DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE APK v5.15.0 (MOD, God Mode, One Hit, Freeze HP)

v5.15.0 by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
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Name DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE is the most famous version in the DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE series of publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
Genre Action
Size 99 MB
Version 5.15.0
Update November 28, 2023
MOD God Mode, One Hit, Freeze HP  
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Yo Dragon Ball fans, it’s time to gather the ultimate anime dream team with Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle! This free mobile game lets you collect iconic DBZ characters and battle enemies with hard-hitting Ki blasts and attacks. With the right mods, you can enable god mode, one hit kills, and unlimited HP for easy domination!

This in-depth guide will cover Dokkan Battle’s addictive gameplay, top mods, tips, and strategies to assemble the most badass squad of Saiyans and warriors. Let’s dive in and start gathering Dragon Balls! 🐉


Addicting Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Gameplay Loop

The core gameplay loop of Dokkan Battle revolves around assembling a team of your favorite Dragon Ball characters, powering them up, and then battling in turn-based combat.

There are hundreds of characters to unlock from the anime and manga, including Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Frieza, Trunks, Android 18, and many more. Each has unique fighting abilities. You can build teams centered around Categories like “Goku’s Family”, “Vegeta’s Lineage”, “Androids”, etc for special bonuses.

Before battles, you assemble a team of 6 characters. Then during turn-based fights, you use Ki spheres to launch Super Attacks, link Attacks together for more damage, and execute various strategies to defeat enemies.

The combat is simple tapping and dragging, but pulling off attack sequences efficiently requires some skill. Seeing your favorite characters bombard enemies as they reach new transformations is super satisfying!

To strengthen your fighters, you can:

  • Level up their rarity from N->R->SR->SSR->UR->LR
  • Increase their max level cap
  • Equip better items and abilities
  • Earn special Potential Orbs to boost stats
  • Dokkan Awaken them into more powerful forms

Constantly improving your character roster gives you long-term goals to work towards.

Events and game modes provide variety:

  • Story mode quests
  • Special daily events
  • Weekly challenges
  • Time-limited events and collaborations
  • Multiplayer World Tournament mode
  • Giant Boss Raid missions requiring co-op

With new content added frequently and multiplayer, Dokkan Battle always gives you something exciting to do!

Now let’s see how mods can give you god-like power in assembling your anime dream team!


Dokkan Battle MODs – Enable God Mode, One Hit Kills, and More!

Dokkan Battle is extremely free-to-play friendly, but farming up characters and items can still be a big grind. That’s where mods come in! Here are some of the most useful Dokkan Battle mods:

God Mode

God mode makes your characters unstoppable in battle:

  • One hit defeats any enemy
  • Freeze HP so you cannot lose
  • Take no damage from enemies
  • Auto-win all battles quickly

God mode makes farming quests and events effortless!

Unlimited Dragon Stones

Dragon Stones are the premium currency used for:

  • Summoning new characters
  • Refreshing stamina
  • Continuing after losing
  • Reviving in difficult events

Having unlimited stones means you can keep summoning new fighters until you have every character imaginable on your dream roster! No more relying on stingy free stone handouts.


High Damage Mods

Other mods that make battles easier include:

  • Always super critical hits
  • Attacks do 100x-999x damage
  • One-hit AOE attacks
  • Enemies always stunned
  • Fights complete in 1 turn

These high damage mods let you destroy enemies before they can even move!

Unlimited Items

Being able to generate unlimited awakening medals, training items, potential orbs etc. means you never have to farm and can instantly upgrade characters fully.

God ModeOne-hit kills, freeze HP, no damage taken
Unlimited StonesEndless summons for new characters
High Damage999x damage, stun enemies, 1-turn fights
Unlimited ItemsInstant max upgrades and awakening

With the right mods, you’ll have the most busted roster and steamroll all content easily!


Tips and Strategies for Victory

Now let’s go over some pro tips and strategies to dominate Dokkan Battle without mods:

  • Prioritize rarity first – Focus on raising one UR/LR at a time rather than spreading resources thinly.
  • Target type weaknesses – Bring characters who counter the enemy team’s types for bonus damage.
  • Activate link skills – Ensure paired characters have shared link skills activated for extra effects.
  • Stun enemies – Stunning bosses prevents them attacking and gives you a free turn to damage them.
  • Manage potential grid – Unlock optimal routes on the potential grid for greater stat bonuses.
  • Save Dragon Stones – Only use stones on discount summons to maximize new character gains.
  • Bring support units – Use support characters who buff others on the team for harder hitting attacks.
  • Grind events fully – Completely clear events and missions to get all limited-time rewards before they expire.

With the right team composition, combat strategies, and resource management, you can conquer Dokkan Battle without needing any mods at all!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dokkan Battle playable offline?

No, you need an internet connection to play Dokkan Battle since it’s an online live service game.

How do you reroll in Dokkan Battle?

Rerolling involves deleting and reinstalling the game until you get your desired characters from the tutorial summon.

Is there PVP or co-op multiplayer?

The World Tournament mode and Giant Boss Raids offer indirect PVP and co-op. But no direct live multiplayer exists currently.

Is Dokkan Battle pay to win?

No, the game is very F2P friendly. Paying just speeds up summons and progression slightly. Skill matters more.

How do you farm Dragon Stones?

Complete quests and events, complete daily login bonuses, clear story events, participate in WT, and rank up player level.

What’s the best team composition?

Teams centered around Categories, Links, Types, and buffing Leader Skills tend to perform the best in battle.


That wraps up our epic Dokkan Battle gameplay guide! We covered how to assemble the ultimate Dragon Ball dream team, crush enemies with overpowered mods, and battle strategically.

With a deep roster of anime icons, addictive turn-based combat and frequent new events, Dokkan Battle offers endless content for DBZ fans to enjoy. Just be wary of whaling too hard for your favorite characters!

Now get out there and start gathering Dragon Balls to summon Shenron and unlock even more powerful fighters! Feel free to reference this guide whenever you need tips on excelling in Dokkan Battle’s gameplay. Thanks for reading, and see you on Beerus’ planet!

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v5.14.1 - Changed the application icon. v5.14.0 - Optimized the "Mission" feature. - Optimized Burst Mode. - Adjusted the user interface. - Fixed some bugs.

Download ( 99 MB )

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