Avakin Life v1.088.01 MOD APK (Skins Unlocked/XP Boost)
Avakin Life v1.088.01 MOD APK (Skins Unlocked/XP Boost)

Avakin Life v1.088.01 MOD APK (Skins Unlocked/XP Boost)

You will get free skins and XP boost with this Avakin Life premium apk version. So you can get all the content.

Name Avakin Life
Publisher Lockwood Publishing Ltd
Genre Role Playing
Size 127.5 MB
Version 1.088.01
MOD Skins Unlocked, XP Boost
Get it On Google Play
Avakin Life is the most famous version in the Avakin Life series of publisher Lockwood Publishing Ltd
Mod Version 1.088.01
Total installs 100,000,000+

Avakin Life is an immersive 3D virtual world where you can build your dream life! This game allows players to customize their avatars, design incredible homes, chat with friends, and explore a vibrant social universe.

Avakin Life

Exploration Galore in Avakin Life

The world of Avakin offers endless possibilities for exploration and adventure. Here are some of the many ways to discover new spaces:

Hang Out in Public Venues

Avakin Life features many public locations like cafes, parks, beaches, and music venues. Each space has unique designs and themes to match different interests. You can wander through these spots to meet other players!

We highly recommend checking out the following public places:

  • The Secret Garden – a lush hidden paradise
  • Starstyle Diner – a retro 50’s inspired cafe
  • Zodiac Lounge – a swanky astrology-themed club
Avakin Life 1

Travel to Exotic Destinations

Tired of your hometown? Why not book a flight to an exotic locale! Avakin offers destinations like Paris, Tokyo, Rio De Janiero and more.

After arriving, you can admire gorgeous 3D renderings of iconic landmarks. We especially enjoyed scaling the Eiffel Tower and snapping photos in front of magnificent Mount Fuji. Transport yourself to faraway lands without leaving your couch!

Quest Through Mysteries

Some spots in Avakin hold secrets waiting to be uncovered. The mysterious Fox Burrow offers an adventure quest with puzzles to solve for prizes. We also heard rumors of a hidden tiki bar somewhere – can you discover its location?

Let your curiosity run wild and see what you unearth! This world is bursting with surprises.

Avakin Life 4

Customize Your One-of-a-Kind Avatar

One of the best parts of Avakin is personalizing your own custom avatar to perfection! With endless clothing items, hairstyles, and accessories to mix n’ match, you’ll never get bored of designing your look.

Here are some of our top tips for crafting your dream avatar:

Buy Clothes That Show Your Personality

Are you a preppy trendsetter or more edgy and alternative? Channel your personal style into your look! Browse top fashion brands offering everything from casual streetwear to dazzling evening gowns.

We especially love the thematic outfits – dress like a mermaid at the beach, a vampire for the club or a sci-fi heroine on adventures!

Avakin Life 2

Style Your Hair and Makeup

A new ‘do can totally transform your avatar! There are endless trendy cuts, colors, and styles for hair. You can even accessorize further with hats, flowers, and headbands.

Don’t forget a bold lip, long lashes, and fierce winged eyeliner! Add makeup in both natural and bright fun colors. Contour those cheekbones for extra dimension!

Spruce Up With Accessories

Tie your look together by accessorizing to the max! Category tabs make it easy to browse jewelry, face pieces, glasses, masks and so much more.

Some of our fave accessory items include sparkling tiaras, fantasy-themed masks, neon face tattoos and oversized sunglasses!

No matter your personal style, you can craft an avatar that brings you joy in Avakin’s rich character customization system. Express yourself!

Avakin Life 3

Design Your Dream Home

Avakin also provides robust housing customization tools for building your fantasy home or apartment. Unleash your inner interior decorator!

Furnish With Flair

Browse a massive catalog spanning varied aesthetics like modern, country cottage, magical forest and more. Every furniture category imaginable is represented – fill up your space!

We especially adore options like the magical bubbling cauldron, vibrant hanging gardens, celestial moon basin and retro diner kitchen sets.

Personal Touches Matter

Place personal mementos around your home to make it truly special. Display collectible figurines, family photos, sweet pets and favorite movie posters!

We also recommend selecting an ambient soundtrack to enhance the vibe. From serene nature sounds to lively jazz, the audio options transport you.

Avakin Life 5

Host Friends for Events

Once your place is picture perfect, it’s time to host lively social events! Invite friends over for movie nights, costume parties, game nights and more.

We threw a fabulous lunar new years shindig at our place complete with red and gold decor, a buffet table and sparkling backdrop! Our friends loved it.

With the robust design features, you can create your dream dwelling in Avakin and share it with your community!

Avakin Life 6

Chat, Message and Connect

While exploring public venues, you can freely chat with any players in the same location. Strike up conversations and make new friends from around the world!

You can also add avakins to your contacts list to private message them anytime. We bonded for hours over shared interests like books, art and travel.

Joining an Avakin society aligned with your hobbies or identity is another great way to connect. We joined an awesome gardening society and adore trading seedlings and plant tips!

If you prefer anonymous interactions, some venues offer roleplay chat features. We had a blast pretending to be mystical creatures like dragons and fairies!

No matter how you choose to socialize, chatting with fellow community members makes the Avakin experience feel truly alive and dynamic. Don’t be shy – say hello!

Avakin Life FAQs

What devices is Avakin available on?

You can play right in your web browser on PC, or download the app for android and apple mobile devices.

Is there a way to earn free avacoins?

Yes! Daily wheel spins, watching ads and completing certain quests will reward you with a slow trickle income of avacoins and gems. Save up to buy goodies.

Can kids play Avakin? What about safety?

Officially you need to be at least 17 years old to make an Avakin account. Chat features require verification and moderation too, to maintain a safe community.

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