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Name ANOTHER EDEN Global ANOTHER EDEN Global is the most famous version in the ANOTHER EDEN Global series of publisher WFS
Publisher WFS
Genre Role Playing
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Version 3.5.50
Update January 29, 2024
MOD Mega Menu
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ANOTHER EDEN is a mobile RPG that transports players to a stunning fantasy world filled with mystery and adventure. As a legendary hero, you’ll traverse lush landscapes, meet colorful characters, and unravel an epic storyline spanning space and time. With its gorgeous graphics, expansive world, and innovative gameplay, it’s no wonder ANOTHER EDEN has captured the hearts of mobile gamers everywhere.


A Sprawling World Laden with Lore

The world of ANOTHER EDEN, simply called “Elzion”, is vast and full of vibrant locations to explore. From misty forests and quaint villages to scorching deserts and futuristic cities, each map unveils new surprises. As you wander the richly detailed lands, you’ll uncover a deep lore spanning eras and dimensions. Every area has its own tales and legends to discover as you dive into the game’s massive single-player story content.

Over 80 Hours of Story in the Paladin Side Quests Alone

With over 80 hours of story content in the main campaign alone, ANOTHER EDEN delivers an epic chronicle across humanity’s past, present, and future. The meaty Paladin side quests let you alter timelines to save lost civilizations. Impressive temporal mechanics bring extinct cultures to life while letting you influence their ultimate fate. Few mobile RPGs can match ANOTHER EDEN’s sheer breadth of lore and narrative.


A Multitude of Playable Characters with Intimate Backstories

As the game progresses, your party expands to include over 60 playable characters. And these aren’t just throwaway adventurers – each one has lovingly crafted backstories interwoven into the game’s overarching tapestry. You’ll journey across stunning locales while learning what motivates each hero to join your cause across space and time.

Few mobile RPGs feature such a diverse cast of intricately designed characters. Every new addition to your squad feels meaningful rather than just another random fighter. ANOTHER EDEN goes above and beyond in making you care about your entire team.


Turn-Based Battles Strategic Yet Simple

Despite its mobile format, ANOTHER EDEN’s turn-based battles provide serious strategic depth without overcomplication. The straightforward combo mechanics retain that satisfying tactical element without overwhelming players. Let’s take a quick look under the hood:

Well-Balanced Classes That Promote Synergy

Your roster includes melee, ranged, and support character classes. Sword users chain close-quarters combos while archers pepper foes from afar. Mages cast explosive spells as healers keep the party fighting fit. Each class has strengths your tactics must account for.

But the beauty lies in how they work together. Well-executed skill rotations let archers set up downed foes for melee combos. Mages can drive enemies toward tanks to absorb blows while healers offer backup. There’s immense satisfaction in synergizing your squad’s talents.


Elegant equipment and upgrade systems reward long-term play

As you progress, weapons, armor, accessories, and upgrades bolster stats and abilities. You’ll balance tradeoffs like boosting critical hit rates while lowering defenses. Smart equipment management pays dividends during demanding boss encounters.

And Legendary Weapons offer special skills to tailor playstyles even further. Do you prefer tanking hits or dishing out punishment? There’s a weapon to align with nearly any tactical preference.

Innovative Aspects Setting a New Mobile Gaming Bar

While ANOTHER EDEN checks all the boxes for classic mobile RPG greatness, some ingenious aspects set it apart from the masses. These innovative elements help explain why ANOTHER EDEN is the mobile RPG of choice for gamers craving depth.

No Stamina Restrictions on Story Progression

Most mobile RPGs gate progression behind energy systems limiting playtime. Run out of stamina points and you’re stuck waiting for bars to refill. But ANOTHER EDEN completely foregoes stamina restrictions on its sizeable story chapters and side quests. Feel free to progress through the sprawling world at your own pace.


Emphasis on Solo Play Female-Hero Focus

You won’t be forced into co-op play or PvP arenas. ANOTHER EDEN ultimately focuses on the solo experience with well-paced progression perfect for gaming in short bursts. There’s no energy drain from supporting other players either.

And the patient crafting of Ida as a central heroine throughout eras makes ANOTHER EDEN feel fresh rather than overly masculine. You’ll see Ida’s personal growth across centuries shape the futures of countless lifeforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ANOTHER EDEN Truly Free-to-Play Friendly?

Absolutely! While microtransactions exist for those seeking to speed certain upgrades, free players can still access all story chapters and events. You’ll never hit progression walls as a non-spender. However, monthly subscription plans do offer nice bonuses.

Does the Game Require an Online Connection?

Nope! After the initial app download, you can play 100% offline without missing anything.

How Viable are Lower Rarity Characters Compared to 5-Stars?

Even 2 or 3-star characters can become powerhouses with proper gear and upgrades. The game encourages investing in favorites over chasing the gacha dragon. Strategy matters more than rarity tiers when tackling later challenges.

Should New Players Reroll Accounts to Start with Strong Heroes?

Rerolling can provide more robust starting rosters but isn’t mandatory. The starter characters will carry you through much of the main storylines. And the gacha rates aren’t horrible for veterans gunning for 5-star releases.

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Ver 3.5.15 Update ◆Content ・Mythos: Song of Sword and Wings of Lost Paradise Subquest "The Road to Mokepontas!" added ・New Revival: Duel with the Past ◆Encounters ・Ally Encounter Extra Style Sacrament (Moke)... Thillelille's Extra Style and new Sidekick Moke are available ・Fateful Encounter Sacrament (Moke) is available (Paid, 3 times max) ・Fateful Encounter Global Version 2023 Best of the Best is available (Paid, 2 times max) ・Ally Encounters Crystal/Thunder/Shade Force Edition are available

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