Real Steel World Robot Boxing APK v83.83.131 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Real Steel World Robot Boxing APK v83.83.131 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Real Steel World Robot Boxing APK v83.83.131 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Thanks to Real Steel World Robot Boxing Premium apk, you will have unlimited money. You can buy all the contents and get a good gaming experience.

Name World Robot Boxing
Publisher Reliance Games
Genre Action
Size 941.1 MB
Version 83.83.131
MOD Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
World Robot Boxing is the most famous version in the World Robot Boxing series of publisher Reliance Games
Mod Version 83.83.131
Total installs 50,000,000+

If you grew up loving the movie Real Steel or just enjoy robot boxing games, then Real Steel World Robot Boxing is the game for you! With stunning 3D graphics and intense fighting action, this game brings the excitement of giant robot boxing to life right on your mobile device.

World Robot Boxing

Choose Your Metal Warrior

The first step is picking which robot boxer you want to take into the ring. There are dozens to choose from, like the jackhammer-fisted Twin Cities or the agile Zeus. You can also unlock and upgrade special limited edition bots as you progress through the game!

Customize each fighter with unique paint jobs and flare. Give your robot your own epic entrance when they step into the ring!

Key Fighter Attributes

  • Power – Raw punching force
  • Precision – Accuracy and targeting
  • Endurance – Ability to absorb damage
  • Agility – Speed and reaction time

Balance these attributes to create an unstoppable mechanical boxer tailored to your fighting style!

World Robot Boxing 1

Navigate the Circuits

Work your way through various circuits, each with multiple fighting venues. Battle it out in small cheap bots leagues all the way to the Championship against the ultimate opponent – Zeus!

Earn prize money with each victory to upgrade your robot or purchase new ones. Collect gears and parts from defeated opponents.

Some key locations include:

Scrapyard Circuit

The scrapyards and abandoned buildings where you start out with duct-taped No-name bots. Fight here to build your skills.

Downtown Circuit

Glitzy arenas in Metro City with rowdy fans that cheer your robotic pugilists. Big rewards…but tough competition!

Global Tournament

Take your fighter around the world! Japan, Brazil, Russia – only the best bots qualify to enter this star-studded global collision.

Winning on these circuits means serious fame and fortune! But forget the paparazzi for now and step into the workshop to prep.

World Robot Boxing 2

Train in The Workshop

Tune your fighter bot in the Workshop before matches. Select various training mini-games to increase attributes like:

  • Reaction Training
    • Test agility by hitting moving pads
  • Spar Bots
    • Take on low level bots to refine technique
  • Resistance Training
    • Lift heavy objects to build strength

You can also use spare parts won in battles to repair damage or give stat boosts.

Key Upgrades

  • Improved Servos – Increase speed and precision
  • Carbon Fiber Plating – Stronger defensive armor
  • Power Cells – Extra battery life for more potent punches

With the right training and parts, you can transform even basic bot fighters into worthy contenders!

World Robot Boxing 3

Time for Combat!

When that arena bell dings, it’s robot fighting time! Master quick jabs, power swings, grabs, counters, and combos as your mechanical boxer battles for dominance.

Each punch landed and dodged saps your opponent’s energy until someone’s bot hits the mat for the count! Matches get more intense as you advance to prestigious circuits. Can your fighter go the distance?

In-Game Fighting Tips

  • Move and evade – don’t let the enemy bot pin you against the ropes!
  • Change elevation – duck and weave to set up body blows.
  • Manage stamina – save some juice for late round heroics.
  • Target weak points – radar reveals injuries; focus assaults accordingly.

With some gritty determination, underbot sparring, and strategic maintenance – you can lead even average bucket ‘o bolts bots to ultimate robotic boxing glory!

World Robot Boxing 4


What are the control options?

Touchscreen buttons provide dynamic punch and move controls. Also compatible with Bluetooth gamepads.

Is there multiplayer?

Yes! Go head-to-head against other players in online versus battles.

How realistic is the robot damage?

Bots sustain visible scratches, dents, cracked glass, and severed parts as they take hits. Sparks and oil leaks fly with dramatic sound effects!

Can I play this game offline?

You’ll need to be connected to play versus other players. But training modes and career circuits work offline.

Now Get in That Ring!

Do you have what it takes to lead your robot fighter to the top? Step into the gritty, oil-stained battlegrounds of the real steel boxing world today! Choose your metal warrior, customize their look and skills, then guide them through bruising bouts all the way from scrapyard skirmishes to the international championship. With realistic robot damage, dramatic sound effects, and fluid touchscreen controls – this adrenaline-charged game puts you right in the middle of mechanical fisticuffs action!

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