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Rebel Racing APK v24.00.18345 + OBB (MOD, Nitro Boost, Dumb AI)

v24.00.18345 by Hutch Games
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Name Rebel Racing Rebel Racing is the most famous version in the Rebel Racing series of publisher Hutch Games
Publisher Hutch Games
Genre Racing
Size 634.1 MB
Version 24.00.18345
Update November 28, 2023
MOD Nitro Boost, Dumb AI
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Rebel Racing is one of the most popular arcade racing games out there offering nitro-fueled, high octane gameplay full of drifts, jumps and intense cop chases! With its gorgeous visuals, massive car customization and online multiplayer, you’ll be hooked for hours.

Let’s do a deep dive into what makes Rebel Racing’s gameplay so darn addictive and fun.

Rebel Racing

An Overview of Rebel Racing’s Core Gameplay

Here are some of the key elements that define the Rebel Racing experience:

  • Arcade handling model – The vehicles have simplified driving physics optimized for high-speed action. Easier to master than sims but still fun.
  • Cops vs Racers – Classic cops chasing racers gameplay complete with roadblocks, spike strips and PIT maneuvers! Outrun the law.
  • Multiplayer & Online – Race against real opponents online and prove your skills in intense competitive matchups.
  • Car customization – Tune your ride with different performance parts and cosmetic upgrades for a unique look.
  • Open world map – The huge open world is your playground. Find secret spots and customize your perfect routes.
  • Missions & Racing Events – Take part in different events from drift trials to illegal street races to earn reputation.

With easy pick-up-and-play controls, exciting events and competitive multiplayer, Rebel Racing offers a complete package!

Rebel Racing 1

Game Modes – Blend of Singleplayer & Multiplayer Action

There is a ton of diverse racing content keeping you engaged for countless hours:

Career Mode

The career mode forms the core of Rebel Racing’s singleplayer experience with unique gameplay progression.

  • Risk vs Reward – Higher bets on races mean bigger cash rewards but also losing more money if you lose. Play smart.
  • Reputation Building – Earn rep and complete sponsor objectives to unlock new events and cars.
  • Diverse Events – Sprints, laps, drift trials, time attacks – tons of variety throughout the career.

World Map Free Roaming

Freely cruise around the expansive open world map to find hidden areas and custom routes. Discover scenic areas and chill or go full throttle on long straight highways to hit crazy speeds!

Online Multiplayer

Take your skills online against real opponents in competitive, heart-pumping multiplayer races:

  • Casual races – Quick join races with random opponents for fun pick-up-and-play action.
  • Ranked matches – Compete in intense ranked matches in your rank bracket for leaderboard glory.
  • Crew battles – Team up in crews and coordinate to defeat other crews in epic rivalry showdowns.

Daily & Weekly Events

Special limited time events keep coming back offering exclusive rewards:

  • Live Summit – Race against the global leaderboard in weekly time trial challenges.
  • The Run – Long distance point to point sprints across the entire map.
  • Night events – Complete objectives at night for bonus reputation and cash rewards.

With so much variety, Rebel Racing’s gameplay stays fresh for a long time.

Rebel Racing 2

Handling Model – Easy to Drive, Hard to Master

The arcade handling physics are optimized for speed and fun which makes controlling the cars intuitive yet challenging:

  • Responsive steering – The vehicles turn in sharply allowing you to take tight corners and navigate through traffic with ease.
  • Drift friendly – RWD cars can kick the rear out and sustain effortless drifts around corners. Drifting feels natural.
  • Weighty sense – Despite being arcady, the cars still feel like they have believable heft and respond to inputs differently based on speed.
  • Balance of grip – The cars offer a balanced sense of grip – not too much to be boring or too little to be frustrating.
  • Nuanced control – Subtle inputs are required to balance wheelspin out of corners and control long eager drifts. Refined car control separates the good from great.

