Zero City APK v1.48.0 (MOD, Damage, Defense Multiplier)
Zero City APK v1.48.0 (MOD, Damage, Defense Multiplier)

Zero City APK v1.48.0 (MOD, Damage, Defense Multiplier)

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Name Zero City
Publisher MY.GAMES B.V.
Genre Simulation
Size 115.8 MB
Version 1.48.0
MOD Defense Multiplier
Get it On Google Play
Zero City is the most famous version in the Zero City series of publisher MY.GAMES B.V.
Mod Version 1.48.0
Total installs 10,000,000+

Zero City is an exciting mobile game that thrusts players into a post-apocalyptic world where they must survive and rebuild civilization from an underground bunker. With engaging gameplay, striking visuals, and an immersive atmosphere, Zero City offers the ultimate apocalyptic simulation experience.

Zero City

Scavenging the Ruins Above Ground

The game begins with the player character emerging from their bunker to scavenge the ruins of the city above. Structures lay in rubble, the streets are empty, and the world is eerily quiet.

As you explore the decimated cityscape, you’ll discover scattered resources and supplies left behind. However, you must move cautiously and keep an eye out for enemies. Danger lurks around every corner in the form of violent scavengers looking to take what you found. The threat level is real.

Key Locations to Uncover Gear

  • Police Stations: These contain weapons, ammo, and protective gear.
  • Hospitals: Medicine, first aid kits, chemicals and lab equipment can be found here.
  • Military Outposts: Ammo, guns, armor, weapon mods and more.
  • Electronic Stores: Useful for electronic parts and batteries.

Learning optimal routes and key locations will help you maximize your haul from every harrowing trip above ground.

Zero City 1

Building and Managing Your Underground Base

Your bunker functions as your home base. Here you can securely store all your scavenged resources and begin establishing yourself. There’s a lot to do:

Essential Rooms

These key rooms provide for basic needs:

  • Living Quarters: Increase survivor capacity
  • Dining Room: Feeds your community
  • Medbay: Heals injuries and illness

Upgrading them should be top priority early on.

Zero City 5

Crafting New Gear

Many items like weapons, armor mods, chemicals and electronic gadgets must be crafted from resources at work stations before they can be utilized. Manage production wisely.

Power Systems

The bunker relies primarily on a generator but solar panels can supplement energy needs. Maintain fuel supplies and maximize solar collection.

Security and Defense

As your community grows, reinforce security and add automated defense systems to repel enemy raids. Don’t let anyone steal what’s yours!

Zero City 2

Survivor Management

The most vital resource is your community of survivors. Rescuing them from the ruins above expands your population and brings new skills into the bunker. However, each new member places additional demands on resources. Balance expansion with sustainability.

Survivor Stats

Each individual survivor has ratings in key areas:

  • HP/Attack: Combat ability
  • Intelligence: Speed of crafting, scavenging gains
  • Stamina: Movement speed, food consumption

Assign them optimally to benefit the community most.

Hero Development

Your initial character and recruited “heroes” possess unique skills and higher stats for taking on more difficult missions.

Invest to upgrade heroes for elite operations. Their survival and success determines the fate of all.

Zero City 3

Enemy Factions

In the absence of rule of law, violent factions threaten security. Learn their strengths and weaknesses.


Disorganized but unpredictable attackers focused on stealing resources. Usually armed with crude weapons.


Heavily armed militarized groups who launch planned raids against settlements. Ex-military remnants.

The Black Hands

Ruthless quasi-religious occult group shrouded in mystery. Rumored to use dark magic and advanced tech.

Zero City 4

Long-Term Goals

Mere survival is not enough. Look beyond and set sights on renewing civilization.

Uncovering The Truth

Strange phenomena hint at a deeper secret behind the apocalypse. Discover the truth and expose those responsible!

Establishing An Outpost

Eventually expand operations above ground with a fortified outpost. Transmit radio signals to find more survivors.

Rebuilding Society

With enough allies and resources, work towards cooperation between settlements. Lay the foundations of a new society better than the old!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zero City an online multiplayer game?

No, Zero City is entirely single player focused with no multiplayer functionality. You play solo in your own persistent world.

Is there a limit of survivors for my bunker?

Your initial capacity is low but can be continually expanded by upgrading Living Quarters rooms. Support population based on resources.

Do I have to pay or wait real-time for crafting production?

No pay to win and no forced waiting! Crafting queue depends on survivor skills/facilities and operates in real-time even if app closed.

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