Mafia Sniper Premium APK v1.6.7 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Mafia Sniper Premium APK v1.6.7 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Mafia Sniper Premium APK v1.6.7 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Maximize your gaming pleasure with Mafia Sniper Premium Apk! Start the game with features such as Unlimited Money.

Name Mafia Sniper
Genre Action
Size 89.75 MB
Version 1.6.6
MOD Unlimited Money
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Mafia Sniper is the most famous version in the Mafia Sniper series of publisher CASUAL AZUR GAMES
Mod Version 1.6.6
Total installs 10,000,000+

Mafia Sniper is one of the most popular multiplayer strategy games on mobile. As with any competitive game, there are certain troops, strategies, and builds that tend to dominate the meta. Over the many years that Wars of Clans has been available, one unit has consistently proven itself to be a formidable force – the Mafia Sniper.

In this guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Mafia Sniper – what makes it so powerful, how to utilize it effectively on the battlefield, and some tips & tricks for maximizing its damage-dealing potential. By the end, you’ll understand why the Mafia Sniper is considered by many to be the most feared unit in all of Wars of Clans.

Mafia Sniper Wars Of Clans

A Brief History of the Mafia Sniper

The Mafia Sniper was one of the original troops introduced when Wars of Clans first launched. From the very beginning, players recognized its long range and high damage output made it a formidable opponent. However, it was still possible to overwhelm Snipers with brute force using melee or artillery units.

Over the years, the developers at Supercell have gradually buffed the Sniper through upgrades and power-ups. Its health, damage, range, and attack speed have all been steadily increased through dozens of patches and updates. At the same time, new defensive structures, traps, and abilities have been added to the game that perfectly complement the Sniper’s playstyle.

The culmination of these changes has resulted in the modern Mafia Sniper being almost untouchable when properly supported. A well-positioned Sniper nest can single-handedly wipe out an entire attacking force before they even reach your defenses. Entire raid strategies have been developed solely around countering the ubiquitous Sniper. It’s truly become the most feared unit in the game and a cornerstone of any serious player’s army.

Anatomy of a Sniper

To understand why the Sniper is so powerful, you first need to examine its key attributes and abilities:

  • Long Range – Snipers have an extreme effective range of 15 tiles, allowing them to attack from complete safety behind multiple layers of defenses. Few other units can strike from such a distance.
  • High Damage – Each shot from a maxed Sniper deals massive damage, capable of taking out many units in a single hit. Their damage only increases with upgrades.
  • Rapid Fire – Snipers attack incredibly fast for a ranged unit, unleashing volley after volley of high damage shots. Combined with their long range, they can pick off enemies quickly before they even get close.
  • High Health – Snipers have respectable hitpoints, allowing them to withstand some return fire or AoE attacks. Upgrades boost their survivability even further.
  • Target Priority – Snipers will automatically focus fire on the highest threat enemy units like Heroes, Giants, or Tanks to quickly eliminate them.
  • No Blind Spots – Unlike defenses with limited firing arcs, Snipers can attack from any angle thanks to their 360-degree range.

As you can see, the Sniper’s attributes give it an unparalleled combination of damage output and survivability from extreme distances. It’s no wonder they dominate the battlefield!

Maximizing Sniper Damage

To truly unleash the Sniper’s devastating potential, there are several force multipliers you need to employ:

Support Troops

  • Healers – Keep Snipers healed and in the fight longer with supporting Healer units.
  • Archers/Wizards – Provide additional ranged DPS to assist Snipers in picking off enemies.
  • Tanks – Draw aggro away from Snipers and protect them from retaliation using high HP Tank units.

Defensive Structures

  • Castle – Provides a massive damage boost to all defensive troops like Snipers within its radius.
  • Towers – Reinforce Snipers with supporting Towers that also benefit from the Castle buff.
  • Walls – Create multiple defensive layers for Snipers to attack from behind total safety.
  • Traps – Sprinkled Spring Traps, Bombs and Mines soften up enemies for Snipers to mop up.

Hero Abilities

  • Grand Warden – His Battle Heal keeps Snipers in top form throughout long engagements.
  • Royal Champion – Her Royal Cloak grants invisibility to Snipers, letting them pick off targets unseen.
  • Queen – Her Unholy Gargoyle diverts aggro away from vulnerable Snipers.

By surrounding Snipers with the right support, you multiply their already fearsome damage output many times over. A properly built Sniper nest becomes virtually unraidable!

