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Name Vice Online Vice Online is the most famous version in the Vice Online series of publisher Jarvi Games Ltd
Publisher Jarvi Games Ltd
Genre Action
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Version 0.10.3
Update November 28, 2023
MOD Mega Menu/Free Rewards
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In the seedy underworld, respect means everything. Vice Online drops you into a gritty life of crime, challenging you to build an unstoppable criminal empire and dominate the streets. With its mix of strategy, roleplaying, and life simulation, Vice Online offers an addictive gameplay experience like no other.

In this deep dive, we’ll uncover all the tips and tricks for running illicit operations, battling rival gangs, and evading the law. Plus, we’ll explore game-changing mods that give you unlimited cash, max stats, and other awesome cheats! You ready to rule the urban jungle and become a legend? Let’s get into it!

Vice Online

Welcome to the Criminal Lifestyle

In Vice Online, you start out small – running petty crimes on street corners to earn cash and reputation. But soon you’ll work your way up by:

  • Establishing your own gang headquarters and recruiting loyal crew members
  • Pulling off heists, drug deals, assassinations, and other jobs
  • Investing your dirty money into legitimate businesses for more income
  • Taking over territory from rival gangs through cunning schemes and shootouts
  • Building connections with corrupt cops, politicians, and judges

The deeper into the underworld you go, the more money, power, and infamy you’ll gain. Just watch your back – snitches, betrayals, and turf wars are constant threats. Can you survive this high stakes criminal life?

Vice Online 1

Jobs, Skills, and Street Cred

To advance in Vice Online, complete jobs to earn cash and street cred. Cash buys cars, weapons, businesses etc. Street cred unlocks new jobs and territory. Here are key criminal activities:

Drug dealing

  • Start small peddling dime bags, then work up to smuggling shipments across borders for serious profits. But avoid the DEA and gang violence over prime corners!

Arms trafficking

  • Arm your crew with pistols and shotguns, then unlock military-grade assault rifles, explosives, and armor for major jobs. Just watch out for stings by the ATF.

Car theft and chop shop

  • Steal exotic cars and sell them to chop shops for parts. Export luxury vehicles overseas as an even bigger money maker, if you can get them into containers undetected.

Robbery and heists

  • Pull off increasingly risky scores – from convenience stores and banks to casino vaults, armored cars, and trains for million dollar payouts. Just be ready to handle the heat afterwards!

Develop skills like:

  • Shooting – Aim faster, reload quicker, and gain accuracy with guns.
  • Strength – Carry heavier weapons and take less damage in fights.
  • Charisma – Recruit more gang members and negotiate better deals.
  • Hacking – Gather intel, disrupt rival ops, and siphon funds digitally.

Choose activities that match your criminal talents. Mastering key skills helps executing bigger jobs and outwitting your competition.

Vice Online 2

Recruiting Crews and Running Gangs

In Vice Online, your crew can make or break you. Surround yourself with the best as you build a criminal empire:

Foot soldiers

  • Street thugs who run drugs, provide security, and fight turf wars. Pay and equip them well!

Getaway drivers

  • Skilled behind the wheel for fast escapes after big scores. Bonus if they’re master mechanics too.


  • Technical pros who can bypass security systems and open complex vaults and locks.


  • Expensive but useful for getting gang members off the hook when they’re caught. Worth the fees.

Also construct headquarters with:

  • Armories for equipping your crew with weapons.
  • Garages to store getaway vehicles.
  • Labs for producing drugs and weapons.

Successful management keeps your gang loyal and effective. Get sloppy, and they may turn against you!

Vice Online 3

Taking Over Territory and Managing Assets

As you gain street cred and power, it’s time to take over:


  • Drive out rival gangs neighborhood by neighborhood to control the streets. But expect pushback…


  • Acquire clubs, bars, restaurants, and shops both to make money and front your illicit operations.

Real estate

  • Invest in run-down properties, renovate them, and flip for massive profits. Then launder your dirty money!


  • Pay off police, mayors, and other officials to turn a blind eye as you take over. But don’t let them extort too much…


  • Create legitimate businesses (auto repair shops, security companies, etc) that secretly support your criminal endeavors.

With enough territory and assets, you’ll become the true kingpin of the streets!

Vice Online 4

Taking Down Rival Gangs

As you rise to the top, expect clashes with other gangs. Be ready to protect your empire!


  • Send spies to infiltrate rival ops. Have them instigate failures and chaos from within.


  • Team up with weaker gangs and promise them rewards for helping you wipe out mutual enemies.


  • When talks fail, war breaks out. Ambush rival gangs, defend your streets, and take no prisoners!


  • Sometimes offers to cut rival bosses in on your profits can make them switch sides… or at least back off.

With the right strategy, you can convince or crush your criminal competition. Just don’t let pride or arrogance blind you to potential betrayals!

Cops, Snitches, and Staying Out of Prison

As a crime lord, many threats lurk in the shadows. Be vigilant against:


  • Gang members may turn informant if caught by police. Watch for signs of snitching and pay off cops to suppress evidence.


  • Limit phone communication and sweep properties regularly for police bugs. Never openly discuss crimes and plans.

Undercover agents

  • Carefully vet all gang recruits, as some may be undercover cops. Their testimony can destroy empires.

Turning yourself in

  • If the heat is closing in, negotiate to surrender peacefully. A reduced sentence is better than death or life in prison!

Staying multiple steps ahead of the law is key. But know when to cut deals – not even crime bosses rule forever.

Vice Online 5

Dominating Faster With Mods

To unleash maximum criminal power, install Vice Online mods! Mods grant you money, skill points, assets, and more. Here are some worth downloading:

Mega Menu Mod

Unlocks special cheats to:

  • Generate unlimited cash, street cred, and skill points
  • Max out all skills instantly
  • Own every business and property right away

Rule your empire like a king from day one!

Free Rewards Mod

Claim special weekly prizes like:

  • Top tier weapons and cars
  • Millions in bonus cash
  • Police and mayor bribes
  • Full gang soldier recruitment

Enjoy big benefits without the effort!

Asset Unlocker

Build your empire faster by instantly owning:

  • All gang headquarters
  • Businesses and commercial property
  • Police, governor, and mayor blackmail material

Take over the city at record speed!

Mods let you bypass Vice Online’s grind and dominate the streets right away.

Vice Online FAQs

Is Vice Online a multiplayer or singleplayer game?

It’s solely a singleplayer open world crime game. No online multiplayer exists.

What platforms is it available on?

Vice Online can be played on iOS, Android, and PC using emulators. Cross-platform saving isn’t supported.

Does Vice Online require an internet connection?

No, an internet connection isn’t needed as it’s an offline game. But you do need occasional internet access to download updates.

Is Vice Online free-to-play?

Yes, Vice Online is free to download and play, but includes optional in-app purchases to speed up progress.

How much storage space does Vice Online require?

Approximately 2 GB free space is needed for the full installation on mobile. PC size requirements vary.

Is it better to use mods or play vanilla?

Mods make the game easier and faster. Play the vanilla game first for a challenge, then use mods for an overpowered experience!

And that covers the key questions on this epic life of crime sim! Are you ready to rise up, take over, and rule the streets with an iron fist? The path to becoming a legendary crime lord awaits!

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