Gardenscapes APK v7.6.2 (MOD, Unlimited Coins, Stars)
Gardenscapes APK v7.6.2 (MOD, Unlimited Coins, Stars)

Gardenscapes APK v7.6.2 (MOD, Unlimited Coins, Stars)

Maximize your gaming experience with Gardenscapes Premium apk! This version lets you start with unlimited coins and stars.

Name Gardenscapes
Publisher Playrix
Genre Casual
Size 159.7 MB
Version 7.6.2
MOD Unlimited Coins, Stars
Get it On Google Play
Gardenscapes is the most famous version in the Gardenscapes series of publisher Playrix
Mod Version 7.6.2
Total installs 100,000,000+

Trade in your shovel for some match-3 fun in this hit game that combines colorful puzzle challenges with creative garden design elements. Gardenscapes lets you restore an overgrown estate to its former glory through addictive gameplay across two seamless game modes.


Master Match-3 Puzzles

At the core of Gardenscapes lies an incredibly polished match-3 puzzler packed with variety and challenges. Swap adjacent tiles on a grid to match 3 or more of the same fruit, flowers, or other icons to clear them from the board and rack up big points.

Powerful Combos

Smart play requires chaining together combos, where each additional match further boosts your score. Watch for explosive chances to ignite diagonal, T-shaped, rectangular, or circular cascades dropping dozens of tiles in a single move. When you enter this dreamlike flow state it’s hard to stop!

Special Tiles

Navigate over a dozen unique tiles that alter the board with special powers. Bombs blow open trapped spaces. Rainbow blasts clear whole color groups. Dynamite demolishes tiles at random. Plan ahead to set up dazzling displays!

Tough Obstacles

Progression presents tricky obstacles. Clear tangled vines snaking across the grid. Chip away at locked cage tiles hiding powerups inside. Hack at stone blocks permanent stuck in place blocking your way.

Daily Challenges

Extend the fun through rotating daily game modes with unique requirements. Play with a movable rows or columns mechanic, clear the board under a tight move limit, meet point quotas, and more!

Gardenscapes puzzles strike the perfect balance between familiar match-3 gameplay and new twists that keep you challenged.

Gardenscapes 1

Design Your Dream Garden

Solving match-3 puzzles earns stars, the game’s core currency, to spend on garden design tasks central to rejuvenating your estate.

Restoration Projects

As the new owner of this property, you arrive to find the once stunning grounds utterly overrun after years of neglect. Huge swaths lay hidden beneath dense overgrowth, crumbling statues, and debris. Get to work bringing back the golden days!

Fund projects to chop down wild trees, haul away rusted junk cars littering the lawn, install cozy guest cabins and lively cafes in forgotten courtyards, rebuild cracked fountains as centerpiece attractions, and more.

Decor Decisions

Put your personal stamp by choosing decorative items with distinct style. Formal hedges and rose trellises exude Victorian elegance. Sunflowers and hay bales embrace rustic farmhouse chic. Tiki torches and hammocks create a playful tropical oasis. The choice is yours!

With so many enhancements possible across sprawling locales, Gardenscapes offers endless custom design potential limited only by your imagination.

Gardenscapes 2

Help Colorful Characters

As you toil away on restoration efforts, a quirky cast of characters offer advice, witty commentary, and useful power-ups.

Austin the Butler

As longtime caretaker before your arrival, Austin helps guide your efforts to restore the estate he clearly loves to its former glory. Austin checks in with blunt progress reports on the dreadful state of affairs and occasionally lends a hand when puzzling gets tough. What a handy helper!

Furbish Friends

These cute furry residents will instantly worm their way into your heart! Loyal pooch Rover waterproofs leaky ponds so you can fill them safely. Sassy cat Mittens hunts down and destroys pesky garden pests. And floppy-eared bunny Benny unearths useful items while tunneling new burrows. Adopt them all!

Alongside fresh scenery, watching beloved characters gradually warm up and thrive again in your thoughtfully nurtured environment is tremendously rewarding.

Gardenscapes 3

Evergreen Gameplay

Gardenscapes seemingly offers unlimited play potential via multiple engrossing game modes.

Main Story Chapters

Make steady progress through an epic story campaign spanning thousands of match-3 levels with unique garden renovation projects tied to each. These handcrafted levels with preset tile formations allow focused puzzle strategy.

Endless Marathon

For unlimited random play, take on this endless survival mode pushing your skills to the limits. With 99 levels and no way to predict upcoming tile draws, success here depends on mastering board manipulation tools and thinking multiple moves ahead.

Special Events

Holiday celebrations, seasonal gardens, and other special events keep Gardenscapes vibrant year-round. Decorate for Fall with wacky scarecrows. Plan whimsical ice sculptures in winter. Hide painted eggs for Spring. Hang twinkling lights under summer starry nights. Enjoy!

With so much variety across play modes new and old, it’s no wonder Gardenscapes remains at the top of puzzle gaming decade after launch. Get out there and start gardening!


What are the system requirements to run Gardenscapes?

This popular mobile title runs smoothly on most modern Android and iOS smartphones or tablets. The latest update also added support for PC gaming via emulators. Minimum specs require at least 2GB RAM and ample storage space to cache all those gorgeous garden images.

Does Gardenscapes require an internet connection to run?

After the initial app download, you can play Gardenscapes completely offline without losing any functionality. However, connecting online enables cloud save backups and challenges friends to beat your high scores.

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