VivaCut Premium APK v3.5.2 (MOD, VIP Unlocked)
VivaCut Premium APK v3.5.2 (MOD, VIP Unlocked)

VivaCut Premium APK v3.5.2 (MOD, VIP Unlocked)

Discover the privileges with VivaCut Premium apk. You can access all content with unlocked VIP.

Name VivaCut
Publisher VivaCut professional video editor
Genre Video Players & Editors
Size 150.8 MB
Version 3.5.2
MOD VIP Unlocked
Get it On Google Play
VivaCut is the most famous version in the VivaCut series of publisher VivaCut professional video editor
Mod Version 3.5.2
Total installs 100,000,000+

VivaCut has sliced and diced its way to the top of the video editing apps. This powerful and intuitive video editor makes creating professional-looking videos easy and fun. With a slick and responsive interface, VivaCut delivers a smooth editing experience across devices.

VivaCut Pro Video Editor

Slice, Dice, and Reshape Your Videos

The razor-sharp tools in VivaCut empower users to trim, cut, split, and stitch video clips with precision. It’s a cinch to trim unwanted sections, creating tight, focused videos that captivate audiences.

Customize footage further by splitting longer clips into segments. Rearrange segments seamlessly with drag-and-drop functionality – restructuring your story on-the-fly. VivaCut’s clever interface adapts, allowing users to intuitivey shape compelling narratives.

Trim Away the Dead Wood

VivaCut’s adjustable sliders enable users to trim segments down to single frames. Slice and remove unwanted sections for a lean, mean final product.

This isn’t timid tinkering either – have the confidence to cut boldy and not worry about wrecking your original footage. VivaCut saves trim info, allowing users to revert all changes should they have a rethink.

Split Clips into Modular Blocks

Chop longer videos into customizable chunks using VivaCut’s Split feature. Breaking a clip creates two independently movable pieces. Split multiple times to divide footage into modular blocks – handy for rearranging story sequences out-of-order.

Prefer analog cues? VivaCut’s visual timeline provides a bird’s eye overview when shuffling clip order. Intuitive without sacrificing sophistication.

Transitions – The Secret Editing Sauce

Invisible cuts between clips scream amateur hour. Step up production aesthetics with VivaCut’s extensive creative Transitions – the secret sauce that spices home videos.

Fade and Morph Between Clips

Simple yet effective, Cross Dissolve fades gradually transition between clips. For quirky visual flair try the unique Iris Effect combining a fade-out with a dynamic shrinking circle.

Feel extra experimental? Morph one scene into another with Face Morph. This awe-inspiring transition merges the end of one clip and the start of another by blending facial features with uncanny realism. An unforgettable effect when done well!

Add Motion with Ease

Who doesn’t appreciate flashy wipes, slides, splits, spins and other dynamic transitions? VivaCut delivers with over 20+ glamorizing motion effects to spotlight your editing skills.

From Luma fades targeting bright object to unique transitions like Glitch-no time for boring when spicing scene changes. Install further transitions from VivaCut’s Expansion Store for an ever-increasing array of spectacular options.

VivaCut Pro Video Editor 1

Mix Audio for Maximum Impact

Videos feel flat and lifeless without an atmospheric audio mix. Provide immersion with VivaCut’s intuitive audio editing tools.

Volume Control and Audio Mixing

Create captivating soundscapes by tweaking audio layers independently. Crank up the volume on critical sound bites or add impact to dramatic moments using Volume Control.

Fade audio sources in and out as the video dictates using VivaCut’s Mixer feature. Automated presets like Ambience gently lower background noise under voice clips while Express fades master audio before transitions. Set the mood – customize audio further by implementing personalized volume changes and fades.

Seamless Audio Editing

Chop and change audio layers following on-screen activity. VivaCut’s responsive interface makes editing audio to video feel delightful rather than troublesome.

Extract audio from video clips for isolated editing freedom. VivaCut converts files automatically enabling you to make secreted sound edits inside the main project. Further manipulate audio by applying filters including Reverb and Robot effects. Make soundbites unrecognizable or as clear as crystal quality.

Special Effects – The Visual Eye-Candy

Dreary, lifeless images are cheerfully banished by VivaCut’s Special Effects. These filters, overlays, stickers and text options add professional post-production dazzle any novice can master.

Filters – Atmosphere in a Click

Moodiness and atmosphere play pivotal storytelling roles in video. Evoke wonder or tension by slapping on a filter preset in moments. From filmic grain for documentary grit to Summer Haze’s nostalgic warmth, manipulate mood fast.

Further adapt footage using Color Adjustment’s HSL Slider controls. Craft uniquely personalized filters by increasing green forests’ lushness. Make blood red horror pops glow vibrantly. Have complete image control at your fingertips.

Overlays – Next-Level Storytelling

Overlays provide digestible visual context clues through transparent images overlaying footage. Display engaging supplemental information using maps, illustrations and text without compromising underlying video.

Stickers and Text – Personality with Pop

Text and eye-catching stickers brand videos with creator identities. Snappy opening titles and credits bookend project professionalism while fun icons and shapes pepper content with quirky character throughout.

VivaCut Pro Video Editor 2

Share Creations with the World

Riveting content deserves appreciative eyes – export video masterpieces directly online toHungry audiences.

Upload Straight to YouTube

Why waste time downloading edited videos before reuploading to YouTube separately? VivaCut simplifies promoting video creations through direct export to YouTube in customizable quality. Give viewers silky smooth 4K video or share smaller file sizes for social media simplicity.

Straight to Social Media

Skip save-download-reupload hassles by beaming video magic straight into hungry social media feeds. Post video quick as a flash with direct sharing integration for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more!

FAQ – Common VivaCut Questions

What devices and platforms support VivaCut?

VivaCut is available Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. It can also be run on Windows using emulator software.

Can VivaCut edit photos and audio files?

While VivaCut specializes in video editing, users can import images and audio files to supplement video projects.

Is there a way to recover trimmed/deleted clips?

Thankfully, yes! VivaCut’s unique versioning system saves project state regularly. Revert unwanted changes or recover missing clips through the Versions feature.

Can I remove VivaCut’s watermark from exports?

The free VivaCut version watermarks all video exports. Paid subscribers can export final creations completely watermark-free in up to 4K quality.

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