Gunspell 2 APK v1.4.7548 (MOD, Unlimited Open Creates, No ADS)
Gunspell 2 APK v1.4.7548 (MOD, Unlimited Open Creates, No ADS)

Gunspell 2 APK v1.4.7548 (MOD, Unlimited Open Creates, No ADS)

Maximize your gaming pleasure with Gunspell 2 Premium Apk! Start the game with features such as unlimited open creates, no ADS.

Name Gunspell 2
Publisher AKPublish pty ltd
Genre Role Playing
Size 145 MB
Version 1.4.7548
MOD Unlimited Open Creates, No ADS
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Gunspell 2 is the most famous version in the Gunspell 2 series of publisher AKPublish pty ltd
Mod Version 1.4.7548
Total installs 500,000+

Gunspell 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the hit puzzle RPG Gunspell from Anthropic. With its unique blend of match-3 puzzles, RPG progression and charming pixel art graphics, Gunspell 2 improves upon its predecessor in every way while retaining the core gameplay that made the original such a beloved indie gem.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into everything you need to know to master Gunspell 2 – from its various systems and mechanics, to character builds, strategies and tips for conquering each challenging stage. By the end, you’ll be armed (pun intended!) with the knowledge to take on any puzzle this magical world can throw at you. Let’s get spelling!

Gunspell 2 Puzzle RPG

A Brief History of Gunspell

The original Gunspell was released in 2016 to widespread critical acclaim for its innovative fusion of puzzle gameplay with traditional RPG elements. Players took on the role of Agnus, a novice mage, as she learned to harness the power of runes through match-3 puzzle challenges.

Over the course of 50+ stages, Agnus grew in strength by discovering new runes and upgrading her skills. Each stage presented a unique tactical puzzle to solve, with enemies to battle and treasures to uncover hidden within.

Though relatively short, Gunspell’s charming presentation and superbly designed puzzles kept players spellbound for hours on end. Its success inspired Anthropic to create an even more epic sequel worthy of the Gunspell name. And with Gunspell 2, they’ve delivered an experience greater than any spell could conjure!

Welcome to Gunspell 2’s Magical World!

Gunspell 2 expands the story and world of the original in every way. Players once again take control of Agnus, now a more experienced mage, as she journeys across the vibrant land of Runa. But something strange is warping the magic of Runa, and it’s up to Agnus to investigate!

Some of the key improvements and new features include:

  • Larger World Map – Explore a hugely expanded overworld with new towns, environments and secrets to uncover.
  • New Playable Characters – In addition to Agnus, unlock and switch between new party members each with their own unique playstyles.
  • Improved Visuals – Gunspell 2 sports a gorgeous hand-drawn art style that brings the world of Runa to vivid life.
  • Deeper RPG Systems – More in-depth character progression, equipment, skills and abilities to customize your playstyle.
  • Epic Story – An involving main quest plus abundant side content, like hunting legendary monsters.
  • Tougher Puzzles – Over 100 stages with ingeniously designed puzzles that will challenge even veterans.

It’s clear Anthropic pulled out all the stops to create an experience befitting the Gunspell name. Get ready for a spelltacular adventure!

Gunspell 2 Puzzle RPG 1

Mastering the Puzzles

At its core, Gunspell 2 remains a puzzle game. The match-3 gameplay that made the original so compelling is back with even more tactical depth and variety. Here’s a primer on the puzzle systems:

The Rune Grid

Each stage takes place on a hexagonal rune grid, where runes of different elements and properties are arranged. Players must make strategic matches of 3 or more runes.

Match Bonuses

Chaining combos grants special bonuses like damaging enemies or summoning allies. Higher level runes yield greater rewards.

Elemental Reactions

Combining runes triggers elemental reactions that unleash powerful spells. Fire melts Ice, Lightning zaps Water, etc. Strategic combos are key!

Stage Objectives

Objectives vary from clearing all enemies to reaching a high score. Secret challenges unlock with mastery of advanced tactics.

