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v5.4.1024 by Behaviour Interactive
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Name Dead by Daylight Mobile Dead by Daylight Mobile is the most famous version in the Dead by Daylight Mobile series of publisher Behaviour Interactive
Publisher Behaviour Interactive
Genre Action
Size 1.6 GB
Version 5.4.1024
Update November 28, 2023
MOD Fov, Shadow, World Cham
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Get ready for heart-pounding horror action as you attempt to survive sadistic killers in Dead by Daylight Mobile! Based on the popular multiplayer slasher game, Dead by Daylight Mobile delivers terrifying cat and mouse gameplay on iOS and Android as you play as survivors desperately avoiding gruesome death at the hands of deadly villains.

With atmospheric environments, bloody violence, and easy mobile controls, Dead by Daylight Mobile is your portal to multiplayer survival horror mayhem. This guide will break down key features, survivor/killer tips, and how mods can enhance the frights! Can you make it through the night against iconic killers like Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger? It’s time to find out!

Dead By Daylight Mobile

Introduction to Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight Mobile from Behaviour Interactive faithfully adapts the core gameplay of the PC and console asymmetric horror title for mobile. Across randomly generated maps, you’ll assume the role of survivor or killer in 4v1 online matches filled with tension and scares.

As a survivor, you must stealthily maneuver around the environment to activate generators and escape before getting caught and brutally sacrificed by the opposing player controlling the killer. As the killer, you must hunt the survivors, placing traps, patrolling generators, and ultimately sacrificing them before they can flee.

With mobile-friendly controls, cross-play functionality, and the ability to play quick matches or more strategic ranked games, Dead by Daylight Mobile captures the din and dread of the full experience right on your phone or tablet!

Dead By Daylight Mobile 1

Core Gameplay and Features

Dead by Daylight Mobile incorporates the following central features and mechanics:

  • πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ Iconic Killers – Play as infamous slashers like Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and more with unique skills.
  • πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Survivor Classes – Each survivor has different strengths, abilities and perks for situational advantages.
  • 🌁 Evolving Maps – Lavish procedurally generated environments shift with each match, keeping you on edge.
  • 🩸 Grisly Executions – Get ready for over-the-top bloody carnage when you’re captured!
  • ⚑️Cat and Mouse Chases – Killer players will need lighting reflexes to hunt and catch survivors.
  • πŸ› οΈ Upgrades – Leveling up earns bloodpoints to unlock new perks and abilities for your killers and survivors.
  • 🀝 Cross-Platform Multiplayer – Play with friends across PC, console and mobile thanks to crossplay.

If you crave multiplayer horror thrills, Dead by Daylight Mobile is the perfect distillation of slasher game chaos right on your phone! Now let’s get into gameplay basics.

Dead By Daylight Mobile 2

Playing As A Survivor – Stealth Is Vital!

To outwit deadly killers and avoid gory demise, survivors must utilize these strategies:

  • πŸ‘€ Remain Undetected – Avoid line of sight. Hide behind objects or in lockers to stay hidden.
  • πŸ”§ Repair Generators – Work cooperatively to activate generators and open exit gates when powered.
  • 🩹 Heal Teammates – Find and revive injured teammates before the killer can capture them.
  • πŸ”ͺ Escape Killer Grabs – If grabbed by the killer, button mash skill checks for a chance to break free.
  • πŸšͺ Mind Your Exits – When the exits open, stealthily make your way out before the killer blocks escape.
  • πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Sprint In Emergencies – Use sprint to reach objectives or evade certain demise quickly. But depletes stamina.

Having awareness, carefully maneuvering around the map, and cooperating with teammates will help you survive just a bit longer against sadistic player-controlled killers!

Dead By Daylight Mobile 3

Mastering Killers – Hunt, Hook and Sacrifice

Assuming the role of a deadly killer involves these predatory tactics:

  • πŸ‘£ Patrol Objectives – Check generators and hex totems to protect them from survivor sabotage.
  • 🩸 Follow Blood Trails – Downed survivors leave trails of blood, leading you right to weakened prey.
  • πŸͺ Carry and Hook – After catching survivors, carry them struggling to hooks placed around the map to sacrifice.
  • πŸ”ͺ Strike Fear – Instill panic in survivors by suddenly appearing from around corners. Terror is your weapon!
  • ⛓️ Place Traps – Use killer-specific booby traps like bear traps to snag unsuspecting victims.
  • πŸ‘» Teleport – Some killers can teleport short distances for swift ambushes. Use this to cover ground.

Embrace your inner slasher! Close off escape routes, herd survivors into corners, and show no mercy to protect your unholy killing grounds.

Dead By Daylight Mobile 4

Useful Tips and Perk Strategies

Keep these tips in mind to gain advantages in Dead by Daylight Mobile:

  • Study your killer’s unique special ability to master how best to utilize it. This separates you from basic survivors.
  • Equip perks suited to your playstyle, whether that’s stealthy survivor evasion or vicious killer aggression. They can really swing games.
  • Learn map layouts and key landmark locations so you can navigate, chase, and hide effectively.
  • Communicate with teammates as survivors to coordinate which generators to target first. Unity is crucial!
  • Play defensively and cautiously at first as survivor. Don’t take unnecessary risks that could get you killed quickly.

Perks and powers change the gameplay dynamics significantly compared to the base experience. Take time to unlock different abilities and find your unique strategies and builds!

Dead By Daylight Mobile 5

Using Mods and Exploits

Some players use hacks and exploits for gameplay advantages:

  • Increased movement speed to pursue or evade more quickly.
  • Seeing through walls to reveal survivor locations and ambush effectively.
  • Instant struggle escapes to easily resist killer grabs.
  • Unlimited items/energy to last longer without as much resource management.

However, hacks can disrupt balance and ruin the challenge. Try not to rely on cheats as they diminish the satisfying feeling of winning fairly!

Dead By Daylight Mobile 6

Final Verdict – A Must-Play Mobile Horror Experience

Tense cat and mouse gameplay, frightening killers straight from classic horror films, and just the right amount of gore make Dead by Daylight Mobile a terrifyingly fun time. The simple touch controls combined with strategic play creates an accessible yet nuanced multiplayer horror experience right on your phone.

Just be prepared for heart-pounding matches where death lurks just out of sight. Cooperate with friends or ruthlessly hunt survivors down – the choice is yours! But either way, avoidingSleep and playing in broad daylight is highly advised. The nightmares this game can induce are all too real!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the device requirements for Dead by Daylight Mobile?

Requires 3GB RAM+ on Android 8.0 or later. iOS 11+ on iPhone 6s or newer.

Does it have controller support?

Yes! Compatible with bluetooth controllers including Xbox and PS4 gamepads.

How does crossplay work?

You can play with friends on other platforms via secure BHVR accounts. Requires connection.

Is the game pay-to-win?

No, all characters and perks unlock through normal gameplay. No paid gameplay advantages exist.

Is there proximity chat with random players?

Nope! No communication except with players on your friends list to prevent harassment.

Now get out there, be stealthy but bold survivors, and give those savage slashers one bloody good fight! Just don’t lose your head.

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