flocking together, a well-upgraded bird squad conquers any dream.

Maxing out a bird requires hundreds of crystals to unlock their full potential. Players must carefully consider which abilities to invest in first based on gameplay preferences and birds’ natural roles. For example, Bomb works well with area of effect skills while Chuck prefers defensive talents. Experimenting with different builds adds extra replayability.

Craft Powerful Structures

Beyond just birds, coins and crystals can craft structures providing passive bonuses. Early options boost coin/crystal drops or generate idle coins. Higher tiers offer mightier perks like auto-completing levels or doubling coin rewards completely hands-free!

Structures also have upgrade trees, eventually yielding game-changing multipliers. The idle Coin Collector Mk II generates coins 100x faster than its humble beginnings. With enough structures automated, resources pour in even while the game sits closed! 🤑

Special limited-time structures also appear, so dreamers must act fast to snag their exclusive rewards before they vanish like a morning dream. These structures might boost research, drop rare crafting materials, or provide powerful one-time bonuses. Miss out on the opportunity and players have to wait for another event to get the rewards.

Angry Birds Dream Blast 2

Join a Zany Alliance

Linking up with other feathered friends in an Alliance multiplies the mayhem. Alliance-wide research speeds everything along while Alliance Coin rewards boost everyone’s structures. Coordinated events and contests encourage friendly competition between allies.

Alliance chat serves as a lively hangout where veteran and new dreamers alike can strategize. More experienced players share tips on three-starring difficult levels, optimal bird builds, and news about upcoming content. Meanwhile, newcomers find helpful advice on basic gameplay and how to progress efficiently.

Alliances that work together tend to progress the fastest with everyone supporting each other. Strong alliances even take on special Alliance boss events for massive prizes only achievable through teamwork. It’s the perfect place for birds of a feather to flock together in dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is progress cross-platform?

Yes, dreaming picks up exactly where players left off when switching between devices. No need to restart dreams!

How often do updates arrive?

Major content patches hit every 2-3 months, while minor tweaks and limited-time events occur more frequently to keep dreams fresh. Larger updates may introduce whole new dream worlds, additional birds, bigger structures, and other substantial features to keep the game feeling novel.

Is the game pay-to-win?

While purchases can speed certain aspects up, skilled free players can achieve the same results through dedication and strategy. Skill and strategy matter most for conquering tricky dream challenges.

What devices is it compatible with?

Both Android mobile devices can run dreams seamlessly. An optional PCclient also allows playing on larger screens for those who prefer desktop gaming. Cross-platform compatibility ensures progress persists across all devices.

Is there customer support?

Always contact the developer directly if any issues arise. Their friendly support team works diligently to help every dreamer and ensure the magical experience stays uninterrupted.

So whether popping in for a quick dream or marathon gaming sessions, Angry Birds Dream Blast offers endless idle fun, laughs, and surprises around every corner! Now it’s time for this bird to spread their wings and embark on a new dream adventure. Let’s blast off! 🚀

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The festive season has brought a magical atmosphere to Angry Birds Dream Blast. Immerse yourself in the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle: - Holiday SEASON PASS! - Chuck is going to have special events running during December, keep an eye out and be ready to compete!

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