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Name Crowd City Crowd City is the most famous version in the Crowd City series of publisher VOODOO
Publisher VOODOO
Genre Arcade
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Version 2.9.12
Update December 17, 2023
MOD Menu/Always Rank 1, Unlocked, Time
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Get ready to blend into the crowd in this addictive io game! Crowd City challenges you to evolve your character from a tiny cell up the food chain by consuming smaller players while avoiding getting eaten.

This in-depth guide will teach you pro tips and tricks for dominating Crowd City. Time to get absorbed into the chaos!

Getting Started in Crowd City

Crowd City drops you straight into a chaotic world as a lowly dot. Here are the basics to get going:


  • Tap screen to dash in that direction.
  • Hold to continuously dash until you release.
  • Pinch in and out to zoom camera.

Eat to Evolve

  • Consume smaller dots and blobs to become bigger.
  • Evolve through all the stages from dot to human by eating.
  • Each evolution unlocks new abilities!

Don’t Get Eaten!

  • Avoid larger players who can consume you.
  • Escape from close calls using quick reflexes.
  • Hide in crevices or blend into crowds.

Now let’s get into strategies for surviving and thriving as you evolve upwards…

Crowd City

Surviving the Early Stages

When you first start as a tiny dot, survival isn’t easy. Here are some tips for making it past the initial vulnerable stages:

  • Stick to the edges and uncovered areas to avoid larger blobs patrolling the center.
  • Zoom way out and plan paths around clusters of big enemies.
  • Learn opponent behaviors – some chase, some lie in wait.
  • Dart erratically when chased to juke enemies.
  • Hide in narrow spaces where big blobs can’t follow.
  • Team up with dots to bait enemies then betray them!

With quick reflexes and smart pathing, you’ll evolve past dot stage in no time.

Evolving Your Character

As you consume more mass, you’ll evolve into a bigger blob, then a spiky urchin, and eventually a humanoid form. Here’s an overview:


Gains the ability to split into smaller blobs to chase targets, then reform.


Sprouts protective spikes that harm enemies upon contact.


Can dash more quickly and jump over obstacles. Highest consumption rate.

Evolving unlocks new movement and defensive abilities, so keep consuming to climb the food chain!

Effective Movement Strategies

Navigating the chaotic Crowd City maps with skill is key to finding targets while avoiding becoming a meal yourself. Here are some movement tips:

Predict Enemy Movements

Plan your path based on likely enemy movements to avoid running into them.

Use Walls

Tightly hug walls during movement – reduces your exposure to ambushes.

Fake Outs

Feint in one direction then rapidly dash the other to fake out pursuers.

Look for Shortcuts

Find thin side passages you can cut through or voids to drop down a level.

Hide in Plain Sight

Blend into the middle of crowds or lurk in dark areas to conceal yourself.

By mastering positioning and pathing, you can navigate the chaos smoothly while enemies fruitlessly chase after you!

Effective Hunting Strategies

To evolve quickly, you need to actively hunt for smaller targets to consume. Here are some hunting tips:

Look for Clusters

Seek out dense groups of small dots that you can feast on.

Trap Against Walls

Herd targets into confined dead ends to trap them for easy eating.

Use Split effectively

As a blob, split tiny bits of yourself to chase prey from multiple angles.

Eat While Eating

Don’t stop moving and consuming during a chase – eat other dots along the way.

Camp Spawning Points

Wait near areas where fresh dots spawn like bases to ambush them.

With clever ambushes and unrelenting pursuit, you’ll appetite will have plenty of dots to satisfy it!

Advanced Gameplay Techniques

Once you’ve mastered the basics, here are some advanced pro gameplay techniques:

Bait and Switch

Make yourself look vulnerable to lure in enemies, then ambush them when they attack.

Temporary Truces

Team up with blobs briefly take down a larger threat together before betraying them.

Terrain Parkour

Master dashing up steps, wall jumping, and falling precisely to escape and juke enemies.

Reverse Consumption

Bait predators into eating you slightly – then suddenly expand size to consume them from inside!

Minimap Reading

Frequently watch the mini map to spot optimal paths and prime ambush opportunities.

Predict Spawns

Memorize enemy spawn locations and patterns so you can prepare ambushes.

Put these pro skills to work and you’ll climb to the leaderboards in no time!

Tips for Each Game Mode

Crowd City offers fun variant modes that require tailored strategies. Here are tips for the different modes:

Rush Hour

Overpopulate the city quickly by relentlessly seeking targets and chaining consumptions before the clock runs out.

Hunger Games

Aggressively hunt for food but watch out for sudden spikes that appear! Stay on the move.

Deadly Duo

Team up with a partner blob for protection. Work cooperatively to ambush. Betray them before the end!

Hiding Spot

Master the art stealth and hiding. Only strike when the perfect opportunities arise.

Zombie Town

Avoid zombie blobs or they’ll convert you into one! Consume antivirus pickups to fight infection.

Each mode requires a different balance of hunting aggression versus self-preservation. Adapt your playstyle!

Crowd City 1

Mastering the Human Form

Reaching the powerful humanoid form makes you a true apex predator. Here are tips for dominating with it:

Tower Over Ants

Terrorize lower dots, blobs, and urchins by camping right on top of them.

Rule from Above

Use your jump height to reach advantageous positions on rooftops and upper platforms.

Hit and Run

Boost your speed to dash in for quick ambush strikes, then escape before taking damage.

Team Wipe

Trap groups of lower enemies in corners then rapidly consume them all.

Stage Comebacks

If consumptions reduce your size, play evasive and hunt dots to return to humanoid.

Embrace your place at the top of the food chain and show no mercy!

Crowd City Tips and Tricks

Here are some final high level tips for excelling at Crowd City:

Reduce Lag

Lower graphics settings if game performance is choppy. Causes missed inputs.

Watch Ads for Boosts

Redeem ad offers for temporary speed and size boosts to aid leveling up.

Learn the Maps

Study crowd density patterns, hiding spots, and escape routes on different maps.

Set Ambushes Near Powerups

Camp next to damage boosts so you can grab them instantly when an enemy approaches.

Join a Discord Group

Get pro tips and find teammates and strategies via the game’s active Discord channels.

Now get out there and evolve from a lowly dot into an unstoppable human by blending into the Crowd City chaos!

Crowd City FAQs

What’s the best strategy for starting out?

Stick to the edges, avoid large blobs, zoom way out to spot dangers, juke enemies, and hide in tight spaces. Avoid the center!

How can I level up quickly?

Seek dense clusters of dots to consume rapidly. Trap prey against walls, use splitting effectively, eat constantly while moving, and camp spawn points.

What are some pro movement tactics?

Predict enemy movements, hug walls, fake out pursuers, find shortcuts, and blend into crowds. Master positioning and pathing.

What abilities do each evolution unlock?

Blobs can split, urchins grow spikes for protection, and humanoids gain increased speed and jumping.

How can I survive as a humanoid?

Tower over weaker players, rule from rooftops, ambush quickly then escape, trap groups, and farm dots if weakened.

That covers the key tips and strategies for dominating Crowd City! Follow this guide and you’ll evolve from a humble dot into an unstoppable human in no time. Now get out there and absorb the chaos!

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