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Name Towerlands Towerlands is the most famous version in the Towerlands series of publisher Black Bears Publishing
Publisher Black Bears Publishing
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Ever dreamt of ruling your own magical medieval kingdom? In Towerlands, you can construct exactly that – an entire fantasy realm under your control! This addictively fun city builder lets you design a unique kingdom from floating islands in the sky, manage subjects, gather resources, and defend from monster invasions. Let’s delve into the addictive gameplay that makes building your ideal fantasy getaway so fulfilling!

Towerlands Tower Defense TD

Island Creation Tools πŸ› οΈ

Everything in Towerlands revolves around floating islands in the sky. You’re given tons of control over constructing your own custom island layouts. Here are the creative tools at your disposal:

Terraforming πŸŒ„

Sculpt and mold fully deformable terrain with your fingertips. Raise and lower land masses, carve rivers and lakes, spawn hills and cliffs – the possibilities are endless!

Custom Biomes πŸ”₯πŸŒ²β›°οΈ

Each island can have different environments like lush forests, scorching deserts, frosty tundras and more. Mix and match biomes however you like!

Decorations 🎨

Place decorative props like trees, rocks, bushes and foliage across your islands to really make the environments pop. Small details add realism.

With intuitive terraforming controls, diverse biomes, and tons of props, you have the ultimate sandbox for constructingfloating paradises tailored to your wildest imagination!

Towerlands Tower Defense TD 1

Citizens and Housing πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦

What’s a kingdom without subjects to rule over? You’re in charge of managing citizens who inhabit your islands. Building them proper homes is key.

Residential Buildings 🏘️

Construct cottages, huts, and houses for your citizens. Each has different space and requirements. Bigger homes fit more people!

Satisfaction 🌟

Keep tabs on overall citizen happiness. Ensure you provide enough jobs and amenities to maintain high satisfaction. Disgruntled subjects decrease productivity.

Population Growth πŸ‘Ά

As you build more homes and facilities, more island residents will arrive to fill them up. Watch your kingdom and workforce expand!

Citizen Specialization πŸ‘·β€β™‚οΈπŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎπŸ‘¨β€πŸ­

Some structures require specific worker types to operate. Use residences that attract special citizens like farmers, builders, and craftsmen.

Creating bustling communities through thoughtful city planning feels very rewarding. But citizens need stuff to do…

Towerlands Tower Defense TD 2

Resource Management πŸ“¦

Any prosperous realm relies on the production and trade of resources and goods. You’ll need to set up chains of production buildings:

Raw Materials ⛰️

Farms, fisheries, lumber yards, mines and more produce basic resources from biomes like food, wood and ore.

Processing βš™οΈ

Process raw materials into refined goods at sawmills, smelters and mills. This increases their value for trade.

Crafting 🏺

Specialty buildings like potters, weavers and jewelers use refined goods to craft luxury items for maximum profits.

Trade Ships πŸ›³οΈ

Construct docks and dispatch trade ships to sell goods and generate gold revenue for you to invest back into your kingdom.

Balancing production of different resources while maximizing profits takes strategy. But what’s a kingdom without a touch of regal style?

Towerlands Tower Defense TD 3

Royal Structures 🏯

In addition to practical buildings, crafting an awe-inspiring capital filled with majestic royal buildings provides immense satisfaction.

Castles 🏰

Choose from gothic fortresses, ornate palaces or imposing citadels as your royal abode. Bigger castles garrison more troops.

Statues πŸ—Ώ

Commission decorative monuments and triumphal arches to inspire your subjects…and stroke your ego!

Gardens 🏞️

Design lavish hanging gardens, hedge mazes, and serene ponds for your citizens’ leisure. A touch of natural beauty.

Guild Halls πŸ›οΈ

These grand halls allow citizens to mingle and socialize. Keeping them content is wise.

Your imagination is the limit when crafting the perfect royal capital! But you’ll need to keep up defenses…

Defensive Strategy πŸ›‘οΈ

Dastardly monsters and invaders will regularly attack your islands! You must build defensive structures and deploy troops wisely:

Walls and Traps 🧱

Build sturdy walls and place traps to help repel land invasions. Channel their movement patterns to your advantage.

Ballistas and Cannons βš”οΈ

Construct ranged siege weaponry like cannons and ballistas to shoot down both land and air attackers. Position them effectively.

Barracks and Training πŸ’‚

Recruit soldiers, pikemen, archers and other units from training buildings. Larger garrisons allow more troops.

Magic ✨

Research spells and equip special crystals with elemental magic like fire, lightning and wind. Unleash these upon invaders!

Hero Units 🦸

Legendary unique heroes join your forces once unlocked. Their special abilities turn the tide of battles.

Defending your kingdom from magical creatures utilizing strategy and powerful abilities is immensely fun. But your islands aren’t the only realm…

Towerlands Tower Defense TD 4

Mystical Dimensions πŸŒ€

In Towerlands, you eventually gain access to mystical alternate dimensions with their own islands to build upon!

Mirror World πŸŒƒ

This dark reflection realm twists your islands with inverted day/night cycles and shadowy magical inhabitants.

Candy World 🍬

Everything turns sugary sweet in this land of giant gingerbread people and cotton candy forests!

Steam World ♨️️

Rediscover your islands overgrown by lush glowing mushrooms, roaming robots, and hissing pipes pumping out steam.

Olympus ⛰️

In this heavenly realm, mythic creatures like centaurs and minotaurs join your society. Design legendary monuments!

Exploring wildly fantastic realms that transform your existing islands revitalizes the experience with fresh challenges and designs.

Now let’s answer some common questions about gameplay:


Is there a story campaign?

No, there is no linear story mode. The game is a pure sandbox focused entirely on building your own unique islands and kingdom!

How does multiplayer work?

You can visit and trade resources with islands created by friends. But there is no direct co-op building or PvP warfare.

Do I need internet connection?

You need an internet connection initially to download the game but it can then be played 100% offline!

How long does it take to build cool islands?

With the powerful terrain tools you can craft unique layouts in minutes. Decorating and populating them takes more time but is very rewarding.

Are there microtransactions?

Yes, there are optional purchases for premium decorations, resources and coins but the core experience is totally free. No paywalls hamper your creativity!

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