Dracula City Master APK v1.0.10 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Free Spawn/Max Blood)
Dracula City Master APK v1.0.10 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Free Spawn/Max Blood)

Dracula City Master APK v1.0.10 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Free Spawn/Max Blood)

With Dracula City Master Premium APK you will get Free Spawn, Maximum Blood and Unlimited Money. With this mod, you will be able to make your army much stronger.

Name Dracula City Master: Idle Army
Publisher Tilting Point
Genre Strategy
Size 94.87 MB
Version 1.0.10
MOD Unlimited Money/Free Spawn/Max Blood
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Dracula City Master: Idle Army is the most famous version in the Dracula City Master: Idle Army series of publisher Tilting Point
Mod Version 1.0.10

The call of the night beckons – it’s time to sink your teeth into Dracula City Master, the bloodthirsty new vampire simulation game for mobile! This atmospheric adventure lets you take over a city of humans as an all-powerful vampire lord. With deep gameplay, striking gothic visuals, and plenty of wicked fun, Dracula City Master is a must-play for fans of vampires, simulation games, and dark fantasy worlds.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything from blood hunting and building up your vampire empire to using supernatural powers on hapless citizens. With the help of some tips and tricks, you’ll rule the night in no time. Time to rise, vampire!

Dracula City Master
Dracula City Master 1

Sinisterly Addictive Gameplay Loop

Here’s an overview of the core gameplay loop that makes playing a vampire lord so deliciously addictive:

  • Hunt humans – Roam the city streets and creepy locations to hunt for human victims. Sneak up to drain their blood for sustenance using special vampire powers.
  • Increase skills and powers – Blood makes you stronger! Use it to learn new unholy powers like shapeshifting and controlling victims.
  • Build vampire empire – Buy gothic buildings that give buffs. Hire vampires. Extract protection money from shops.
  • Create vampire alliance – Make alliances with AI vampire lords. Coordinate raids on human strongholds. Betray them to steal their domains!
  • Defend against hunters – Beware vampire hunters, priests, and rival lords defending their turf. Use undead minions, traps, and smart strategies to destroy them.
  • Best simulations – The deep simulation makes the city truly alive and responsive to your vampire presence for endless emergent gameplay.

Whether you prefer brute force domination or mastermind strategies, Dracula City Master lets you live out the ultimate vampire fantasy your way!

Gorgeous Gothic Visions of the Undead City

Dracula City Master brings its gothic world to life with beautifully ominous visuals and atmosphere that immerse you in the city of the undead:

Detailed City Environments

The city design is stunningly detailed with eerie landmarks like cemeteries, mausoleums, gargoyle statues, and imposing cathedrals alongside realistic homes, stores, subways, parks, and warehouses for you to hunt unsuspecting humans in.

Striking Dark Aesthetic

Somber night skies blanket the cityscape in shadow. Flickering street lamps and gothic architectural details fill each locale with dread. The art direction is pitch perfect for inhabiting a deadly vampire’s perspective.

Living World Simulation

Watch living, breathing city cycles like commuting crowds, bustling businesses, and people going about routines add reality until you finally emerge into the night to disrupt the order with your vampire presence.

Interactive Buildings

Enter and explore interior locations like houses, stores, seedy clubs, mansions, underground tunnels, and churches, each designed for different gameplay. Manipulate them as hideouts or businesses in your expanding vampire empire.

atmospheric lighting

Lighting shifts beautifully from day to night, with volumetric fog and shimmering neon capturing the city’s unique moods. Light also reacts dynamically to the action, like victims panicking under flickering bulbs when you ambush them.

The haunting city truly feels alive and full of hidden dangers thanks to its AAA visual polish and attention to gothic details that sell the vampire setting perfectly.

Survival Depends on Hunting Blood

Your undead survival in Dracula City Master depends entirely on hunting and draining blood from the living. Here are the bloody details on your human hunting:

  • Stalking – Use your heightened vampire senses like infected vision to track down prey day or night. Stick to the shadows and avoid detection!
  • Mesmerizing – Hypnotize victims to do your bidding or lead them into traps using your vampire charm offensive.
  • Brute force – When the stakes are high, go loud! Use supernatural strength and speed to chase down victims in parks and dark alleys away from crowds.
  • Stealth Kills – Silently drain unsuspecting victims in dark corners or drag them into hiding for a stealthy meal. Just make sure no witnesses see!
  • Combos – String together takedowns swiftly chaining between citizens. The higher your combo, the more blood rewarded!
  • Blood banks – Heist blood bags from hospitals to stockpile when prey is scarce. But beware special security forces!

Satisfy your undying thirst any way you choose while taking care not to let vampire hunters or rival undead lords get the upper hand as you claim new territory.

Dracula City Master 2
Dracula City Master 3

Unlock Unholy Vampire Powers

As you accumulate blood from more victims, you gain blood points for unlocking and upgrading supernatural vampire abilities giving you new ways to hunt, fight, and maneuver through the city.

