Remini Pro APK v3.7.384.202277700 (MOD, Premium Unlocked/Ad-Free)
Remini Pro APK v3.7.384.202277700 (MOD, Premium Unlocked/Ad-Free)

Remini Pro APK v3.7.384.202277700 (MOD, Premium Unlocked/Ad-Free)

Remini Premium APK is the latest version of the popular photo editor app for Android, offering an ad-free and premium unlocked experience.

Name Remini - AI Photo Enhancer
Publisher Bending Spoons
Genre Photography
Size 14.63 MB
Version 3.7.384.202277700
MOD Premium Unlocked/Ad-Free
Get it On Google Play
Remini - AI Photo Enhancer is the most famous version in the Remini - AI Photo Enhancer series of publisher Bending Spoons
Mod Version 3.7.384.202277700
Total installs 100,000,000+

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Ads-Free Access
  • Unlimited Pro Cards
  • Paid Features Unlocked
  • Pro Unlocked
  • Only English Language Include

Remini is a revolutionary AI-powered photo enhancement app that can breathe new life into your old and low-quality photos. With just a few taps, Remini uses advanced artificial intelligence to sharpen details, reduce noise, correct colors, and upscale resolutions. Turn those pixelated old images into crisp, clear photographs – it’s like magic!

In this in-depth review, we’ll explore all the features that make Remini Pro one of the most impressive mobile photo editors out there. We’ll also take a look at how the MOD APK version supercharges the app by unlocking premium features and removing ads completely free of charge. Let’s get started!

Remini 2

Key Features of Remini

Here are some of the standout features that enable Remini to work its enhancement magic:

  • AI Photo Super Resolution – Remini can upscale image resolution up to 4x using an AI algorithm trained on millions of photos. Makes low-res shots crisp and detailed.
  • Noise Reduction – Eliminates ugly digital noise and grain from photos shot in low light. Results are super clean.
  • Color Correction – Balances colors and adjusts brightness/contrast for photos with washed out or skewed colors.
  • Face Enhancement – Automatically detects faces and sharpen facial details for stunning portraits.
  • Batch Processing – Apply edits and enhancements to multiple photos at once, not just individually.
  • Custom Adjustments – Manually tweak brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, and other parameters.
  • Collage Creator – Build collages using enhanced photos with customizable layouts and backgrounds.
  • Selective Editing – Touch up specific parts of a photo by brushing over the desired area. Great for small fixes.
  • Original File Backup – Saves a copy of the original photo before applying any modifications.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface

Despite packing so much advanced technology under the hood, Remini sports an interface that’s intuitive and easy to navigate for all users.

The app opens up to your camera roll or file manager, making it simple to import photos for enhancement. Just tap on a photo to open the editor screen. Here you’ll find all the adjustment tools and options conveniently located in bottom and side menus.

Options like one-tap Auto Enhance get great results with a single click. More granular parameters let you fine-tune the AI’s enhancements exactly how you want. And tabs keep different tools nicely organized and accessible.

Handy undo/redo functions and zooming allow precise application of edits. The interface is polished, lag-free, and responsive across the board. Remini sets a high bar for usability in a mobile photo editor.

Remini 1

Magical Image Enhancement

Now let’s get to the good stuff – seeing how Remini can breathe new life into lackluster photos with its AI magic!

Sharpening Details

Blurry old photos with soft details are no match for Remini’s sharpening algorithms. The enhancement brings faces, textures, edges, and other fine details into crisp focus automatically. Just a few seconds of processing can make a dramatic difference.

It’s great for fixing smartphone shots that turn out slightly blurred or out of focus. The AI adds real definition while avoiding common sharpening artifacts like halos. Remini sharpens images with precision.

Noise Reduction

Photographs taken in poor lighting often suffer from ugly noise and grain that degrade quality. Remini can make these shots look like they came from a professional camera by erasing noise almost entirely.

The app eliminates those distracting speckles without harming actual details in the photo. Colors appear smoother and shadows become pristine. It’s a huge upgrade over noisy low-light shots.

Color Correction

Washed out colors and skewed color balances are no problem for Remini’s intelligent color correction algorithms. They can analyze the photo content and adjust hues, saturation, brightness, and contrast for optimal aesthetics.

Suddenly those dull, flat-looking shots gain vivid color and pop just like they should. The AI also balances exposures perfectly so details aren’t blown out or muddied. Any photo can be made more vibrant.

Face Enhancement

Remini gives special treatment to faces in your photographs thanks to dedicated facial recognition and processing. It finds faces and selectively improves sharpness, tones down imperfections, evens skin, and opens up shadows.

Close-up portraits gain studio-like quality free of blemishes and unflattering lighting. Group shots get the same face enhancements applied selectively to each individual. It’s like handing retouching over to a pro!

Resolution Upscaling

Arguably Remini’s most mind-blowing trick is enlarging the resolution of images by up to 400% with no quality loss. This AI upscaling makes low-res photos crisply detailed again.

