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Name Bloons TD 6 Bloons TD 6 is the most famous version in the Bloons TD 6 series of publisher ninja kiwi
Publisher ninja kiwi
Genre Strategy
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Version 39.2
Update November 28, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money, XP, Unlocked
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Get ready to pop some balloons in the ultimate 3D tower defense battle – Bloons TD 6! This whimsical strategy game adds oodles of new content and complexity to the classic Bloons popping formula. ๐ŸŽˆ

Defend against colorful waves of balloons by building monkey towers, heroes, and traps. Unlock powerful upgrades to take down tough blimps and MOABs. With each victory, learn new strategies to improve your monkey army!

Let’s dive into everything this epic balloon battle has to offer. It’s time to monkey around! ๐Ÿ’

Bloons TD 6

Tower Defense Gameplay

If you’ve played previous Bloons TD games, the core gameplay will feel familiar:

  • Place monkey towers that auto fire at incoming bloons.
  • Build defenses along a winding path to pop all bloons before they escape.
  • Bloons get tougher each round – faster, more health, shields etc.
  • Earn cash from popped bloons to build more towers.
  • Find the right tower combo to counter each bloon type.
  • Heroes provides powerful abilities to aid your defense.
  • See how many rounds you can survive!

It’s classic tower defense action – building towers to stop enemies creeping along a path. Position towers in strategic spots to maximize their popping power against the advancing bloon horde.

Of course with 50+ zany monkey towers, diverse upgrade paths, and special agents, there are tons of tactical decisions to make. Figuring out effective new tower combinations and strategies to beat your high score is so addicting!

Key New Features

While the gameplay sticks to the classic formula, BT6 adds a ton of fresh elements too:

3D Graphics

Vibrant new 3D visuals make everything pop off the screen! Tracks twist and turn with gadgets like springs, elevators and teleporters. Towers and bloons feel alive with personality. Effects like water make levels more immersive. Beautiful new lighting really enhances the gameplay.

Multiple Track Paths

Maps frequently split into two or more interweaving paths, forcing you to build defenses covering several routes. This really scales up the strategic complexity trying to maximize coverage. Some paths even rejoin later for coordinated attacks!

Tower Upgrades

Towers now have 3 powerful upgrades paths to choose between, providing boosted weapons, alternate attacks, and other specialty buffs. Finding ideal upgrade combos is key!

Hero Units

These powerful monkeys have unique abilities that can greatly support your defense. Place heroes like Gwen or Obyn Greenfoot for extra help battling MOABs or healing towers. Heroes level up over time too.

Boss Events

Occasional events unleash epic boss bloons with crazy abilities to test your defenses. This includes a thrilling freeplay mode seeing how long you can last!

With so much new variety and depth added beyond just tower types, BTD6 really expands the scope of strategic options available. The monkey business is real!

Bloons TD 6 2

Monkeys & Towers

Of course towers are the heart of your defense against the bloons. Here are the wide range of monkey towers you can deploy:

  • Dart Monkey – Basic rapid fire tower great for clean up
  • Tack Shooter – High speed splatter shot barrage
  • Sniper Monkey – Long range high damage and camo detect
  • Boomerang Monkey – Multi target ricochet rangs
  • Bomb Shooter – Explosive popping power knocks back bloons
  • Ice Monkey – Freezes bloons solid to slow them down
  • Glue Gunner – Sticky glue slows bloons and stuns MOABs
  • Buccaneer – Ship-based water tower with grape shot and hot cannonballs
  • Monkey Ace – Air force fighter jet strafing bloons
  • Heli Pilot – Chopper with pursuit and missile volleys
  • Mortar Monkey – Lobs arcane explosive shots from afar
  • Wizard Monkey – Fire, lightning and necromancy magics
  • Super Monkey – Ultra powerful plasma vision and tech
  • Ninja Monkey – Shurikens, stealth and sabotage
  • Alchemist – Buffs nearby towers with alchemical concoctions
  • Druid – Harnesses nature power like vines and tornados
  • Banana Farm – Generates lives and cash from banana sales
  • Spike Factory – Creates piles of road spikes that pop bloons
  • Monkey Village – Provides economy and attack boosts in its radius
  • Engineer – Sentry turrets, foam, and overclocking

With upgrades, you can specialize towers further like giving ninjas camo detection, making boomerangs return faster, or setting ice towers to Perma-Frost mode. Finding your favorite towers to build killer loadouts is so fun!

There are also heroes that level up and activate abilities like Obyn’s forest magic and Gwendolin’s flames. Use them wisely to turn the tide in difficult rounds!

Bloons TD 6 3


It wouldn’t be Bloons TD without the bloons! These colorful sentient balloons come in increasing strength and variety as you progress through levels.

  • Red – The weak basic bloon type
  • Blue – A little stronger and faster
  • Green – Even more health than blues
  • Yellow – The first shielded bloon
  • Pink – Two pinks emerge when popped
  • Black – Immune to explosives
  • White – Can only be hit by freezing attacks
  • Zebra – Black and white stripes make it harder to pop
  • Lead – Resists sharp darts and projectiles
  • Purple – Teleports to avoid some attacks
  • Ceramic – Super tough shell, splits into smaller bloons
  • MOAB – Big blimps with huge health
  • BFB – Even bigger than MOABs!
  • ZOMG – Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness!
  • BAD – Big Airship of Doom – the ultimate bloon boss

Special shielded and camouflage bloons will put your towers to the test. Make sure to build a well rounded defense! Heroes and abilities are key for the massive MOAB class bloons.

The variety keeps you adapting your strategy every round. Seeing how far you can progress against the innovative new bloon types is a blast!

