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Name HERETIC GODS HERETIC GODS is the most famous version in the HERETIC GODS series of publisher CurachaPH
Publisher CurachaPH
Genre Role Playing
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Version v.1.30.08
Update November 28, 2023
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Immerse yourself in dark mythological fantasy with HERETIC GODS, a deep RPG on mobile fusing card-based combat and choice-driven stories. Collect powerful gods from pantheons like Greek, Norse and Egyptian to battle mythical beasts. This article covers the immersive gameplay, sinister setting and handy mod benefits that make HERETIC GODS a must-play.


Introduction to HERETIC GODS

HERETIC GODS is an RPG developed by HGamesArt where you become an outcast god able to channel the powers of divine champions. These include legendary gods like Zeus, Odin, Isis and more spanning real world mythologies. You can collect over 50 gods in total and utilize their unique skills in tactical card-based battles.

Beyond combat, there is an engaging story with moral choices that shape your journey. Your ultimate goal is to redeem yourself and regain your place among the pantheon by overcoming various trials and mythical challenges. With quality visuals and strategic gameplay, HERETIC GODS stands out in the RPG genre.

Key Game Features:

  • Collect over 50 gods from various mythologies
  • Morality based narrative with choices
  • Turn-based card combat
  • Roguelike dungeon crawler mode
  • Stunning 3D graphics and god designs
  • Mythical monsters to battle
  • Relic equipment system
  • Guild housing with upgradeable structures
  • Special events and limited modes

Let’s take a deeper look at the gameplay and why it makes HERETIC GODS so hard to put down.


Satisfying Turn-Based Card Combat

The turn-based combat in HERETIC GODS revolves around cards representing gods and their abilities. You assemble a deck of up to 6 gods to battle with. Each turn, you draw 3 random cards that can be played as the battle unfolds.

The cards have a mana cost, allowing you to summon gods and cast their skills accordingly. More powerful gods and abilities cost more mana, so you must manage it wisely. Positioning and turn order also adds tactical nuance, as gods have varied ranges and effects.

Countering the enemy’s team comps while playing to your own strengths is key. Do you focus on area of effect damage? Buffing allies? Crowd control and debuffs? The depth emerges from combining your deck of gods strategically.

Defeating mythological creatures earns you relics to equip for stat boosts. The compelling card gameplay remains fresh thanks to over 50 collectible gods, each with stunning 3D models.


Choice Driven Story in Sinister Setting

Beyond the gameplay, HERETIC GODS pulls you into its dark fantasy world riddled with moral dilemmas. You play as an outcast god cast down by the pantheon seeking redemption, but how you achieve it is up to your choices.

Will you show compassion to gain allies? Manipulate factions with deceit and trickery? Exercise temperance in judgment? Give in to wrath and vengeance? The story often presents gray areas rather than clear good versus evil.

The hand-drawn visuals bring the ominous setting to life, from dank underworld caverns to fiery apocalyptic landscapes. Mythological figures like Medusa, Minotaurs and Cerberus also make for menacing enemies. The immersive world, choices and characters make HERETIC GODS feel fresh compared to typical Tolkien-esque fantasy.

Additional Modes and Content

Beyond the main campaign, HERETIC GODS offers plenty of gameplay variety:

  • Dungeon Mode: Roguelike dungeon crawler with randomized maps.
  • Sanctum: Your guild’s base to upgrade structures and summon gods.
  • Arena PvP: Duel against other players for prizes and rank.
  • Rift Events: Limited-time events with special rules and rewards.
  • Daily Quests: Objectives to complete for bonuses.
  • Boss Raids: Take on epic cooperative bosses.

With so many things to do, collect and upgrade, you never run out of reasons to play daily. Frequent updates also add new mythological gods, enemies, equipment and more.


🆓 Free Purchases Mod

Now let’s look at how the free purchases mod makes acquiring HERETIC GODS’ content even more satisfying.

Unlimited Gems and Gold

Normally you need gems for summoning gods from the portal and gold for buying items from the merchant. This mod provides unlimited quantities of both currencies. Summon the rarest mythic gods nonstop and purchase anything to accelerate your party’s power!

Free Store Offers

The mod unlocks premium starter packs and special offers in the store for free. These packs come with rare gear, tons of upgrade materials and more valuable goodies. Expand your inventory and boost your squad without spending real cash.

Max Relic Shards

Collecting shards to craft powerful relics takes forever normally. But the mod grants you unlimited shards, so you can immediately craft relics that provide big stat boosts.

Free VIP and Battle Pass

The mod also unlocks all VIP perks and upgrades for free. Get bonuses like auto-loot after battles without paying. You also gain instant access to all Battle Pass rewards.

With these handy mod benefits, experiencing everything HERETIC GODS has to offer becomes quick and easy.


Beginner Tips and FAQ

For new players jumping into the world of HERETIC GODS, here are some helpful tips and commonly asked questions:

5 Useful Beginner Tips

  1. Focus on completing the story mode first to level up your starter gods.
  2. Build a versatile deck with gods filling damage, tank, support and control roles.
  3. Upgrade relics that boost damage and survivability first.
  4. Save summon gems for rate up events to pull the best heroes.
  5. Join an active guild for bonuses and socializing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HERETIC GODS pay to win?

No, the game is very playable without spending. Paying accelerates progress but skill matters more.

What are the best gods to target first?

Zeus, Ra, Loki, Isis make a solid beginner deck. Pull for Hades, Odin, Poseidon, Anubis later.

Should I spend gold on gear or relics?

Focus on crafting relics first. The stat boosts are more impactful early on.

How does PvP matchmaking work?

You are matched based on your player and team power ranking relative to others.

What is the daily gameplay loop?

Complete quests, upgrade gods, farm dungeon mode and work on story. Participate in events when available.


HERETIC GODS delivers a fresh RPG experience that conjures up dark mythological fantasy appeal through immersive gameplay, lush artwork and sinister lore. Mastering the strategic card battles and making hard choices as an outcast god is highly captivating and rewarding. With our mod removing gacha limits, enjoying HERETIC GODS’ content to the fullest becomes quick and satisfying. If you love mythological RPGs optimized for mobile, HERETIC GODS is easy to recommend. Now grab your deck of divine champions and begin your redemption journey today!

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Update 1.30.06 RUNES & RUNEWORDS - redesigned and improved rune system - new rune 'Gar' lvl72 (+1 to all skills) - all 24 old rune words removed - added 50 new rune words - many bug fixes and performance optimizations - mercenary button freeze bug fixed

Download ( 82.4 MB )

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