Turn Counters

Most stages are timed, adding pressure to puzzles. But well-executed strategies can finish early!

Randomized Challenges

New Game+ introduces randomized puzzle variations for endless replayability.

It will take sharp wits and spellcraft to rise to Gunspell 2’s puzzle-solving challenge. But with practice, any stage can be conquered!

Gunspell 2 Puzzle RPG 2

Building Your Party

Gunspell 2 introduces a deeper character progression and party system. In addition to Agnus, players can recruit new party members to suit any playstyle.

Agnus, Mage of Light

The returning protagonist. Agnus specializes in Light magic and support abilities. A balanced all-rounder.

Zander, Warrior of Fire

A brash fighter who relies on Fire runes and melee attacks. Excels at defeating enemies quickly.

Mira, Summoner of Nature

A druid who befriends forest creatures. Her Nature spells strengthen summons and area control.

Isolde, Sorceress of Ice

A calculating mage. Isolde favors defensive Ice runes and status effects to hamper foes.


Players can equip powerful artifacts, level up skills, and unlock new abilities to customize each character’s strengths.

By selecting the right party for each puzzle-filled challenge, players can overcome any foe through teamwork and strategy!

Gunspell 2 Puzzle RPG 3

Traversing the World of Runa

When not delving dungeons or solving puzzles, Gunspell 2’s vibrant overworld offers much to explore:

Towns and Villages

Chat with quirky locals, take quests, shop for gear, and more in Runa’s colorful towns.


From forests and mountains to beaches and swamps – each locale teems with secrets.

Legendary Hunts

Track elusive Legendary Monsters across the land for epic boss battles and rare loot.

Mystical Locations

Discover ancient ruins hiding long-lost magic or shrines blessing travelers with boons.

Side Quests Galore

Help the people of Runa with bounties, deliveries and personal requests for rewards.

New Game+

Upon completion, unlock harder “Nightmare” mode with randomized puzzles for endless replayability.

Gunspell 2’s vibrant world begs to be explored. Get lost in its magic between puzzle stages!

Mastering the Meta

To truly maximize your party’s potential, it’s important to understand Gunspell 2’s deeper mechanical systems:

Runes and Their Properties

Each rune element has strengths, weaknesses and unique effects to strategize around.

Supportive vs Offensive Skills

Balancing defensive buffs and damage-dealing abilities is key to any build.

Skill Synergies

Combining the right character skills can lead to devastating combos on the field.

Gearing Up For Greatness

Proper equipment is vital for any aspiring mage in Runa. Gunspell 2 offers deep loot and crafting systems:


These powerful relics can be found, bought or crafted to enhance stats and abilities.


Staves, swords and bows unlock new combat options through their intrinsic properties.

Armor Sets

Light, medium and heavy armor sets provide defensive boons at the cost of mobility.


Rings, amulets and trinkets grant bonus effects like status resistances or critical hits.


Imbuing gear with elemental or property-enhancing runes further customizes any build.

Forging New Gear

At the blacksmith, players can combine materials to independently craft their perfect loadout.

With the right combination of artifacts, enchantments and armor sets, players can optimize characters for any situation in Runa. The equipment hunt is part of the fun!

Gunspell 2 Puzzle RPG 4

Conquering Each Stage

Gunspell 2 presents over 100 unique puzzle stages across various environments, each with their own tactical challenges:

Standard Puzzles

These test fundamental match-3 and elemental skills on basic rune grids.

Boss Battles

Memorable fights against giant foes with complex patterns and devastating attacks.

Time Trials

Race against the clock in these high-pressure puzzles rewarding speed and efficiency.

Randomized Challenges

Ever-changing puzzle layouts in New Game+ keep veterans on their toes.

Environmental Hazards

Dealing with obstacles like shifting terrain or hazardous runes in “Altered” stages.

Special Objectives

Complete secondary goals like limiting matches or protecting allies for bonus rewards.

Mastering every stage, even on higher difficulties, requires strategic thinking, quick problem-solving and mastery of Gunspell 2’s deep systems.

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