Bloons TD 6 4

Game Modes

BTD6 provides great variety across different play modes:

Standard Maps

  • 100+ maps with set paths to defend
  • Difficulty varies by map length and complexity
  • Fun themes like Hedge, Another Brick, and Alpine Lake
  • Medals for completing on each difficulty

Standard maps let you master set challenges. Learn the best spots for towers and nail strategies to beat each one. Chase elite black medals on the toughest expert maps!


  • 5 maps in a fixed sequence for extra challenge
  • Towers carry over but lives reset each map
  • Survive all 5 maps to claim victory

Odyssey mode strings together a series of maps to really test your skills and adaptability. Manage lives and money wisely across multiple battles to emerge victorious!


  • Start with loads of cash but no income
  • Place all towers before starting
  • Survive as long as possible with your setup

Deflation offers a fun twist requiring flawless tower placement from the get go. Make every tower count when you can’t generate any more cash!

Boss Events

  • Epic events featuring colossal boss bloons
  • Special rewards for event achievements
  • Team up in co-op battles!

Huge badass boss bloons arrive in limited time events that push your defenses to the brink! Unlock community rewards by achieving high rounds and collecting event instamonkeys.

Daily Challenges

  • Strange new rules each day like “No towers allowed!”
  • Earn monkey money for completing
  • Compare scores with friends

Daily challenges shake up the formula with wacky stipulations that keep you innovating new tactics. Check back daily to take on something new and earn sweet rewards!

With diverse modes, maps, specialty bloons and custom rules, BTD6 has near limitless gameplay variety!

Meta Progression

As you play, you’ll unlock tons of meta progression systems that really enrich the experience over time:

Knowledge Tree

  • Unlock global permanent buffs
  • Apply benefits to all future games
  • Specialize in damage, economy or defense

The deep knowledge tree lets you customize passive bonuses through experimentation and mastery. Setup powerful synergies between towers!

Monkey Money

  • Earned by completing maps and challenges
  • Used to unlock heroes, skins and continues
  • Provides a feeling of progression

Monkey Money acts as meta currency for purchasing global upgrades. Slowly grow your arsenal of options between games by completing challenges.

Trophy Store

  • Complete races and boss events for trophies
  • Trade trophies for new skins and names
  • Show off your accomplishments

Limited time events let you earn trophies to unlock cosmetic skins and flairs. It’s a sign of prestige!


  • Team up with others mid-game
  • Coordinate tower placements
  • Social fun

Playing co-op lets you chat and strategize together for a cool social experience. Teamwork makes the dream work!

With so much depth even beyond matches themselves, BTD6 becomes almost an infinite playground for strategy gamers to tinker and experiment endlessly.

Bloons TD 6 5

Tips for New Players

If you’re new to Bloons TD 6, here are some helpful tips to stop those balloons:

  • Use dart and tack towers at first for low cost easy damage. Save for snipers later.
  • Place towers near the start to hit bloons early. Work backwards over time.
  • Upgrade key damage towers first before buying new ones.
  • Heroes like Obyn and Gwendolin are great for starting out.
  • Learn which towers counter each bloon type.
  • Farm cash on easy rounds to afford late game upgrades.
  • Use road spikes and abilities in emergencies.
  • Play maps on easier difficulties first to learn.
  • Use insta-monkeys to boost tougher maps.
  • Adjust tactics each round – no single strategy works forever!

Learning to balance economy, tower types, and abilities is integral to your success. Remain adaptive and keep practicing!

BTD6 Mod Features

The modded version of BTD6 includes:

  • Unlimited money – Max out everything without worrying about costs! ๐Ÿ’ฒ
  • Free Monkey Knowledge – Access full tree from the start. ๐ŸŒฒ
  • Max account level – Already at player level 155. โซ
  • All upgrades and towers unlocked – Every option available early. ๐Ÿ—๏ธ
  • Infinite lives – No more losing! ๐Ÿงก

With everything unlocked and unlimited cash, you can focus solely on combining towers and strategizing without grind. Great for learning the systems faster or if you find resource management tedious.

However, part of the challenge comes from working within limitations. The mod reduces difficulty and achievement satisfaction considerably.

But if you find earning cash and XP grindy, want god mode, or just desire unlimited freedom to experiment, the mod is handy!

Bloons TD 6 1

Final Review

With its vibrant new 3D graphics, diverse maps and modes, deep meta progression, and strategic tower defense gameplay, BTD6 improves on the classic Bloons formula in every way.

The sheer variety of monkey towers, bloons, heroes, and customizations provides endless strategic combinations to master. And it’s satisfying steadily unlocking more tools and options as you improve.

Co-op multiplayer and limited time events add even more replay value on top of the 100+ hour solo campaign. This is truly the ultimate Bloons TD package for tower defense devotees and newcomers alike!

While the standard game offers rewarding progression, the mod allows instant unlimited access if you just want to design freely. Definitely give BTD6 a shot and see how many bloons you can pop! ๐ŸŽˆ

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BTD6 free to play?

Yes, the core gameplay is completely free! Optional in-app purchases just unlock cosmetics faster.

Are in-app purchases required to progress?

Not at all. Everything can be unlocked for free just by playing. No pay to win.

Does the game require internet connection?

No, you can play fully offline after the initial install. Online is only needed for co-op.

How does co-op multiplayer work?

You team up mid-game with friends to build defenses together against tougher bloons.

What are Race events?

Timed challenges to beat a track under special conditions. Earn trophies for prizes!

How often does new content come out?

Frequent updates with new maps, towers, bloons and limited events.

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