Heightened Senses

See heartbeats and veins through walls to stalk victims more efficiently. Use echolocation and infected vision to track targets.

Shadow Veil

Shroud yourself in darkness to become invisible to humans. Great for stealth kills!

Mist Form

Transform into intangible mist and pass through cracks in walls or mesh with air vents to access new areas and evade enemies.


Put groups under your hypnotic control. Lead them into ambushes, compel them to surrender resources, or make them fight.

Chiroptean Form

Take on a monstrous bat creature form for greater strength and lethal claws. The ultimate weapon when cornered!

Elemental Powers

Master vampiric magics like conjuring blood storms or draining life essence from afar using telekinetic grips to crush enemies.

Choose abilities complementing your playstyle, whether that’s silent assassin, manipulator, brute force fighter, or magical overlord!

Expand Your Vampire Empire and Allies

Dracula City Master features deeper strategy in building up your own sprawling vampire empire and network of undead allies to increase your power and take over districts.

Buy Empire Upgrades

Purchase gothic buildings like vampire crypts, haunted manors, blood banks, and spirit towers that confer different bonuses to your domain like increased blood vial storage or experience point bonuses.

Extract Resources

Shake down human-owned businesses for steady income streams in the form of protection money rackets. Failure to pay will attract your wrath!

Recruit Allies

Turn humans into vampires or resurrect the dead as generals to build your army. Dispatch them to set ambushes and conquer enemy territory.

Make Alliances

Cooperate with AI vampire lords and their clans to coordinate plans of attack and defend each other when vampire hunters appear. But beware betrayal!

Overthrow Enemies

Topple enemy vampire strongholds after weakening them through guerilla tactics. Install your own undead in their place and force rivals to kneel!

Dominating the city requires smart political maneuvers and allies. Use them along with your deadly powers to become the apex vampire ruler.

Day and Night Gameplay Differences

Dracula City Master has distinct day and night phases altering the gameplay:

Day Phase

  • Humans active on streets
  • Businesses open to profit from
  • Increased hunter patrols
  • Limit supernatural abilities
  • Stick to indoor shadows

Night Phase

  • Prey vulnerable traveling alone
  • Businesses closed and empty
  • Hunters sparse for easier ambushes
  • Full vampire powers unlocked
  • Own the streets and terrorize freely

Learn to exploit both cycles! Use the day to set traps and stock blood, then unleash vampiric chaos at night across the areas you control.

Dracula City Master 4
Dracula City Master 5

Lethal Hunters Will Challenge Your Dominance

Beware, as the more chaos you inflict, the more determined vampire hunters and exorcists will come to eliminate you. The dangerous factions include:

Vampire Hunters

Skilled mercenaries armed with wooden stakes, garlic bombs, and arcane weaponry. They perform ambushes and raids on your assets.

Exorcist Sects

Priests protected by holy artifacts able to immobilize you, armed with crosses and holy water grenades capable of burning undead flesh.

Crime Factions

The human mafia will fight back if you disrupt their rackets. Beware hitmen with illegal firearms!

Rival Vampires

Other AI vampire lords control districts and will defend their territory or evenlaunch offensive for your own domains.

Utilize traps, undead minions and your own powers to turn the hunters into the hunted! Failure to thin their ranks will result in constant harassment.

Tips for Vampire Supremacy

Follow these pro tips from experienced vampire lords on dominating Dracula City Master:

  • Mind the time. Daylight is deadly! Rest and build your empire at day. Hunt at night.
  • Master stealth kills from behind and multi-takedowns to feed efficiently on crowds quickly.
  • Mesmerize lone humans or small groups to avoid confrontations with crowds braver in numbers.
  • Lure hunters into bottlenecks and then release your undead minions or beast form rage.
  • Coffins and crypts fully heal you. Retreat there when desperate and under armed threat.
  • Complete side quests for AI vampires to gain discounts on empire upgrades and earn new weapons.
  • Equip amulets and armor with resistance to holy damage and hunter weaponry. Prioritize protection.

Conquer the night, build your gothic empire, and become the ultimate vampire lord with these tips!

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms is Dracula City Master available on?

Dracula City Master is currently available for iOS and Android mobile devices through the App Store and Google Play Store.

Is there a multiplayer or online mode?

Not currently. Dracula City Master is single player focused right now but has expansive AI simulations. Multiplayer may come later.

How much does the game cost?

Dracula City Master is currently free to download and play, with optional in-app purchases for cosmetics only.

Live out your ultimate vampire fantasy and go on a bloody quest to dominate the city in Dracula City Master! This mobile game lets you fully immerse yourself in the undead lifestyle like never before with its rich simulation gameplay and gothic world. Claim the city block by block, grow your vampire empire, and become the true Prince of Darkness!

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