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Publisher VOODOO
Genre Action
Size 108 MB
Version 6.8.0
MOD Unlimited Coins
Get it On Google Play is the most famous version in the series of publisher VOODOO
Mod Version 6.8.0
Total installs 100,000,000+

If you’re seeking a refreshing online multiplayer experience, dive into the wet and wild gameplay of! This massively popular mobile game thrusts you into a splash-tastic water park custom built for frolicking physics-based fun with friends from across the globe.

In, you’ll careen down huge waterslides, bounce on trampolines, and show off your sick flips in the pool. With easy pick-up-and-play controls and kid-friendly action, it’s easy to see why millions have made a splash in’s virtual water wonderland. 1

Dive Into Wacky Aquatic Maps

One of’s biggest strengths is its diverse array of outrageously imaginative aquatic playgrounds. With themed maps like pirate ships, jungle ruins, and even floating sky islands, each water park environment transports you into a new world brimming with possibilities.

You’ll marvel at the creative map designs as you explore’s sprawling levels filled with bouncy surfaces, hidden shortcuts, and thrilling set pieces. Peppered throughout are wacky objects like trampolines, speed boosts, springs, and cannons that amplify the physics-fueled fun.

Just when you think you’ve seen everything has to offer, you’ll unlock a bold new map that adds fresh gameplay twists. It keeps the experience feel fresh session after session.

Get Airborne with Ragdoll Physics

While simply navigating the environments is entertaining, the real joy of comes from embracing its delightful ragdoll physics. Your character will bounce, crash, flip and flail around each map with wild reckless abandon.

Hitting a trampoline can send you rocketing halfway across the stage. Cannon blasts turn you into a human projectile soaring through the air. Even belly flopping from extreme heights into the water results in a full-body springy recoil.

Letting loose and leaning into the exaggerated physics opens up a world of emergent moments. With the right bounces, you can practically chain together a flawless full-map traversal without touching the ground. Mastering the physics provides endless opportunities for creating your own thrilling highlights.

Race to Complete objectives

While aimlessly bouncing around is fun, incentivizes exploring its aquatic playgrounds by tasking you with completing a set of randomized map objectives. These challenges like collecting coins, reaching checkpoints, or touching specific objects give focus to your flips and slides.

Racing to finish objectives before other players provides a competitive twist that gets your blood pumping. Some goals even require outmaneuvering opponents by bumping them out of the way first. You’ll need equal parts platforming prowess and interference tactics to come out on top.

Completing goals rewards you with coins to spend on helpful power-ups and goofy player customizations like costumes, trails, and dyes. These purchases help you express your personality and stand out from the crowd.

Gather Coins to Customize Your Character

Speaking of cosmetics, one of’s most compelling hooks is watching your character evolve from a plain avatar to a wildly stylish theme park patron. As you complete objectives and challenges, you’ll earn coins to unlock hundreds of outlandish customization options.

These span different outfits like pirates, animals, and holiday gear along with color dyes, trails, accessories, and emotes. Through the robust cosmetic system, you can create a character as bold and unique as your playstyle. Other players will covet your hard-earned cosmetics and recognize you as an veteran.

Part of the fun becomes showing off each round as you unlock ever-crazier outfits and items. Few things beat diving into a match looking like a sunglasses-wearing pineapple!

Helpful Power-Ups Provide an Edge

On top of cosmetics, you can spend coins to gain gameplay advantages via fun power-ups like speed boosts, anti-gravity, and even trampoline shoes. These short timed upgrades give you an edge while active.

A well-timed speed boost can be the difference between nabbing a coin first or making a crucial jump. Activating moon gravity at the right moment enables otherwise impossible flight paths. There’s immense satisfaction in leveraging power-ups to pull off wicked plays.

While skill matters most, you’ll want to strategically equip power-ups that complement your playstyle. Customizing your loadout provides another layer of strategy for getting the upper hand against fellow contenders.

Team Up in Duo Mode

While regular matches are fun, hits its full raucous potential by partnering up in 2 vs 2 Duo mode. Teaming up with a friend allows for next-level aerial stunts by bouncing off each other’s head to reach insane heights.

Duo mode also unlocks cool cooperative moves like carrying your partner, spinning in midair, or launching them with a diving board. Bringing tag-team tactics into the mix opens new possibilities for physics-defying feats.

Playing alongside a friend brings twice the laughter and frustration when things inevitably go sideways. You’ll create memories and in-jokes stemming from your wildest shared wipeouts and feats. is best enjoyed together.

User-Created Maps Add Endless Replay Value

Beyond the official maps, allows players to build and share their own custom water park levels. This provides an infinite supply of new wild worlds to enjoy built around specific themes or gameplay ideas.

The robust map editor empowers creators to let their imaginations run wild. You can remix objects however you want to craft challenging obstacle courses or meme-worthy landscapes. Popular player-made maps get featured in matchmaking queues for all to enjoy.

Part of’s lasting appeal comes from constantly getting surprised by the creativity of its community. You never know what crazy concepts fellow players will come up with next. New user maps continuously refresh the experience. 2

Casual Pick-Up-and-Play Action nails the sweet spot between depth and accessibility thanks to its straightforward control scheme. Using just WASD keys and spacebar, anyone can easily control their avatar while focusing on physics-driven fun.

Matches are short, lasting just a few minutes each. This enables quick pick-up sessions perfect for killing spare moments. At the same time, the wealth of customization and ever-changing user maps provide long-term goals to strive for.

Striking this ideal balance between immediacy and rewarding progression is why leaves such a massive splash. The inviting gameplay accommodates both casual dippers and hardcore flipsiders alike.

Family-Friendly Competitive Fun

Lastly, earns major points for delivering loopy physics action that stays totally family-friendly. The cute art style, peppy music, and goofy play put smiles on faces of all ages.

Letting kids face off in this splashy virtual park is a great way to enjoy positive competition and bonding time. Customizing characters together also provides lots of collaborative fun away from any objectionable content.

While deeper than it appears, stays committed to all-ages appeal above all. The end result is an online multiplayer experience anyone can jump into for bouncing good times.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Is free to play?

Yes! is fully free to play.

How many players does each match support?

Matches support up to 8 players. You can play solo or team up in Duo mode with one friend.

Is safe for kids?

Yes! The game features family-friendly action and no objectionable content. It’s suitable for ages 5+.

Can I build my own custom maps?

Yes! The in-game map editor allows you to build and share your own wacky water park creations.

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