DEAD TARGET APK v4.125.1 (MOD, Mega Menu/Unlimited Money)
DEAD TARGET APK v4.125.1 (MOD, Mega Menu/Unlimited Money)

DEAD TARGET APK v4.125.1 (MOD, Mega Menu/Unlimited Money)

With DEAD TARGET Premium APK Mega Menu you can have everything. You can unlock dozens of features, especially unlimited Money.

Genre Action
Size 135.49 MB
Version 4.125.1
MOD Mega Menu/Unlimited Money
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DEAD TARGET is the most famous version in the DEAD TARGET series of publisher VNG GAME STUDIOS
Mod Version 4.125.1
Total installs 100,000,000+

  • Damage Multiplier
  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Resources

The dead have risen, civilization has fallen, and the zombie apocalypse is upon us. In Dead Target, only you stand between the undead legions and humanity’s last vestiges. This intense zombie FPS game for mobile throws you right into the action with military-grade weapons against unrelenting waves of the living dead.

With its robust arsenal, easy controls, outstanding graphics, and waves of zombies to mow down, Dead Target is an absolute must-play for fans of zombie shooters. Read on for our comprehensive guide covering everything from blastin’ baddies to surviving the nightmarish onslaught in this thrilling free-to-play game.

Dead Target

Adrenaline-Fueled Zombie Shooting Action

Dead Target delivers satisfyingly gory zombie destruction the moment you jump in. You’ll face down zombies of all shapes and sizes across multiples modes. Here’s an overview of the action:

  • Varied Zombie Types – Shoot standard walkers, quick ghouls, the morbidly obese, and skinless abominations. Each zombie type has unique movements and health.
  • Gory Ragdoll Physics – Watch your bullets tear apart zombies, spraying blood and sending them careening dramatically backward into shambling piles of rotten meat.
  • Dark Atmospheric Levels – Slaughter the infected in locations ranging from deserted cities and hospitals to graveyards and secret labs. The creepy visuals set the tone.
  • Diverse Weaponry – Unload shotgun blasts, machine gun bursts, flaming molotovs, grenade launchers, land mines, and more lethal tools of undead destruction.
  • Upgrades and Perks – Upgrade your guns and skills with perks like increased critical damage, more ammo, and faster fire rates to become even more effective at disposing zombies.

Satisfying zombie headshots and chilling atmospherics make blasting through the Dead Target campaigns an absolute visceral delight.

Dead Target Gameplay

Apocalyptic Modes to Survive

Dead Target features a variety of zombie shooter modes offering different challenges and goals:

Campaign – Story Mode

Fight through the main story campaign as an elite unit taking back infested zones across 50+ levels. Uncover mysteries behind the zombie origins.

Hell House – Horde Mode

Barricade windows and doors to fortify a position as long as possible as waves of zombies rush your location. Test your limits!

Purgatory – Boss Battles

Face off against hulking infected abominations and mutated super zombies serving as epic boss battles throughout the campaigns.

Dead Target Areas

Survival – Endless Mode

Fend off endless zombie waves in unlockable arena maps. Aim for high scores by surviving as long as you can against the tide!

Daily Missions

Check in daily for special event missions with unique rewards and modifiers like using only a specific weapon type or attacking at night.

Dead Target offers plenty of fast-paced modes to jump into for intense zombie action focused on your play style!

Dead Target 4

Arsenal of Zombie-Shredding Firepower

When facing down a zombie mob, you’ll want some serious firepower. Dead Target delivers plenty of free and upgradable weapons to unleash on the hordes:

  • Assault Rifles – Sturdy rapid fire rifles like the M4A1 and SCAR-H mow down incoming enemies. Upgrade for stability and magazines.
  • Shotguns – The AA-12 and M1014 pack devastating close-range stopping power to blow apart zombies. Upgrade for spread and reload speed.
  • Sniper Rifles – Long range precision guns like the M200 and Dragunov let you pick off zombies. Upgrade for aim assist and damage.
  • Machine Guns – For spraying bullets, nothing beats belt-fed LMGs like the M249 and MK48 with upgraded clips and fiery rates.
  • Explosive Weapons – Send zombies flying with M79 grenade launchers, land mines, Molotovs and more explosive goodies. Upgrade splash damage and capacity.

Mow down the hordes with traditional firearms or go wild with mines and grenades! Upgrade new weapons over time for maximum zombie destruction.

Dead Target Unique Weapons

Survival Depends on Upgrades

A skilled hand and quality weapons are only part of the equation. Upgrading your abilities is key to surviving Dead Target’s onslaught:

  • Health and Armor – Increase your health bars and armor capacity to survive otherwise fatal blows.
  • Weapon Slots – Carry more firearms to adapt to evolving situations and have ammo diversity.
  • Speed and Damage – Increase speed for dodging and damage output for quicker kills.
  • Energy Capacity – Boost energy reserves used for powerful abilities and equipping gear.
  • Skills – Special perks like increased headshot damage, critical hit chance, and faster aim down sights.

Make upgrades to suit your playstyle – whether it’s building tanky health to wade through crowds, or cranking up damage to quickly drop threats.

Dead Target 3

Towering Mutated Super Zombies

As if waves of regular undead weren’t enough, Dead Target throws colossal boss zombies at you demanding special tactics:

The Butcher

This towering mass of fused corpses wields a giant meat cleaver. Keep your distance and chip away at the small head targets.


A bloated behemoth that spews high damage bile. Stay mobile while firing at its torso weak point to pop infectious pustules.

Dead Target 2


A screeching undead siren able to temporarily paralyze you with its wail. Cripple its legs so it can’t chase you, then finish it off safely.


A juggernaut Abomination with metal plates shielding weak points you need to expose and shoot off to damage this rolling ram.

Terror Hulk

A towering experiment with multiple limbs for powerful grabs and attacks. Kite it while locating and destroying nerve clusters binding the limbs together.

The strategy involved in defeating these challenging giants provides fun variety from simply gunning down standard zombies.

Dead Target 1

If you like action games, we recommend you to take a look at the Action modes: ACTION GAME MODES

Survival Tips for Lasting the Night

Follow these key tips from zombie hunting veterans to improve your survival in Dead Target:

  • Always go for headshots. Conserve ammo and quickly put down threats.
  • Score headshots in V.A.T.S. time slowdown after hitting the aiming button for easier critical hits.
  • Keep moving! Strafe and backpedal to avoid being surrounded while firing nonstop.
  • Learn each zombie’s attack patterns and speeds to prioritize the greatest threats first.
  • Use molotovs and grenades liberally when swarmed to stun groups for temporary relief.
  • Use doorways and hallways to create bottlenecks forcing zombies into concentrated fire lanes.
  • Save powerful weapons like grenade launchers for clusters or boss enemies where they inflict maximum damage.

Master zombie shooter combat tactics like these to carry you through the nightmarish zombie apocalypse of Dead Target!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different game modes in Dead Target?

Dead Target features a story campaign, wave survival mode, challenging boss fights, an endless horde mode, and daily missions.

Is it an online multiplayer game?

No, Dead Target is currently singleplayer only. No internet connection is required to play.

Can you earn upgrades for free?

Yes! Gameplay rewards like completing missions allow unlocking everything through normal progression.

Grab some guns and start blasting through the free-to-play carnage of Dead Target’s zombie apocalypse. Enjoy gory ragdoll physics and intense action across a variety of modes. And be sure to check back daily for special events and rewards. With so many ways to dispose of the living dead, this twitch shooter will have you coming back night after night!

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