Ronin: The Last Samurai APK v2.9.660 (MOD, High Damage/Dumb Bot)
Ronin: The Last Samurai APK v2.9.660 (MOD, High Damage/Dumb Bot)

Ronin: The Last Samurai APK v2.9.660 (MOD, High Damage/Dumb Bot)

Ronin: The Last Samurai Premium APK gives you incredible advantages. You will have features such as dumb bot and high damage.

Name Ronin: The Last Samurai
Publisher Dreamotion Inc.
Genre Action
Size 362.25 MB
Version 2.9.660
MOD High Damage, Dumb Bot
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Ronin: The Last Samurai is the most famous version in the Ronin: The Last Samurai series of publisher Dreamotion Inc.
Mod Version 2.9.660
Total installs 10,000,000+

Ronin: The Last Samurai thrusts you into the enthralling yet brutal world of feudal Japan as a masterless samurai warriorconsumed by revenge. This gritty indie stealth combat game has generated buzz for its incredibly challenging gameplay and slick swordfighting visuals since launch.

Are your reflexes and skill honed enough to unravel political conspiracies while dicing up hordes of foes with graceful katana slashes? HAAA-YA! Let’s master the way of Ronin.

Ronin The Last Samurai

The Disgraced Ronin

In Ronin, you play as the lone wandering ronin Kenji, whose master Jun-sama was murdered in cold blood by Shogun Kazumasa for confronting their foreign trade corruption. Without master or purpose as an outcast swordsman, Kenji only seeks redemption through revenge against the steadily rising shogun and his allies across Japan.

Customize Your Ronin

Before setting on your bloody path, customize Kenji to match your inner lone wolf. Select from various kinds of traditional ronin armors like durable lamellar or lighter kimono garb – each with their combat advantages.

Give Kenji’s stern face your own personal scars and tattoos telling tales of both honor and regret. And of course choose color dyes for slick samurai style as you slaughter legions in the shadows. My, what striking colors!

Ronin The Last Samurai 1

Stealth Survival Tactics

While a legendary swordsman, charging straight into battles versus endless shogunate forces is pure madness. Instead you must fully embrace stealth combat to prevail on this iron path of revenge.

Survey the Scene

Each sprawling environment is brimming with patrolling guards just begging to get carved up. Take time understanding guard paths, hiding spots, escape routes and potential traps to exploit.

Silent Assassinations

Getting spotted by groups spells certain doom, even for master Kenji. When you spy lone or distant enemies, target them for chained assassination sprees.

Here are some silent Ronin tricks:

  • Strangle or KO then hide bodies after kills
  • Use loud distractions then ambush turned heads
  • Toss ceramic shards to lure curious guards to you

And once a room is cleared? Breathe deep, sheathe your mighty katana…then vanish like the wind before reinforcements swarm. Poof!

Ronin The Last Samurai 2

Dance of Death Swordplay

Alas, open combat will prove unavoidable in Ronin’s restless journey for vengeance. Yet a formidable Ronin moves as graceful as leaf shadows with sword gripped tight and senses sharp.

Enemies will come from all sides armed with spears, arrows and their own blades. Lock into intense duels flowing from one foe to the next while unleashing punishing sword combos.

Combo Chaining Carnage

Linking Katana strikes into fluid chains builds your combo score while turning baddies into heaps of meat. Use stun kicks, guard breaks and finishing moves on tougher types like brute enforcers as you become a whirlwind of slashes. 100…200..500 hit combos!? However do you keep count once lost in the dance?

Some useful Kenji steel skills:

  • Flurry Strikes – Fast low damage pokes to stagger foes
  • Steel Hurricane – Spin rapidly with blade extended hitting all around
  • Wolf Fang – Forward leaping overhead slash cutting heads clean off! * nom nom*

Not to forget of course…delicately timed parries and dodges in response to perilous flashing red attacks! KLINK! Whoosh…

Soon hordes will fill you not with fear – but delight and honor at bringing just death upon them.

Ronin The Last Samurai 3

The Ronin’s Burdens

The solitary path of a ronin bands you as outcast…dubbed coward and drifter by those unable to grasp the layers behind your complex existence.

In silence we bear heavy burdens chaining our fate:

  • To walk the razor edge between life and death
  • Never able to serve true justice as we desire
  • Our old lives and loved ones lost, like sakura on the wind
  • The guilt of losing righteous duels, staining our blades eternally

Yet we accept this weight stoically. For in the end, only destiny judges the echoes left by our passing…

Hmmm! Apologies friends for the brief interlude of philosophy. Now, where were we?

Ah yes! GLORIOUS COMBAT! Please, allow me to lovingly describe the CRACK of femur against steel guard and SQUISH of katana kissed necks once more…

Leveling Up Your Ronin

While a formidable fighter from the start, the winding road promises to further test master Kenji with tougher environs and deadlier foes sent by the shogun and his allies.

You must carefully hone your skills while scouring the land, lest your odds of vengeance narrow…

Unlocking Combat Abilities

Defeating mini-bosses and exploration reveals secret combat skill scrolls unleashing new sword combos, parries and magic attacks adding more ways to deal death.

Flaming steel…favored by Musashi indeed!

Upgrading Gear

Gold earned from battle and quests can be used to enhance trusty equipment like:

  • Blades – Improve damage, speed or bleeding effects
  • Armor – Bolster resistance to damage or stealth
  • Accessories – Boost stats like health and stamina recovery

Choose wisely when upgrading gear as gold doesn’t flow freely for the masterless…

Ronin The Last Samurai 4

Tips for Aspiring Ronin

  • Master parry timing – Gold flashes signal block or dodge openings
  • Use environment traps – Drop heavy objects, ignite oil, poison drinks
  • Mix up attacks – Repeating combos = Predictable and punishable
  • Explore completely – Easy to miss secret chests, scrolls and clues!
  • Appreciate the small beauties – Birdsong, falling blossoms, babbling brooks

Ronin FAQs

I’m totally stuck on silver samurai boss! HELP!

Use Oil Flasks then ignite with Fire Shards. Wait for him to burn out while evading, then move in safely!

Should I do all quests or just main missions?

It’s worth doing all content to grind XP, gold and gear. But story quests have priority for progressing plot.

Why can’t I equip new armor/weapons sometimes?

Make sure you meet minimum stat requirements shown in top right details. Level up or use gear to add required Str/Stam/Focus.

Strongest Ronin build…best weapons?

Early on, focus either high stance damage or ranged Tactics. End-game lets you respec more flexibly!

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