The handling hits the sweet spot of being approachable yet tough to extract the most speed out of. It perfectly complements the fast-paced racing.

Rebel Racing 3

Cops Chase System – Escape the Law

Trying to outrun an entire police force in hot pursuit is an absolute blast thanks to the dynamic cop chase system:

  • Adaptive Cop Behavior – Cops will try to box you in, deploy spike strips and PIT maneuver your car to take you down using actual police tactics.
  • Diverse Cop Cars – Police cruisers, interceptors, Corvettes – cops have all kinds of high performance rides trying to bust you.
  • Evolving Heat Levels – The longer your pursuit lasts, the higher your heat level rises calling in more aggressive cop reinforcements.
  • Chase Breakers – Use the map’s shortcuts and alleys to break line of sight and escape pursuing cops.

Dodging roadblocks, narrowly avoiding spike strips at high speed and escaping by the skin of your teeth makes outrunning the cops intense and memorable.

Rebel Racing 5

Car Customization – Build Your Dream Ride

Rebel Racing features deep cosmetic and performance customization allowing you to create your dream ride down to the finest details:

Visual Customization

Make your car standout visually with options like:

  • Paint Colors – Advanced editor to paint every panel in any color and finish. Go wild!
  • Vinyls – Apply custom vinyl shapes, stripes, decals with scaling and color options.
  • Body mods – Modify spoilers, bumpers, side skirts, canards and more for style.
  • Wheels – Tons of branded rims with size, camber and color customization.
  • Neons – Underglow neon lights for showing off at night. Also color customizable.

Performance Customization

Tune your car’s performance to best suit your driving style:

  • Engine – Swap engines for more power or desired power bands.
  • Drivetrain – Improve gear ratios, limited slip differentials for traction.
  • Suspension – Lower or stiffen suspension for improved handling.
  • Brakes – Brake caliper and rotor upgrades for stopping power.

No other car ever has to look or drive the same!

Rebel Racing 4

MOD Features – God Mode Fun

The Rebel Racing MOD truly unlocks the gameplay and provides an overpowered God mode experience:

  • Unlimited Nitrous – Endlessly boost your car to insane speeds. Makes escapes and pursuits even more chaotic!
  • Money Hack – Max in-game cash to instantly buy any car or upgrades you want.
  • All Cars Unlocked – Direct access to any vehicle including supercars without needing to progress.
  • Lower Wanted Level – Optionally lower your heat during police pursuits for a smoother getaway experience.
  • Dumb AI Racers – Opponent AI cars drive poorly and don’t provide much challenge (this can be disabled).

For those looking to go wild with supercars and endless nitro, the MOD is a blast albeit non-balanced.

Rebel Racing 6

Beginner Strategies

Here are some tips to help get your racing career off the starting line:

  • Initially focus on completing all Cups and earning money from races before spending big on new cars or upgrades. Build a cash reserve first.
  • Try turning on traction control and ABS if you’re struggling with control. You can wean them off slowly as your skills improve.
  • Don’t go overboard with max upgrades early. Subtle upgrades to match your driving style is better than copying viral tunes.
  • Use route options like highways and straights to hit top speed when you’re starting out and testing new cars.
  • Play a bit conservatively in online races at first till you learn opponent habits. Consistency > risky moves.

Follow the tips above to steadily grow your skills and car collection in Rebel Racing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Rebel Racing different from Need For Speed games?

It’s more fast-paced and action oriented than simulation focused NFS games but has similarities like cops and customization.

Is there a multiplayer campaign mode?

Unfortunately there is no ability to play the career mode co-operatively with friends yet. Multiplayer is limited to individual races.

How frequently does the game receive updates?

Frequent updates are released adding new cars, customization items, events and other content.

Is Rebel Racing online only?

No, you can play singleplayer offline. But you’ll miss out on online events and earning online currency.

Is Rebel Racing free to play?

Yes, the core game can be downloaded and played for free. Only cosmetics and currencies require real money purchases.

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