The advanced algorithm intelligently interpolates all the missing pixels when increasing resolution. This avoids the unsightly artifacts of basic upscaling. Photos emerge supersharp yet completely natural looking.

Restoration Possibilities

By combining its impressive enhancement tools, Remini gives you a shot at restoring old damaged photographs. Fill in torn sections, correct colors, sharpen details, reduce grain, and upscale resolution.

With a bit of effort, faded muddy old photos can be made to look almost new again. It may take multiple passes with different adjustments, but the results are often astounding. Remini empowers anyone to salvage precious old memories.

Unleashing Remini’s Full Potential

The free version of Remini lets you get a taste of the app’s capabilities with limits on certain functions. Going premium via subscriptions unlocks the full experience:

  • No Watermarks – Edited photos have no annoying watermarks.
  • Batch Processing – Apply enhancements to unlimited photos in bulk.
  • ** Unlimited Upsizing** – Upscale any number of photos to max resolution.
  • Advanced Face Enhance – Get the best possible face retouching.
  • Remove Metadata – Strip image metadata before exporting.
  • Pro Adjustments – Utilize pro-level editing tools.
  • Priority Support – Get help directly from Remini’s developers.

Of course, Remini Pro requires monthly or yearly subscriptions to unlock these benefits. Or…you can get everything for free with the MOD APK!


Remini Pro MOD APK Features

The Remini Pro MOD APK gives you full access to the complete premium photo editor totally free of charge. Here’s what you get:

Full Unlocked Premium

The mod completely unlocks Remini’s premium subscription features at no cost. You gain access to handy power user tools like unlimited upscaling, batch processing, and advanced face enhancements that really maximize Remini’s capabilities.

No more annoying watermarks on your enhanced shots either. And full support for pro-level adjustments takes your editing freedom to the next level.

Zero Ads

The modded APK does away with all the annoying banner and video ads you often get in the free version. Enjoy the full Remini interface ads-free for complete immersion when editing your photos.

Lifetime Access

Once installed, the modded app remains unlocked forever. You retain all premium features indefinitely without needing to pay a cent. Lifetime free access to Remini Pro!

Regular Updates

The mod receives timely updates to keep features working whenever the official Remini app gets upgrades. Expect solid reliability.

Is It Safe to Use?

Absolutely! The Remini Pro mod comes from trustworthy sources and is used by thousands happily with no issues. It does not touch sensitive information or data on your device at all.

The app itself is unmodified – only the unlocking was changed. So enjoy all the benefits without worries! Just don’t use it for unethical purposes.

Modding Your Photos with Remini Pro

Let’s check out some mod-exclusive editing features that make power-user photo enhancements a breeze:

Unlimited Batch Processing

The ability to enhance unlimited photos in bulk is exclusively for premium subscribers…unless you use the mod! This unlocks Remini’s true potential for managing entire photo libraries.

Just import all your old photos and have Remini work its magic across them all with a few taps. Automated enhancements applied en masse!

No Watermarks

Modded Remini Pro exports your enhanced photos completely watermark-free in original resolution. No annoying text branding your photos – they’re yours to enjoy!

Maximum Upscaling

You can upsize photos way beyond the limits in free Remini, with the mod removing all constraints. Scale images freely to print or display sizes without sacrificing sharpness.

Advanced Retouching

The mod unlocks Remini’s most advanced beautification tools for stunning portrait enhancements. Dial facial retouching up to 11 for magazine-worthy people shots!

Plus stripping metadata before exporting protects privacy. And accessing pro adjustment gives you absolute editing control.

Remini Pro Tips & Tricks

Let’s go over some handy tips for getting the most out of the premium unlocked Remini Pro app:

  • Find Good Photos – Garbage in, garbage out. Start with high-quality photos to maximize enhancements. The AI works best with less degradation.
  • Edit Multiple Times – For heavy restoration, run photos through Remini’s algorithms in multiple passes to compound the enhancements.
  • Selective Editing – Use the brush tool to apply enhancements just where they’re needed rather than the whole image. Great for faces.
  • Compare Before/After – Use the side-by-side compare function to tune edits to the right intensity for each photo. Don’t overdo it.
  • Downsize First – Heavily upsize smaller chunks of big photos instead of the full resolution image for better antialiasing.
  • Sharpen Last – Leave sharpening as the final step since it can introduce new artifacts the AI should then correct.
  • Go Premium – Seriously, even without the mod, Remini Premium is worth the price for automation and output flexibility it provides!

Follow these tips, and the modded Remini app will take your photo restoration and enhancement abilities to astounding new heights!

Remini Pro MOD APK FAQs

Is the modded APK safe to download?

Absolutely! It comes from a trusted source and only unlocks existing app functionality with no malware. Install at ease.

Do I need to root my Android device?

Nope! The modded app works flawlessly on any Android smartphone or tablet without needing root access. Simple install.

How do I install the Remini Pro Mod APK?

Just enable “Unknown Sources” in Android settings then install the downloaded APK file like any other app. Quick & easy!

Will I still get app updates?

Yes, the mod receives updates to maintain compatibility with the latest Remini version so it never stops working.

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