Slap Kings Premium APK v1.7.2 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Slap Kings Premium APK v1.7.2 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Slap Kings Premium APK v1.7.2 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

You will have unlimited money with this Slap Kings premium version. So you can buy all the contents.

Name Slap Kings
Publisher Lion Studios
Genre Action
Size 159.1 MB
Version 1.7.2
MOD Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Slap Kings is the most famous version in the Slap Kings series of publisher Lion Studios
Mod Version 1.7.2
Total installs 100,000,000+

Slap Kings is the latest viral sensation sweeping mobile gaming. This wacky physics-based game challenges players to literally slap opponents out of the arena for in-game rewards and bragging rights. With its simple yet addictive gameplay, vibrant graphics, and robust community features, it’s easy to see why Slap Kings has earned its crown.

Slap Kings

Getting Started with Slap Kings

Getting started in Slap Kings is easy. After downloading for free from the App Store or Google Play, you can immediately jump into matches against human opponents or AI bots.

The core gameplay is simple. Your customizable character appears on a floating platform. Use touch controls to walk left or right and tap the screen to wind up and deliver slaps. Time your slaps to strike opponents and send them flying off the stage for points!

Matches are fast and frenzied free-for-alls. The last player standing earns a Victory Royale! Along the way you’ll unlock new stages, characters, emotes, and more cosmetic rewards by gaining account experience.

Basic Controls

  • Walk left/right – Left/right onscreen buttons or tilt device
  • Jump – Tap jump button
  • Slap – Tap punch button or tap screen with two fingers
  • Block – Hold guard button
  • Emotes – Tap emote icons during play

Mastering movement, blocking, and well-timed slaps is key to outdueling foes. Precision striking to catch opponents mid-jump for maximum slap damage takes practice!

Some basic combat tips:

  • Time double jump to evade slaps
  • Block and sidestep slow slap windups
  • Strike emoting enemies!
  • Knock foes toward stage barriers for bonus damage

Customizing Your Slapper

Before stepping up to duel, visit the customization menu. Here you can outfit your character with unlockable cosmetics and accessories. Change hair color, facial features, outfits, emotes, and more to show off your unique style.

Popular items include:

  • Wild hairdos like blue afros or pink mohawks
  • Wacky headgear like satellite dishes or Viking helms
  • Prominent bling like gold chains or diamond grills
  • Funny faces featuring clown makeup or thick brows

Invest hard-earned currencies to collect entire cosmetic sets! Favorites include the Hip Hop Gangster, Kung Fu Master, and Alien Visitor sets.

The Ranks of Slap Royalty

As you slap your way through rivals, your player rank visible on your profile rises. Higher ranks indicate more experience and skill. These titles designate true masters:

Bronze Slapper > Silver Slapper > Gold Slapper

Platinum Slapper > Diamond Slapper > Champion

Grand Champion > Royal Champion > LEGEND

The elite ranks of Legend and Royal Champion require masterful slapping across hundreds of matches! In addition to bragging rights, reaching new tiers earns sweet rewards like costumes, animations and coin bundles.

Game Modes: Something for Everyone

Beyond the main 1v1 and free-for-all arenas, Slap Kings offers alternative multiplayer and singleplayer modes. Take your pick!

Quick Play

Jump straight into the slap-happy action! Auto-matchmaking pits you against real opponents of similar rank in 1v1 or frenzied 3-4 player matches. Modes rotate every few minutes, so you’ll experience all Slap Kings has to offer.

Ranked Duels

Want intense 1v1 showdowns? Brave ranked matches against equally skilled slap masters. Wins and losses affect your tier and leaderboard ranking! Reach the top ranks for prestige and epic rewards.

Arena Brawl

Think you can conquer Slap Kings’ wacky battle arenas? This mode challenges you to out-slap 3 opponents in iconic stages like Cosmic Causeway, Ninja Noodle Lab, and Slapstown Showdown.

Championship Scramble

The ultimate test of endurance and skill! This heart-pounding mode pits 12+ players against one another on transforming battle arenas. Play through multiple rounds of elimination slap combat until one reigns supreme!

Single Player

Hone your skills against AI foes in single player challenges! Take on wacky characters with distinct slap styles across various difficulty modes. No pressure – just good practice!

Some great Single Player modes:

  • Gauntlets: Battle continuous waves of enemies
  • Tournaments: Knock out multiple AIs in brackets
  • Training: Practicing slapping fundamentals
Slap Kings 1

Making Friends & Enemies

Beyond battles, Slap Kings encourages community engagement. After matches, players can send Friend Requests to worthy foes or rivals. Partied-up friends enjoy bonus experience gains!

Players can also create or join Clubs – persistent communities and chat rooms around shared interests. Coordinate friendly Private Matches with clubmates, discuss strategy, and organize tournaments!

Make sure to use emotes mid-match to taunt enemies or celebrate skillful plays. Slap Kings’ deep social features ensure you’ll forge memorable rivalries and camaraderie on your quest for slapping glory!

Advanced Tips & Tactics

Think you have the basics down? Study these high-level plays from veteran Slap Kings to step up your game!

Movement Mastery

  • Wave dashing – Chaining jumps and blocks grants speed bursts
  • Edge canceling – Tap forward after hitting stage edges to keep momentum
  • B reversing – Flick left/right after slaps to turnaround

Opponent Manipulation

  • Condition shield habits then throw off timing with delayed slaps
  • Herd foes toward environmental hazards for bonus damage
  • Play mind games with emote mixups and feints

Optimizing Knockback

  • Angle downward slaps behind foes for increased knockback
  • Catch airborne enemies at peak height for huge launching hits
  • Strike turning opponents during increased vulnerability

Like any great fighter, mastering Slap Kings takes dedication. But with these tips you’re sure to be a contender! Now get out there and start climbing the ranks. Just try not to get addicted to all the outrageous fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best characters?

All characters play identically – choose based on fashion! Top picks include Pink Knight, Alien Visitor, and Ninja.

How do I earn more currencies?

Daily logins, completing challenges, levelling up your rank, and winning matches all generate incomes. Check the shop often!

Is Slap Kings appropriate for kids?

Slap Kings has cartoon violence, but is suitable for ages 12 and up. Parental controls allow restricting purchases.

Are there leaderboards?

Yes! Compare your stats and rank against friends or globally across various game modes.

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