Youtube Vanced Premium APK v18.49.36 (MOD, No ADS)
Youtube Vanced Premium APK v18.49.36 (MOD, No ADS)

Youtube Vanced Premium APK v18.49.36 (MOD, No ADS)

Youtube Vanced Premium apk brings you all the benefits via! You get premium features like ad-free and background playback.

Name YouTube Vanced
Publisher Google LLC
Genre Video Players & Editors
Size 105.2 MB
Version 18.49.36
MOD Premium, No ADS
Get it On Google Play
YouTube Vanced is the most famous version in the YouTube Vanced series of publisher Google LLC
Mod Version 18.49.36
Total installs 10,000,000,000+

YouTube has become the undisputed king of online video, providing a seemingly endless stream of clips to entertain, educate, and inspire. But the standard ad-supported YouTube experience leaves much to be desired. Enter YouTube Vanced – a paid subscription that eliminates ads and unlocks a suite of powerful features for power YouTube users.

In this article, we’ll highlight the key benefits and capabilities you gain from upgrading to YouTube Premium. From background play to exclusive original content, Premium provides the premium YouTube experience users crave. Read on to see why YouTube wants you to go Premium!

YouTube Vanced

Ad-Free Watching Across All Devices

Easily the biggest benefit of YouTube Vanced is enjoying ad-free viewing across all of YouTube. This means no more annoying video ads before clips or interruptions during playback.

Premium subscribers can browse endlessly through YouTube’s massive video library without a single commercial breaking their flow. Skipping ads saves huge chunks of time that can really add up.

Going ad-free applies to every YouTube platform too – the main website, mobile apps, and smart TVs. Once you’re subscribed, those disruptive ads vanish completely from your YouTube experience.

Downloading Videos to Watch Offline

Another great perk included with Premium is the ability to download videos for offline playback. This means you can store up a collection of favorite YouTube clips to watch later when an internet connection is unavailable.

Downloading is perfect for frequent travelers who want entertainment while airborne. You can stock up on videos at home over WiFi to save your mobile data and still watch content anywhere.

Offline downloads also allow kids to watch safely selected YouTube videos on long car rides where streaming isn’t possible. And you can easily grab offline mixes and playlists for situations where buffering isn’t ideal.

Background Playback on Mobile

Tired of YouTube videos stopping whenever you switch to a different mobile app or lock your phone’s screen? Thankfully, Premium lets you continue audio playback in the background.

This means you can keep listening to music mixes, podcasts, gameplay commentary, and more while texting, browsing the web, or using other apps. Videos will keep playing like a normal audio stream.

Background listening is perfect for turning longer YouTube videos into a pseudo music app. Premium finally enables YouTube to properly fulfill the audio-first use cases listeners expect.

Access to YouTube Music Vanced

Included completely free with a Premium subscription is a full subscription to YouTube Music Vanced – ad-free, background listening, and offline downloads included. This provides access to YouTube’s massive music catalog in a dedicated app.

YouTube Music offers official songs, albums, thousands of playlists, and remixes you won’t find anywhere else. And having Premium means features like saving offline and uninterrupted listening on mobile are enabled.

Basically, Premium doubles as both an ad-free video and audio streaming subscription through its bundled music inclusion. Two excellent services for the price of one!

Early Access to Original YouTube Originals

In recent years, YouTube has expanded into creating its own exclusive original programming like a streaming service. Premium subscribers get early access to new YouTube Original series and movies.

This includes popular productions like Cobra Kai, Step Up, and Impulse – content you can’t watch anywhere except YouTube Vanced provides ad-free access to all Originals one week before the free users.

Exclusive early access is the perfect way for diehard fans to be the first to check out new YouTube releases and avoid spoilers before they go wide. And there are new Original programs being added all the time to enjoy.

YouTube Vanced 1

Member-Only Features Like Posts and Badges

To reward loyal Premium subscribers, YouTube offers perks like Community posts, custom badges, and expanded emoji access. These member-only features let you stand out and engage more in the YouTube community.

Members can make text and image posts to share thoughts, behind-the-scenes details, and channel announcements. Badges highlight you as a Premium subscriber under comments, live chats, and Community tab posts.

Subscribing also provides the ability to add animated emoji reactions during Premieres, live streams, and comments. These exclusive extras demonstrate your support for creators and the platform.

Picture-in-Picture Mode on Desktop

Here’s a simple but incredibly handy feature – with Premium, you can pop YouTube videos out into a picture-in-picture window to float above other desktop apps.

This allows keeping a YouTube clip playing in the corner of your screen while multitasking on work, emails, or anything else. You can shrink down and reposition the floating player anywhere for quick monitoring.

Picture-in-picture is perfect for when you need a YouTube tutorial or music mix playing in the background while focusing on important tasks or productivity. Premium truly maximizes multitasking!

4K Video Quality and Offline Viewing

For the most pristine viewing experiences, YouTube Vanced opens up streaming in stunning 4K resolution where available. Experience your favorite creators’ videos in ultra-crisp UHD quality.

Premium also removes the annoying 1080p resolution limit when downloading videos for offline viewing. You can stock up on 4K videos for watching later without WiFi in full quality.

By removing restrictions, Premium subscribers can enjoy the highest-fidelity YouTube viewing experience possible – both online and off.

No Account Restrictions for Age

Unlike the free tier, a Premium account is not subject to any age restrictions. This means younger viewers can browse or search YouTube unfiltered without limitations to only child-approved content.

Kids with Premium accounts have access to the full YouTube ecosystem. Of course, parental supervision is still advised, but having the full power of YouTube can be beneficial for older, more mature children.

And there are no ads to worry about either! Premium provides peace of mind knowing your kids won’t deal with age-gated content or video ads.

One Subscription Covers your Whole Family

Rather than paying for individual accounts, a single YouTube Vanced subscription applies to your whole family group. This allows up to 5 additional accounts for family members under one monthly plan.

Premium sharing is perfect for households where everyone wants to enjoy ad-free viewing, background play, and music downloads. One reasonably priced subscription fuels the whole family’s enhanced YouTube habits.

YouTube even provides supervised accounts and protections to safely manage each family member’s access. Going Premium truly unlocks the best collective YouTube experience.

YouTube Vanced 2

Compatible with Google Play Family Library

Speaking of sharing, Premium integrates seamlessly with Google’s Family Library for content sharing. This allows easy access to shared apps, movies, books, and more purchased by family members.

Of course, this includes a Premium subscription. Anyone in your Google family group instantly gains your Premium benefits like ad-free viewing and background audio. Shared premium perks make Family Library even more valuable.

YouTube Vanced perfectly complements Google’s family-oriented ecosystem. Premium’s benefits extend far beyond a single user thanks to Google’s sharing capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions About YouTube Vanced

How much does YouTube Vanced cost?

With this YouTube vanced apk, you get all the content for free.

What countries is Premium available in?

Premium is available in over 100 countries worldwide. Availability is limited in some parts of Africa and Asia.

How many devices can I use with Premium?

You can log into Premium on as many devices as you want! There’s no limit on number of phones, tablets, computers, or TVs.

Can I use YouTube Kids with Premium?

Yes! Premium provides ad-free access to both the main YouTube app and YouTube Kids app.

Is the original content any good?

Yes, YouTube Originals like Cobra Kai and Wayne have very strong reviews from critics and fans alike!

Can Premium accounts live stream?

Yes, Premium has no restrictions on live streaming from your account or chatting in streams.

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