PhotoDirector Premium APK v18.9.0 (MOD, Unlocked)
PhotoDirector Premium APK v18.9.0 (MOD, Unlocked)

PhotoDirector Premium APK v18.9.0 (MOD, Unlocked)

Unlock all locks with PhotoDirector Premium APK! This version is perfect for editing your photos and creating new avatars.

Name PhotoDirector
Publisher Cyberlink Corp
Genre Photography
Size 156.6 MB
Version 18.9.0
MOD Premium
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PhotoDirector is the most famous version in the PhotoDirector series of publisher Cyberlink Corp
Mod Version 18.9.0
Total installs 50,000,000+

The world of photo editing is being revolutionized before our very eyes. With advanced AI technology, apps like PhotoDirector are taking image editing to the next level, allowing anyone to easily edit photos like a pro. Let’s explore the magical world of AI-powered photo editing with PhotoDirector!


Intuitive Interface and Powerful Editing Tools

One of PhotoDirector’s standout features is its highly intuitive interface. The clean layout makes navigating the app and finding editing tools a breeze. No more digging through complex menus and settings!

With just a few taps, you can access incredibly powerful editing features like layer editing, curve adjustment, and precision color correction. The heal and clone stamp tools make it easy to remove blemishes and objects from photos. Other handy tools include perspective correction, HDR effects, and tilt-shift blur to make photos pop.

PhotoDirector makes complex edits simple, allowing anyone to edit like an expert.

Magical AI Photo Enhancement

Here is where the AI magic happens! PhotoDirector uses advanced artificial intelligence to automatically enhance photos with just one tap. The AI analyzes the photo, identifies people and objects, and intelligently applies adjustments to improve lighting, color, detail, and more.

The results are astonishing – dull, blurry photos are transformed into vivid images full of life. The AI even automatically applies complex edits like relighting portraits and enhancing landscapes. It’s like having a professional photo editor available instantly.

PhotoDirector 2

Realistic Sky Replacement

PhotoDirector takes sky replacement to new heights with its AI-powered sky control. Simply select the sky area and choose a new sky – the app seamlessly integrates the new sky, even adding natural-looking weather effects.

The AI handles challenges like trees and buildings intersecting the sky area for amazingly realistic results. Swap a boring grey sky for a vivid sunset or stormy skies to completely transform the mood of your photos. The possibilities are endless!

Innovative Portrait Editing

Taking flattering portraits just got easier. PhotoDirector uses AI facial recognition to identify faces and independently edit each person in a photo.

Automatically smooth skin, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, and more with just one click. The app can even handle tricky elements like glasses, beards, and hair for incredibly natural portrait touchups.

The portrait editing AI takes the guesswork out of portrait retouching. Get picture-perfect people shots every time.

Intelligent Object Removal

Accidentally capture unwanted objects or photobombers in your shots? No problem! PhotoDirector’s AI Object Remover can magically erase people, cars, powerlines, and other undesirables from your photos.

Simply outline the object, and the AI fills the area with a rebuilt background that matches the surrounding image. The results look surprisingly realistic, with no obvious cloning effects marring the photo.

PhotoDirector removes photo imperfections like magic, saving you endless time cloning out objects manually.

PhotoDirector 1

Stunning Filter Effects

Want to add some stylistic flair to your photos? PhotoDirector has hundreds of AI-powered filters to choose from. Vintage, black and white, cinematic, retro – transform your photos with just one tap.

The app intelligently applies the filters while preserving image quality. Subtle light and color adjustments enhance the filter’s effect for incredibly refined, professional results. Get magazine-worthy shots in seconds!

AI-Assisted Collage Making

Unleash your creativity by turning your photos into pro-level collages. PhotoDirector’s collage maker lets you quickly arrange images, overlay backgrounds, frames, stickers, and text.

The AI suggests collage templates, color schemes, and font styles to help you create stunning designs in minutes. It automatically adjusts image sizes and positions for optimal composition.

With intelligent assistance from AI, anyone can create collages that look professionally designed.

Revolutionary Retouching

Professionally retouching portraits used to require years of experience. But with PhotoDirector’s AI-powered tools, anyone can retouch portraits like a pro.

The app provides granular controls to whiten teeth and eyes, smooth skin, sculpt facial features, apply makeup, edit hair, and more. The AI helps guide you through the editing process for incredibly natural, realistic results free of warping and touchup artifacts.

PhotoDirector makes retouching portraits as simple as using a magic wand. Turn good portraits into great ones with powerful AI tools.

Breakthrough Content Aware Processing

Stretching, rotating, and perspective editing normally degrade image quality and create distorted areas. But PhotoDirector uses AI-powered content-aware processing to smartly reconstruct cropped areas.

When you transform photos, the app fills stretched areas by generated new realistic image content. The results look amazingly natural, with no smudging or warping.

PhotoDirector’s content aware editing allows radical transformations previously impossible to do without visible distortion. The AI is rewriting the rules of photo editing.

PhotoDirector 3

Revolutionize Your Photography with PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is spearheading an AI photo editing revolution that is disrupting the world of digital imaging. With its innovative use of artificial intelligence, the app delivers sophisticated editing capabilities once exclusive to photography experts.

The AI technology in PhotoDirector is constantly evolving through machine learning, finding new ways to enhance, manipulate, and transform photos. It won’t be long until nearly all photo editing is AI-powered.

The future is now. Start using the magical AI of PhotoDirector to easily edit pro-level photos that wow and inspire. Unlock your creativity and share your photographic vision with the world.

Frequently Asked Questions about PhotoDirector

What are the key features of PhotoDirector?

Some of the standout features include:
Intuitive interface with powerful editing tools
AI-powered one click photo enhancement
Realistic sky replacement
Innovative portrait editing and retouching
Intelligent object removal
Hundreds of AI-powered filters
AI-assisted collage making
Breakthrough content aware processing

How is PhotoDirector different from other photo editing apps?

PhotoDirector separates itself from the competition with its integration of AI into many editing functions. The AI automatically enhances photos, removes objects, edits portraits, applies filters, and more for results that normally require professional skills.

What kind of edits can you do with PhotoDirector?

You can do all basic edits like cropping, color correction, adding text/stickers, and applying filters. But what makes PhotoDirector unique are the AI-powered tools for sky replacement, content-aware transformations, intelligent object removal, portrait retouching, and collage making. The possibilities are endless!

Does PhotoDirector automatically edit photos?

Yes! With one tap, PhotoDirector will analyze a photo and apply a host of intelligent enhancements customized for each image. The AI handles complex adjustments like relighting, color grading, detail enhancement, and more automatically. You can also trigger automatic portrait retouching and filters.

Does PhotoDirector work on mobile devices?

PhotoDirector is available as a full-featured app for both Android and iOS mobile devices. The AI-powered editing functions work remarkably well on phones and tablets. Mobile devices can fully take advantage of the magic of PhotoDirector!

What about PhotoDirector makes the photo editing process easier?

The AI-powered tools automate complex, tedious, and time consuming editing tasks. Powerful tools like sky replacement, object removal and portrait retouching that usually require painstaking manual editing can be done in just seconds with PhotoDirector’s AI. It streamlines the editing process significantly.

What kind of learning curve is there with PhotoDirector?

The app is designed to be highly user-friendly and intuitive, with a shallow learning curve. With the AI handling many complex edits for you, it’s possible for complete beginners to edit high quality photos right away. There are tons of helpful tutorials if you want to dig into more advanced functionality. But the basics can be picked up quickly.

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