My Talking Tom 2 APK v4.3.2.7147 (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Star)
My Talking Tom 2 APK v4.3.2.7147 (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Star)

My Talking Tom 2 APK v4.3.2.7147 (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Star)

Get a head start on the game with My Talking Tom 2 Premium APK! In this version, you earn unlimited coins and stars, you can unlock in-game content.

Name My Talking Tom 2
Publisher Outfit7 Limited
Genre Casual
Size 142.9 MB
MOD Unlimited Coins, Star
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My Talking Tom 2 is the most famous version in the My Talking Tom 2 series of publisher Outfit7 Limited
Mod Version
Total installs 500,000,000+

My Talking Tom 2 is the sequel to the popular virtual pet game, My Talking Tom. In this game, you adopt an adorable animated cat named Tom and take care of him as he grows from a kitten into an adult cat. With colorful graphics, intuitive gameplay, and tons of fun features, it’s no wonder My Talking Tom 2 is a hit with cat lovers of all ages!

My Talking Tom 2

Taking Care of Tom

As Tom’s owner, your job is to keep him healthy, happy, and entertained. The gameplay centers around interacting with Tom by:

  • Feeding him when he gets hungry. His favorite snacks are fish and milk!
  • Cleaning him up when he gets dirty so he stays nice and clean.
  • Playing mini-games with him like catch or puzzles to boost his happiness.
  • Buying him toys and custom outfits so he has fun things to play with. You can even dress him up!
  • Taking him to the doctor if he gets sick to get medicine and feel better.

As you care for Tom over time, you’ll level up and unlock new foods, activities, mini-games and customizations to spice things up. There’s always something new!

Tom’s Modern House

Unlike the first game, Tom now lives in a spacious, multi-room house filled with areas and features to explore:


The kitchen is where you can grab bites for Tom to eat. As you level up, you’ll unlock appliances like a blender to whip up yummy smoothies!


Give Tom a bubble bath in his bathtub and make sure he brushes his teeth so his breath stays minty fresh!


Tuck Tom into his comfy kitty bed at night. Make sure to turn off the lights!


The backyard has fun activities like trampolines, soccer goals, and even a playground! Tom loves exercising and playing outside on sunny days.

With so many areas, there’s always more fun things to discover!

My Talking Tom 2 1

Mini-Games Galore

One of the big upgrades in My Talking Tom 2 is the huge collection of mini-game activities you can play with Tom:

Puzzle Games

  • Sliding puzzles – Help Tom get the cheese by sliding pieces around!
  • Match 3 puzzles – Line up treats of the same type to clear them from the board.

Music Games

  • DJ Tom -Tom scratches records on his DJ turntable to make his own feline beats!

Sports Games

  • Soccer – Try to score goals against Tom as goalie.
  • Skateboarding – Perform tricks and jumps on Tom’s halfpipe ramp!

Arcade Games

  • Space Cat – Navigate outer space and avoid obstacles in Tom’s rocket ship!

With varied gameplay across puzzles, music, sports and more, you’ll never get bored playing with Tom! The mini-games add an extra layer of interactivity beyond just taking care of his daily needs.

Customize Tom’s Appearance

Another fun new feature is the ability to customize Tom’s appearance with stylish outfits and accessories:


Dress up Tom in t-shirts, winter coats for cold days, Halloween costumes, occupation uniforms like a doctor or firefighter, and much more! It’s fun seeing him sport different looks.


Top off Tom’s outfit with baseball caps, pirate hats, wizard hats, crowns, and crazy rainbow wigs! From normal to wacky hat styles, you can define Tom’s fashion.


Add some swag to Tom’s style with belts, ties, glasses, masks, wings and even magic wands! Accessorize to your heart’s delight.

With so many outfit pieces, you can dream up the perfect look to show off Tom’s personality! Change up his style whenever you want.

My Talking Tom 2 2

Fun For All Ages

With its cute graphics, variety of gameplay modes and customizations, My Talking Tom 2 appeals to a wide audience:

Young Children

Little kids will enjoy caring for Tom as their own virtual pet, dressing him up, and playing easy mini-games suitable for their age.

Older Children

Big kids will dive into all the locations to unlock, challenging puzzle and arcade games, and deep customization system for enhanced fun.


Even adults and parents will find the lighthearted, casual gameplay great for whiling away their free time or enjoying some family bonding time!

So whether you’re a little tyke or an experienced gamer, My Talking Tom 2 serves up adorable pet care fun for all ages! The wide variety ensures everyone gets something enriching out of guiding Tom through life’s adventures.

My Talking Tom 2 Tips & FAQs

Still have some questions about mastering My Talking Tom 2? Check out these handy tips and frequently asked questions!

Gameplay Tips

  • Make sure Tom gets regular meals and rest so he stays energized and in top shape!
  • Play with all the toys and use up Tom’s energy before tucking him into bed. Exhausted cats sleep better!
  • Try out every activity and mini-game. Variety keeps things exciting for both you and Tom!
  • Customize Tom’s living spaces with cool decorations and furniture bought with coins earned in-game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn more coins for upgrades?

Complete daily goals in Tom’s to-do list, level up his skills by caring for him, and play mini-games. This nets you the most coins over time!

Why can’t I play some mini-games?

Certain games need to be unlocked by upgrading Tom’s skill for that category (music, sport, puzzle, etc) to allow access. Level him up!

What happens when Tom gets old?

Eventually Tom will grow from a kitten into an old cat over a real-time span of about 5-7 days. But no worries – you can start over with a new Tom kitten!

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