Countering the Sniper

Of course, as a defender you need to be aware of how to counter an enemy using Snipers effectively:

Use Tanks and Healers

  • Tanks can absorb Sniper fire, protecting more vulnerable units behind them. Healers keep Tanks alive longer under Sniper bombardment.

Deploy Distraction Units

  • Send in cheap units like Goblins first to draw Sniper fire away from your core attack force.

Invisibility and Invulnerability

  • Heroes with abilities that grant invisibility or invulnerability like the Royal Champion or Grand Warden can bypass Snipers temporarily.

Bring Your Own Snipers

  • Turnabout is fair play – deploy your own Snipers to counter the enemy Snipers from long range before they shred your army.

Poison and Invisibility Spells

  • Poison Spells damage Snipers over time through their high defenses. Invisibility Spells let units bypass Snipers for critical moments.

Focus Fire on Support

  • Take out defending Healers, Heroes and Castles around Snipers as fast as possible to cripple their damage output.

With the right tactics, even the mighty Sniper nest can be overcome. But they’ll still put up one heck of a fight along the way!

Mafia Sniper in Endgame Wars of Clans

As players progress deeper into endgame content like Legends League, Snipers continue scaling to absurd new heights of power:

  • Max level Snipers deal well over 1000 DPS, two-shotting most units.
  • Fully maxed defensive Sniper nests with max Heroes and Troops become nearly impenetrable fortresses.
Mafia Sniper Wars Of Clans 1

Mafia Sniper Upgrades and Power-Ups

To reach the pinnacles of power described above, Snipers require significant investment into upgrades and special abilities:

Defense Upgrades

Upgrading defensive structures like the Castle, Eagle Artillery, Inferno Towers, and Bomb Towers provides exponential boosts to nearby Snipers’ damage and survivability. Maxing these buildings should always be a top priority.

Troop Upgrades

Of course, upgrading the Snipers themselves with resources and medals is key. Each level increases their damage, hitpoints, attack speed and training capacity dramatically.

Special Abilities

Some notable Sniper upgrades include the Invisibility Spell, which allows them to pick off targets unseen for a time. The Remote Sniper ability lets them attack from anywhere on the map!

Hero Upgrades

Maxing out the Grand Warden’s Battle Heal and Royal Champion’s Cloak is essential for keeping Snipers alive and invisible through any engagement.

Laboratory Upgrades

New Sniper variants unlocked in the Lab like the Flamethrower and Poison Sniper offer alternative playstyles. But the classic Bolt-Action remains the gold standard.

With every upgrade, Snipers cement their place as the ultimate ranged DPS dealers. Maxing them out is a long-term goal of any serious player.

Strategies for Deploying Snipers

Once you’ve invested in powerful Snipers, the next step is learning how to deploy them strategically:

Spread Them Out

Placing Snipers in multiple compartments prevents them all being taken out by a single splash damage spell.

Stagger Their Depths

Putting Snipers in the second or third layer allows them to continue firing even if the first line falls.

Control Their Focus

Group weaker units like Archers on the flanks to draw fire away from Tankier Giants and Heroes in the core.

Use Defensive Spells Wisely

Invisibility and Healing Spells like the Royal Cloak and Battle Heal keep Snipers firing indefinitely.

Support With Traps and Bombs

Well-placed traps soften up enemies for Snipers to pick off easily.

Adjust For Enemy Comps

Snipers counter some armies like Goblins better than others like Dragons – adapt placements accordingly.

Mastering strategic Sniper deployment is an art that takes many raids to perfect. But doing so means dominating any opponent foolish enough to attack.

Mafia Sniper FAQs

How do I get Snipers?

Snipers are unlocked at Town Hall 7 after upgrading your Barracks. Higher levels are unlocked by advancing your Town Hall.

What troops do Snipers target first?

Snipers will always focus fire on the highest threat enemy units like Heroes, Giants, Golems, Lava Hounds etc to eliminate them ASAP.

How many Snipers should I use?

Most competitive players field armies with 15-30 Snipers, supported by Tanks, Healers, Wizards and Spells. More is usually better when properly supported.

What defenses boost Snipers the most?

The Castle provides the largest damage boost due to its large radius. Eagle Artillery and Inferno Towers also significantly amplify Sniper damage.

How do I get past max level Snipers?

You’ll need maxed out Troops, Spells, Heroes and a strategic army composition to even stand a chance against an expert Sniper user’s fully maxed defenses. It’s a monumental challenge.

I hope this guide has given you a new appreciation for the unparalleled power of the Mafia Sniper in Wars of Clans.

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